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America’s most macho men have been sporting plaid shirts for decades. Somehow, no matter what they happened to be selling, (be it paper towels or tall tales), they always seemed to look so cool in their plaid shirts. Men, today is your lucky day... if being on the cover of a roll of paper towels isn’t quite your thing, and you don’t want to look like a lesbian or a lumberjack, rejoice… because plaid is the new denim; available everywhere in almost every form. Almost every item in menswear is available in some sort of plaid these days, be it a shoe, belt, hat, sweater, or pair of pants… plaid is cool again. Since pulling off a bold pattern like plaid can prove to be a challenge for some of you guys, I’ve listed my top five favorite plaid items. Some have only a small touch of plaid to warm you up to the idea of pattern, and others are full-on plaid for the brave souls out there. It is up to you to decide which is the perfect plaid for you.

Sport the best plaid shirts for that macho yet hip appeal. Always the best price, our mens plaid shirt, plaid shoes and other plaid clothing will add a touch of fun to anything you wear.

Best Plaids for Lads by Preston Konrad

The Best You Can Get

  • Vans Zapato Del Barco

    Preston says: Every guy should try to embrace at least a little bit of pattern now and then. If wearing a plaid shirt, jacket, or sweater seems a bit over the top for you, have no fear. The legendary purveyor of slip on canvas sneakers has caught hold of the plaid trend in a really cool way with a flannel plaid lace-up boat shoe. It’s just enough plaid to tell someone that you care about how you look and embrace what’s cool, but not enough pattern to propel you into Paul Bunyan territory. Classic in style and shape, this new take on plaid is a great way to ease your way into wearing a bold pattern. Sport these shoes with a great pair of slim, dark jeans and a grey t-shirt and you can’t go wrong. Throwing a leather jacket on would be killer as well.

    • Great price
    • Not too much plaid
    • Prep meets punk
    • Fun
  • Burberry Check Wool Sweater Vest

    Preston says: One of the most famous (and sadly, most expensive) brands to embrace plaid is Burberry. Whether it is rain galoshes, trench coats, ties, or messenger bags, Burberry offers almost every piece of menswear in their signature tan and red plaid design. The important thing to remember when shopping at a house of plaid like Burberry is everything in moderation. No guy wants to look like a poorly wrapped Hanukah present. The Burberry plaid sweater vest is just the right amount of plaid to keep you up to date with current trends while looking sophisticated and tailored. This vest is great for you men working a corporate job who still need to look crisp rather than crumpled. Since it is a vest, any traditional button down shirt will look great under this piece; when paired with a great skinny tie… the look is effortless. The vest is 100% wool and should only be cleaned by sending to your dry cleaner.

    • Great to layer with solid colors
    • Subtle pattern
    • Sophisticated
    • Dry clean only
  • H&M Check Plaid Windbreaker

    Preston says: The H&M nylon windbreaker is one of the more funky pieces of plaid that I have chosen to write about. They have taken a conventional nylon windbreaker jacket and reinvented it by detailing the entire piece in bold black and blue plaid. The fit of this jacket is pretty slim and looks best on younger guys, and is more of an urban jacket… New Yorkers – get to your nearest H&M! A key factor to remember about wearing plaid is that it really is a cool, manly print, and there are many ways to wear it that don’t involve a typical red and black print button-down shirt, remember to have fun with cool patterns like plaid. One of the most fun and affordable ways to rock plaid this season is with this blue, plaid windbreaker from H&M. This jacket is very lightweight and great to layer over a light fleece hoodie or graphic tee.

    • Lightweight
    • Bold pattern and color
    • Great price
  • American Eagle Western Shirt

    Preston says: American Eagle has been making the Eagle Western shirt for many years and it happens to be one of their best-selling pieces for men. Not only does the shirt fit like a glove, but also it is available year round in a wide array of colors and seasonal fabrics. The Eagle western is a great shirt is a stylish and smart alternative to a polo or tee shirt for nights out or weekend trips. Traditional western snap closures and stitching detail add character, and a broken-in, soft construction makes it seem like you’ve had this shirt for years. Buyer beware… the sizing on this shirt runs small, so be sure to try it on as you may need to size up, (don’t worry, its not all that pizza from last weekend). The shirts are priced really well and are often on promotion. P.S. guys, leave your cowboy boots at home with this "western". Converse sneakers will work just fine.

    • Slim fit
    • Traditional Western detailing
    • Available in many colors
    • Easy to clean
  • Stapleford Buffalo Work Shirt

    Preston says: The green plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters is my choice that is the most similar spin on the classic red and black check-plaid shirt. What I think is so great about this shirt is that the traditional red and black buffalo checks have been replaced by a bright, fun green and black. Very rock-star. The Stapleford shirt is a great everyday shirt for you guys who don’t have to dress up to go to the office, or is a great casual shirt for the weekend. It is made of 100% cotton so it’s extremely easy to care for, machine wash and you’re done. You don’t have to be a rock-star to pull of this look, just throw on a great pair of fitted jeans and a cool pair of dark boots and the look is complete… try layering this shirt over a nice white v-neck tee-shirt.

    • Traditional style
    • Updated color combination
    • Super soft
    • Not too slim

You will be happy with any of these

  • Club Monaco Teddy Cotton Patchwork Short

    Preston says: Plaids are versatile. Madras plaids are great for summer and spring, while tartans and buffalo check plaids are more suited for the colder months (cue images of your girlfriend having you shovel snow off of the driveway). Club Monaco’s Teddy Cotton Short is a great piece that can take you from summer into fall. Yes, the short is madras that is most commonly associated with summer wardrobe, but they have created the short in shades of black, grey and white; this color combination is perfect for the transition from summer into fall. The short is a great length and hits right at the knee and has a mid to low rise at the waist. The short is very easy to care for as its 100% cotton.

    • 100% cotton
    • Dark Madras plaid
    • Machine wash
  • Heritage 1981 Gingham and Stripes Tee

    Preston says: Heritage 1981 makes some of the coolest items for guys at even cooler prices. The gingham and stripes tee is a great way to introduce the new trend of plaid into your wardrobe on a budget (without looking cheap). For the cost of a cocktail at a cool restaurant, you can grab this awesome, slim fitting plaid tee shirt to update your wardrobe with something that’s really NOW. The checked plaid is bold and bright, and the sleeves have small stripes on them… making the shirt pretty rock star-esque. This is a great option for you guys who are a little younger and more funky in the way you dress. The ringer border on the neck is a cool detail, and the fact that cotton is so easy to care for, makes buying this shirt a no-brainer.

    • Incredibly price
    • Nice, slim fit
    • Bold pattern
    • Easy to layer
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Suede Patch Twill Shirt

    Preston says: This long sleeve sport shirt from Polo is pretty traditional as far as plaids go. The color combination of brown, cream, and burgundy is classic and rugged. There is nothing over-the-top about this shirt, which makes it so great. This is a shirt to wear on weekend trips with the family, or even to run errands around town and still look like you can really pull yourself together. Refined Rugged would be a great way to sum up this shirt, as the suede elbow patches on the shoulder channel your inner brawny man without making you look like a fool. Small details like elbow patches make your plaid stand out from the tattered old one from the 80s your buddy may be rocking at the bar.

    • Suede elbow patches
    • Rugged yet refined
    • Fits true to size
  • J. Crew Secret Wash Button Down in Bellfield Tartan

    Preston says: Tartan plaid is typically grounded in black, navy, and dark green with accents of red and white, usually most associated with winter and the holidays. J. Crew now offers a great update to tartan, which is based in yellow and black – and not in the bumblebee way. The Secret Wash Button Down Shirt is put through a series of "secret washes" (hence the name) before it hits the store shelves and ultimately your back… making it feel like you’ve had it in your closet for years. This shirt is tailored like a typical dress shirt but looks and feels like the shirt you wear on the weekend to get coffee and the local paper. The J. Crew Secret Wash Tartan is machine washable and has become a new classic for men.

    • Bright yellow color
    • Small, refined checks
    • Soft and broken-in
    • Machine wash
  • Faconnable Classic Fit Shirt

    Preston says: This short-sleeved shirt is a great plaid option for you guys who like to wear shirts that are a little more luxurious. Facconable, one of the finest makers of menswear offers a short-sleeved, casual version of their staple dress shirt. Available in a bright blue and violet plaid combination, this shirt is also great for you men who don’t like your clothes to fit too tight; this shirt fits true to size. The price is a little high for a short-sleeved shirt, but the feel of the finely woven cotton on your skin justifies the price pretty quickly.

    • Short Sleeved
    • Bright pattern
    • Fits true to size
    • Machine wash

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