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Dog gadgets include a wide range of product solutions for just about every dog problem you can imagine. There’s never been a better time to be a dog owner. Designers are creating products that serve double duty as utility items AND fashion statements for your home and dog. Products range from low-tech, no-batteries-required solutions to high-tech GPS tracking devices.

When selecting a dog gadget, give careful consideration the workmanship of the product. While many companies boast their products will simplify your life, you may end up with nothing more than a piece of battery gulping junk. Also, make sure the product is comfortable and safe for your dog and you to use. If you invest in a GPS tracking system, test it out in a safe area before tuning your dog loose and read other consumer reviews.

Best Pet Gadgets by Dara Foster

The Best You Can Get

  • Dog Cooling Vest and Mat

    Dara says: Keep ‘em cool during the dog days of summer. Combining sunny beach-style with cool innovation - this fun Hawaiian print vest & mat set pops with hot colors while innovative cooling beads keeps things a comfortable 65 degrees for three to seven days.

    • Panels of cooling beads turns into gel in 1-2 mins.
    • Stays cool for 3-7 days
    • Easily stores in fridge in between wearing
    • A must-have for tropical climates
  • I Pick Up Bags

    Dara says: We’ve all been there - desperately searching for a spare plastic bag to pick up your pups “deposit” at the park. With 4u2reuse‘s Kemp bags you can never be left bag-less again. This handy sack attaches to any retractable leash or lead and contains 14 biodegradable poo bags. Allowing you to keep the earth green and the sidewalks clean.

    • Made from recycled materials
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Can serve double duty as a treat & keys holder
  • Leone Wall Dog Hook

    Dara says: In the Old West, farmhouses had a post out front to tie up your horses - in modern life we need a similar manner to contain our dogs. Italian design agency Dimensione Disegno has crafted an understated stainless steel wall-mounted leash hook to serve as a perfect “parking spot” for your pooch, letting you wipe off wet paws at your leisure.

    • Allows for a safe, hands-free location to hook up your pooch
    • Innovative design
    • Can be attached to inside or outside of house
    • Contemporary high-styling
  • ZoomBak Dog GPS

    Dara says: Earlier in 2008 Russian President Putin expressed interest in having his dog Connie tracked by GPS. The Zoombak system provides KGB-level coverage that will always know where your dog is. This cutting edge collar can also email or text you if your pooch should wander out of a predefined area.

    • Personalized safety zones
    • Prompt location alerts, water-resistant, and lightweight
    • Long-life battery
    • Durable and secure pouch collar attachment
    • Only for dogs over 15 lbs.
  • Pet Peek - Fence Window

    Dara says: A great deal of backyard barking matches could be settled with a pair of these. Taking design cues from late '70s custom van windows these bubble windows allow your pooch to peek into the neighbor’s yard for endless critter patrolling.

    • Easy installation
    • 9.5 inches in diameter
    • Hard acrylic materials
    • Installation hardware included

You will be happy with any of these

  • ASPCA - Car Safety Harness

    Dara says: Several states including California are now requiring dogs to be safely restrained while riding in cars. The ASPCA now offers a stylish, affordable, and easy to use dog safety harness that easily clicks into any your cars seat belt. This harness also takes Fido’s comfort seriously by adding a plush chest pad for added comfort.

    • Made for dogs 18-44 lbs.
    • Available in green, pink, & red
  • Sierra Dog Supply Travel Cinch-Top Water Bowl

    Dara says: No need to share your water bottle with your best friend after those exhausting off-leash play dates. Give her a sip of water from her own Sierra Dog Supply’s handy travel cinch-top water bowl. This little gadget is easily stashed in your pocket or hung from your bike’s handlebars for transport. Available with a skull or flower print for a full on fashion statement.

    • Great for any type of travel
    • Easily stashed in a pocket or bag
    • Fun skull or flower print
  • Chi Wow Wow - Captain America Dog Backpack and Wristlet

    Dara says: Dogs are truly the ultimate super heroes in the animal kingdom.

    Celebrate your dog’s inner super hero with the Chi Wow Wow Captain American dog backpack and wristlet. This little gadget allows your dog to carry his weight when it comes to fun adventures. You can attach this backpack to any nylon or leather harness or wear it as a little wristlet for stashing treats, house keys, and clean-up baggies. It also contains a squeaker for getting your super hero’s attention after saving the universe.

    • Also available are in Peace, Chihuahua, and Smiley Face designs
    • Great for travel and walks
    • Lightweight
    • Fun conversation piece
    • Harness sold separately
  • Neiman Marcus - Monogrammed Dog Life Jacket

    Dara says: Forget doggie swimming lessons this summer, now your dog can safely float poolside in a luxury, monogrammed life jacket from Neiman Marcus. This Bronze beauty has easy on/off buckles and long handles for quick grabbing.

    • Available in sizes XS - Medium
  • Snack Shotz - Dog Treat Launcher

    Dara says: Eliminate doctor visits for your nagging case of “treat-elbow” with a dog treat launcher from Snack Shotz. Just load Snack Shotz with Disco’s Flying Treats, pull the trigger and watch your dog go wild. No need to pause the Olympics for mid-game snack attacks with this gizmo.

    • Treats included

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