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There’s no doubt we’re all carrying heavier loads these days. Since the standard work day for many people has become nine to ten hours long, and our work has become more mobile, we’re now transporting lots of extra “stuff” everywhere we go. From work files to bulging briefcases to overloaded purses, our backs are breaking and our portable filling needs are growing.

Aside from professional organizers and Monica from “Friends”, there aren’t many people in this world who get excited by the task of filing. No, for most people, just the idea of filing is a scary prospect. But whether we like it or not, keeping good files is essential. And keeping track of those files is even more important. After all, what good is a file if you can’t find it when you need it? Keeping your files in order and on-hand doesn’t have to feel like punishment when you create the right system that works for you.

Similarly, transporting files doesn’t have to be mundane when you find the product that meets your needs. Whether you’re a consultant on the road or a busy mom; there’s no reason your files can’t look pulled together even if you feel the exact opposite.

Portable file carriers come in a variety of sizes, so think about your needs before choosing one. Do you carry between five to ten slim files on a constant basis? If so, a small, one-handled, accordion-type tote might do the job. Or, if you need regular access to 30-40 thick files or literature to distribute, you may require a large, durable file box that requires two hands for lifting.

And just because you’re carrying files, you don’t have to do so in a paper sack! Streamline your materials, give your files the order they deserve, and add a little style to your everyday.

Best Portable Filing by Vicki Norris

The Best You Can Get

  • russell+hazel – Audrey Expanding Five-file Tote

    Vicki says: If Holly Golightly had a job (rue the thought!) that required her to transport files, I’m fairly certain she would have used one of these. Just as chic as a little black dress, the Audrey tote from russell+hazel fits up to five files – and any occasion. With durable, coated exterior, roomy pockets for multiple file folders and a classy purse-like handle, you’ll fit right in at your breakfast meeting or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    • Available in white or black
    • Gold accents at corners and feet
    • Pretty interior pattern
  • See Jane Work – File Tote

    Vicki says: If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet still sturdy, file tote, this option from See Jane Work might be just the solution. Available in three stylish designs, the tote offers eight expandable sections for your letter-sized files and paperwork. The large notched handle with elastic closure ensures papers will stay put until you’re ready to get down to work.

    • Includes blank labels for file categories
    • Choose from 3 pretty color combinations
    • Matching file folders available separately
  • The Container Store – Cascading Letter File Tote

    Vicki says: One of my faves, this fabulous file tote is actually two products in one. In its closed, attaché case state, it becomes a sleek tote that will hold up to seven letter-sized file folders. When you reach your destination, undo the clasp and hang the snap closure on a hook and the folders will cascade down to provide an at-a-glance view. The inside flap contains a clear pocket for easy viewing of current tasks or a monthly calendar.

    • Comes in 2 pretty colors: kiwi and sky blue
    • Matching interior file folders available separately
  • The Container Store – Letter-size Portable File Box

    Vicki says: If you’ve got a job that requires transporting more than a handful of files, this letter-sized portable file box could gain a starring role in your everyday routine. The interior rails on either side accommodate hanging files which makes for easy access and retrieval. The carrying handle makes it a great solution for frequent travelers.

    • Sturdy construction with strong snap closure
    • Available in either clear or black
  • The Container Store – Translucent File Tote Box

    Vicki says: This file box is perfect for the person (like a consultant or sales professional) who has to travel with a sizeable number of files, likely in the back seat or trunk of their car. Its manageable size, yet surprisingly large capacity, allows for easy portability. Sturdy construction means you can stow it and remove it with little wear and tear. And because these totes are stackable, they’re a good solution for permanent file storage as well.

    • See-through sides let you gauge capacity
    • Holds letter or legal-sized folders (sold separately)

You will be happy with any of these

  • Storables - 6-Pocket Mobile Vertical File Holder

    Vicki says: Add a bit of color to your work with this vertical file holder. When hung from the built-in hook, it displays all of your files at once in a cascading fashion. When condensed back into its portable state, it becomes a briefcase-like tote. The files are actually colorful pocket folders which keep loose papers extra secure.

    • Elastic closure for worry-free transport
    • Cascading folders provide quick access
  • Storables – Silver Mesh File Cube

    Vicki says: Another good option for those who travel with files in their car, this mesh cube is both sturdy and stylish at the same time. The large handles make for easy transport while the hanging rails give provide easy access to files. The cube would also work nicely for on-the-go scrapbooking supplies or professional literature.

    • Strong mesh construction with epoxy finish
    • Multiple cubes can be stacked
    • Letter-sized hanging files and folders sold separately
  • Target - Black Letter - Legal Size File Box

    Vicki says: Target’s answer to portable filing is this stylish, yet surprisingly strong, file box. The snap-together construction comes together in no time and can be deconstructed just as quickly for flat storage when not in use. Large chrome-steel handles add an artistic flair as does the label holder on the front.

    • Made of heavy-duty fiberboard
    • Will hold and store letter or legal-sized folders
    • Comes in a set of 2
  • Office Max – Rubbermaid Roughneck Wheeled Premium File Box

    Vicki says: Easy on the eyes (and your back!), this ergonomic solution to transporting multiple hanging files looks good coming and going. Made of plastic and steel with rugged wheels and a telescopic handle, it makes light work of a heavy load. And with the Rubbermaid name, you know it’s going to be able to weather a few bumps and bruises.

    • In-lid storage space
    • Heavy-duty design
    • Black with silver lid
  • Stacks and Stacks – Fold 'n Hold Pop-Up File Tote

    Vicki says: In the world of organizing, anything that pops up to serve a purpose, then collapses when not in use gets an A+ for effort. The Fold ‘n Hold File Tote does just what is says… and more. With the strength to hold up to 25 lbs. and the speed to pop up or fold flat in mere seconds, this quick-change artist is perfect for hectic lifestyles.

    • Sturdy, collapsible metal frame
    • Long carrying handles for on-the-go portability
    • Lightweight yet durable construction

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