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Summer is coming, and it is time to go swimming.

When the days get warmer, it is time to plan on a great summer in the family pool. The usual problem is that the pool is dirty. Now when you purchased that home with a pool or had one put in, you wanted to enjoy the pool - not spend all of your time cleaning it. An electric automatic pool cleaner may be the answer to your problem.

Electric pool cleaners have become more advanced in the past few years and also more popular. As soon as a product becomes popular, it seems that everyone tries to manufacture a similar product and it is always the consumer that pays the price and loses from an inferior product. Since they are not cheap, I will help you with your decision on which one to look at to purchase.

A very important thing for you to remember is that sometimes problems with a pool cleaner is not the cleaner itself but the shape, design, and radius of the walls and floors of the pool that cause problems with a particular cleaner. The ideal way to find the perfect cleaner is to have your pool representative try different models out in your pool. Sounds great huh? Well you can probably throw that idea out the window with the cat because very few stores will do it. We used to but those days are about over for the most part.

Another bit of information about electric pool cleaners are that they are not designed for pools with a lot of leaves and heavy trash. They have a fairly small storage bag and when there are a lot of leaves, it can fill the bag up very fast. Most incorporate electronics and are advertised to have the ability to remember the shape of your pool to help clean every spot.

Durability and being able to last many thousands of hours of operation is very important as well as a good warranty. A pool cleaner that runs every day for 8 hours will perform the task of cleaning nearly 3000 hours per year. When we compared that figure to your car running 55 miles per hour for eight hours a day for 365 days we come up with a grand total of 165,000 miles.

The good side of using an electric cleaner is that the cost to operate the cleaner is far cheaper than running your pump to perform the task that a suction cleaner would require. It is also cheaper to run an electric cleaner than what a pressure cleaner with a booster pump would cost you. And most of them do an excellent job depending on what has been captured by your pool.

The negative side is that they are more expensive and you physically have to remove the cleaner from the pool and clean out the storage bag. But if you own a pool and maintain it yourself, then you would be used to a little manual labor from time to time. And these cleaners do free up your time so that you can enjoy your pool and not work on it so much. If your time is valuable then they are worth the money.

For the larger pools, that most of the elite have, we have to look at the best and some of the best are in the commercial lines. So let us take a look at the Best of the Best.

The best auto pool cleaners mean you don't have to worry about the pool being clean. Just set the automatic pool cleaner and enjoy the benefits as you swim every day in your clean pool.

Best Pool Cleaners: Electric by Dan Hardy

The Best You Can Get

  • Dolphin 2 x 2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Dan says: The Dolphin 2 x 2 with remote is one of the best of the pool cleaners. It operates in the manual or automatic modes and has a powerful 24-volt motor. It is designed to work on any pool design and has the ability to be directed by remote to certain spots. It filters up to 6,500 gallons per hour and has a two-year warranty. It can handle an Olympic-size pool and has one of the longest cords available of 200’. It comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty on all parts and labor. This model can be programmed to clean the entire pool or just the floor. At only 41 lbs., it is a lot of cleaner for the money. This cleaner has a filtration system of twenty microns.

    • 6500 gallons per hour filtration
    • 2-year warranty
    • Filter bag easy to clean
  • Dolphin Dynamic Pro X

    Dan says: The Dolphin Dynamic Pro X cleaner is billed as the state-of-the-art cleaner. It has the latest microprocessors and it is believed that they not only out clean, but out think and out perform the competition. The warranty is two years or 3000 hours on the motor and 1 full year on the other parts. As the filter bag gets full it increases suction to continue to do the job. It has no drive belts that can be damaged by over doing the chemicals. While the unit is working, it will tell you the status of the filter bag and how full it is. The cleaner has the ability to program the climbing frequency on the walls of the pool.

    • 4750 gallons per hour filtration
    • 3-year warranty on motors/1-year warrenty bumper to bumper
    • Easy-to-clean, re-usable filter
  • Aquavac Tigershark QC

    Dan says: The Tigershark QC is a very good cleaner. It works very well on all types of pools. It has been built to take a beating and has powerful twelve-volt motors. It is praised for picking up large objects and the only complaint we have had is that the filter is not as easy to remove as some but most people claim that they are easy to clean. As with most electronic robots, sometimes they wander around but if left alone they regain their composure and do their job. It has a wireless remote also that lets you direct it to different spot for touch up. It is a fast clean machine with a three-year unconditional warranty.

    • 4500 gallons per hour filtration
    • 3-year warranty
    • Easy-to-clean cartridge filter
  • Aquavac King Shark 2 Plus

    Dan says: The Aquavac King Shark 2 Plus is like its brother the King Shark 2 but has the wireless remote for those hard-to-get-to spots and to do a little spot cleaning. Commonly known as the King Commander LP, it is one considered the Mercedes of the line of robotic cleaners. Its brother the King Shark 2 is the number one selling commercial pool cleaner in the world. It has a new twister cord design that avoids tangling. With an easy-to-read digital remote, you just drop him in and let him do his job. It has a feature called Auto Turn, which makes sure the cleaner is always moving and cleaning at maximum efficiency.

    • 4200 gallons per hour filtration
    • 3-year warranty
    • Easy-to-clean, 40-sq.-ft. filter
  • Aquavac King Shark 2

    Dan says: This is the number one selling machine in the world. It is fast and convenient and now has the new Twister Cord swivel to avoid tangling. As the manufacturer states, the cleaner is built to clean and designed to last. It is so fast that it can clean an Olympic-size pool in five hours. It has direct drive with no belts that can break. Although it weighs in at 113 lbs., it is worth its weight in gold.

    • 4200 gallons per hour filtration
    • 1-year warranty on parts and labor
    • Easy filters to clean

You will be happy with any of these

  • C.O.B.I.A. System

    Dan says: This is the neatest little unit. Cobia stands for Chlorine On Board Integrated Automation. What that means is not only is it a great little cleaner but it has a salt generator onboard to produce chlorine. With salt pools increasing in popularity, this cleaner has more of a capability than what it was intended for. Its only limitation is it is designed for pools up to 20,000 gallons. What I see is not only a unit that provides excellent robotic cleaning but also can be added to a pool where the salt generator system was not large enough to handle the capacity of water in a pool and instead of adding an additional salt generator, you just simply install the cleaner and let it make chlorine in addition to the main unit. In those instances, it could be installed in a pool larger than 20,000 gallons to supplement the chlorine demand of a large pool. The expected cell life is two years or 8000 hours of operation. It also comes with a two-year/300-cycle warranty on the main unit.

    • Gallons per hour not available
    • 2-year warranty/8000 hours on cell
    • Easy-to-clean, 2-micron filter
    • On board chlorinator
  • Aquabot Viva

    Dan says: Designed for pools up to 1076 square feet, this is a great little cleaner. It has a two-micron filter, which is excellent. It has a full four-year warranty. It is advertised as a cleaner that can clean a 1076 square foot pool in one hour. Not only is it fast it will last longer because of the limited time it takes to clean the pool. It has two twelve-volt drive motors and a high efficiency pump motor. The floating cable aids in keeping the machine from getting tangled in the cord. It too has the ability for manual spot cleaning.

    • 4225 gallons per hour filtration
    • Full 4-year warranty
    • Easy-to-clean, 2-micron filter
  • Aquabot Turbo T4RC

    Dan says: The Aquabot Turbo T4RC has microprocessor-guided drive motors with an obstacle detection sensor that keeps it from getting stuck in tight places. With a large capacity filter of nineteen quarts and filters down to two microns, it is a very efficient cleaner. It has an all weather power supply, which some cleaner do not have. This keeps you from running out when it rains to protect the control box. It too has a four-year warranty with a 300-cycle prorated warranty. The filters on this unit can handle 5000 gallons per hour which makes it very strong.

    • 5000 gallons per hour filtration
    • 4-year warranty/300 cycles prorated
    • Easy-to-clean, 19-qt. filter
  • Aquavac Makoshark 2

    Dan says: The Makoshark is a nice little cleaner that can filter 2400 gallons per hour. It is fast and designed to last as with the other Aquavac products. It has a floating cable for fewer problems with tangles. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the chassis, and a one-year unconditional warranty on the rest of the unit. The other nice thing about this unit is it comes with a Vac Chlor system, which also makes chlorine. The negative for me is that the unit is not stepped down voltage and runs on 115 volts. However, Aquavac claims that the average life of a Makoshark is about fifteen years. That is saying a lot.

    • 2400 gallon per hour filtration
    • Lifetime warranty on chassis/1-yr unconditional on rest
    • Easy-to-clean filters
  • Dolphin Explorer

    Dan says: The Dolphin Explorer is programmable unit that can be programmed for up to three cleaning cycles per week. It has a 36-month warranty on its motors and one full year on all non-wear parts. It weighs in at 21 lbs by itself and runs off of 24 volts supplied by a weatherproof transformer. This little unit can handle 4750 gallons per hour and can handle pools up to 50’ in length. The software is designed to clean irrespective of surface or shape of the pool.

    • 4750 gallons per hour filtration
    • 3-yr warranty on motors/1-year on non-wear parts
    • Easy-to-clean filters

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