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According to the Travel Industry Association of America, more than 30 million Americans travel with their pets annually, taking them away for weekends as well as on both local and international vacations. And if you add the thousands of animals that take part in cat-and-dog shows around the country on a weekly basis, the number of pets on the go swells even bigger.

Pet travel is big business prompting both pet boutiques and online stores to have special travel sections that contain a plethora of fabulous items as manufacturers continue to sniff out and dig up new ideas that mimic human lifestyle trends and focus on comfort and safety for our fur kids. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you shop with a purpose, not because you simply like a color….

As with any trip, it’s a good idea to make a checklist beforehand. Whether you’re purchasing a carrier or a collar, focus on items that ensure your pet’s well being, comfort, and security. Always shop well in advance so that your fur kid has the opportunity to try out and become familiar with new gear and accessories before you’re ready to put them to their proper use. Finally, look for travel accessories that are easy to pack, carry, or install if necessary.

Bone voyage!

Best Pet Travel Gear by Sandy Robins

The Best You Can Get

  • Sleepypod

    Sandy says: This dome-shaped ergonomically designed carrier from Meowme allows pets to sleep in their favorite curled up position. The dome is removable so it doubles up as a pet bed at your destination. Made from luggage grade nylon it comes with a cool air mesh interior for hot weather and faux fur for cooler days along with a special heating pad that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

    • An adjustable padded shoulder strap for easy carrying
    • Can be secured in any vehicle using the standard seat belt
    • Everything unzips for washing and storage
    • Available in two sizes: Sleepypod mini for pets up to 7 lbs. and the standard pod for pets up to 15 lbs.
    • Available in a variety of stylish colors
  • Komfort Carrier

    Sandy says: For pets that have to “cargo class” on airlines, Komfort Carriers combat the temperature problem with patented technology that automatically senses the ambient temperature and activates the carriers cooling or heating mode to provide veterinary-recommended traveling temperatures. Each carrier has a three-hour rechargeable battery which allows pets to travel in comfort on airlines on shorter journeys. It can be powered up at home in advance or on the road from the 12-volt power outlet in most vehicles.

    Available in the following dimensions:
    Small: 19” x 13” x 16”
    Medium: 28” x 19.5” x 22”
    Large: 38.5” x 26.5” x 31”

    • Removable liquid drainage drawer
    • Seatbelt holders for vehicle travel
    • FAA-approval for airline travel
  • Zoombak Dog Locator

    Sandy says: This pet GPS system allows you to set up your own personal safety zones to ensure peace of mind both at home or on the road. This state of the art technology sends a text message or an e-mail to your phone or computer if your pet leaves the radius of a specific location, so that you can quickly plot the flight path on a computer map or call the customer care center and instantly locate the runaway.

    • Water-resistant
    • Long-life battery (up to 5 days on standby or up to 150 location requests before recharging)
    • Durable and secure pouch collar attachment
    • Recommended for dogs over 15 lbs. - a version for smaller dogs and cats is currently in the works
    • Zoombak customer care representatives are available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone
  • Feed + Toss Bowls

    Sandy says: Disposable pet dinnerware is the answer for pets on the go. Feed + Toss bowls from Bamboo have a solid non-skid base and disposable liners that eliminate washing up after every meal, leaving your pet’s temporary dining area free of bacteria and germs. The bowls are available in a 12-oz and 30-oz size and there’s also a 12-oz double bowl.

    • Ideal for dry or wet food and water
    • Disposable liners snap securely into place
    • Additional liners sold separately
    • Available in a dog bone or fish design for pet preference
    • Choose from pink, blue, or green
  • The Hydro-Go™ Portable Pet Canteen

    Sandy says: This drinking system from veterinary ventures is a convenient way to ensure you always have plenty of water for road trips and fun excursions. The bottle holds 36 ounces of fluid and folds out to form a water bowl with a second detachable bowl for when you are travelling with more than one pet. The bowl and canteen work together to form a funnel, easily allowing the unused water to be poured back into the canteen.

    • Wide, adjustable shoulder strap to conveniently take it anywhere
    • Perfect for hiking trips and a day at the beach

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Brush Buddy

    Sandy says: This handy all-in-one grooming tool is perfect to keep in the car after a day of fun in the sun. It brushes loose hair, dries wet fur, cleans off muddy paws and treats your dog a great massage at the same time. The flexible rubber bristles are made from recycled rubber and are soft enough to use on sensitive areas like the face and belly.

    • The non-rubber sections are made from 100 percent cotton so you can throw it into the washing machine and tumble-dry
    • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Fast Tags

    Sandy says: Designed specifically for travel, these tags start off the size of luggage tags to allow you to write destination details legibly and then, when popped into a toaster oven, shrink down to a standard-sized pet tag. They come in packs and are ideal when your travel plans stretch to include a number of hotels and destinations. They can also be used full size on luggage and other accessories.

    • Available in a variety of fun, colorful designs
  • Backseat Barrier

    Sandy says: For pets to be safe on the road, they need to be restrained. The Backseat Barrier from Kurgo is made from 600 denier nylon and reinforced steel to protect pets from shooting forward in an emergency braking situation. It can be adjusted to separate pets and kids, too.

    • Universal fit for most vehicles from a compact car to a SUV
    • Simple installation/removal
  • Fold-up Ramp

    Sandy says: Ramps are great pet travel accessories to allow small and elderly pets to access cars with easy and get on and off the bed. The new Jeep pet ramp is lightweight and can be conveniently carried like a briefcase.

    • Its tri-fold design extends to 70 inches
    • It’s 20 inches wide and supports dogs up to 200 pounds
    • Great for heaving heavy luggage, too
  • Kool Collar

    Sandy says: For pets that enjoy the great outdoors, the Kool Collar will keep them comfortable in the hot sun and prevent heatstroke and other heat-related issues. It can be filled with ice which not only keeps them cool around the collar but cools down the body as it melts. Alternatively, they can be filled with frozen no-mess gel packs.

    • Available in a variety of fashionable colors
    • Small: 11” - 17.5” to fit most small breed dogs such as poodles and small terriers
    • Medium: 17.5” – 24” fits most working class dogs such as Labradors and Pointers up to about 75 – 80 lbs.
    • Large: 24” – 30.5” for large breed dogs

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