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Agility is an awesome sport, but buying equipment can be a bit daunting. But, if you’re training your own dog and you can’t get to the training center daily, or don’t have the yard to training in, having your own portable agility equipment is important for keeping your dog sharp.

Most agility equipment is bulky and heavy. You can’t set them up or break them down easily. This is why it’s important to have portable equipment that is lightweight, easy to set up and tear down, and can be placed into a closet at home when not in use.

The following are the best portable agility equipment I could find for the money.

Best Portable Agility Equipment by Margaret Bonham

The Best You Can Get

  • Agility in a Bag™ by Affordable Agility

    Margaret says: Agility in a Bag is a lightweight set for doing agility anywhere and anytime. It sets up and breaks down quickly and is made from sturdy PVC pipes. Included is a six pole weave set, an adjustable bar jump, a hoop jump that serves as a tire jump, a pause box and a combination open tunnel and closed tunnel or chute. You can take the chute off and have a three foot open tunnel for training.

    • Only 18 lbs.
    • Includes weave pole set, adjustable jump, adjustable tire jump, pause box and Chute (detachable)
    • With carry bag
    • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Travel Jump Set by Affordable Agility

    Margaret says: If you’re in need of setting up a jumpers course, this is the perfect jump set for you. In this set are four adjustable bar hurdles that you can set up and tear down in a jiffy. You can use these to practice anywhere, indoors or out.

    • Only 14 lbs.
    • 4 adjustable jumps
    • With carry bag
    • Freestanding for indoor/outdoor use
  • Agilite Tire Jump

    Margaret says: Agilite makes some of the best portable agility equipment on the market. If they had a starter set, I’d move them up to the top just because of the sturdiness of the equipment. They’re made from anodized aluminum, which makes them both lightweight and sturdy. The tire in held in place with Velcro straps. Lightweight and super easy to set up and tear down, it’s worth the price.

    • 6.38 lbs.
    • Carry sack included
    • Aluminum frame
    • Time to put up/take down about 1-2 minutes
  • Agilite Tunnel

    Margaret says: Agilite has a wonderful tunnel that is ten-feet long with sturdy ribbing. All the tunnels they carry are of high quality, multi-colored nylon. It looks good and wears well.

    • 9 lbs.
    • 10-foot tunnel
    • Carry bag included
  • Agilite Hurdle

    Margaret says: The Agilite hurdle is the ultimate in lightweight jumps. Made of colored anodized aluminum, it weighs less than five pounds and is so easy to set up; it takes less than a minute to leisurely set it up. It looks good and wears well over time.

    • 4.25 lbs.
    • 6 height settings
    • Carry bag included

You will be happy with any of these

  • Agility Tunnel Pac by Pac N Go

    Margaret says: Pac N Go makes a set of tunnels that will bring joy to your tunnel-loving agile dog. Two tunnels, one twenty feet and the other fifteen feet long, and a chute which is fifteen feet give you plenty of tunnel action. Included are hold-down stakes and carrying case.

    • Less than 35 lbs.
    • 2 tunnels and 1 chute
    • Carry bag included
  • Agility Jump Pac Americana by Pac N Go

    Margaret says: If you’re looking for beautiful jumps and panel jumps, look no further than the Americana jumps from Pac N Go. In this pack, you get panels with rainbows, gardens, cookies and milk, and American Flag. The bar jumps are in the form of racing and road construction. The set up instructions are sewn into the carry case – so no lost instructions! How cool is that?

    • Less than 30 lbs.
    • 4 panel jumps and 2 bar jumps
    • Carry bag included
  • Ready Jump by Clip and Go Agility

    Margaret says: If you’re tired of loose parts and losing bits of your jumps, the Clip and Go Ready Jump is for you. They fold up and down in a snap, making them the easiest jumps to set up. They also give a discount for buying multiple jumps.

    • 5.5 lbs.
    • No loose parts – folds into a compact carry size
  • Broad Jump by Max 200

    Margaret says: Agile dogs often must negotiate broad jumps – which can be a little tricky for dogs not used to these long obstacles. Owning an agility broad jump is important for training. Max 200 has a lovely agility broad jump is an important tool for training. Made of lightweight plastic, it’s lighter than the heavy boards of which most agility broad jumps are made.

    • Modified Obedience style
    • Plastic and lightweight for portability
  • Bar Jump by Pet Safe

    Margaret says: If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight PVC jump, look no further than the Pet Safe Bar Jump. Simple, elegant, and you don’t have to worry about anything special.

    • Lightweight.
    • Easy to set up
    • Carry bag included

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