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The best potty training accessories meet two important criteria: 1. they give parents easy, hands-on tools to make the potty training process understandable to young children; and 2. they help parents create a fun, positive atmosphere for potty learning. All children learn to say good bye to diapers – eventually. But most children take 4-6 months to achieve potty independence. The best potty training accessories help parents and children enjoy this potty learning period as an exciting time of growth and discovery.

It’s true that a child who is developmentally ready for potty training will be more successful than a child who doesn’t have the bladder control or a child who is in an oppositional stage (the no-my way stage). The best products support your child’s development instead of being intrusive or overwhelming to your child.

Best Potty Training Accessories by Karen Deerwester

The Best You Can Get

  • Baby Bjorn Potty Chair (Large Size)

    Karen says: The Bjorn Potty Chair is a child-friendly place to build your child’s potty confidence. The simple design invites your child to focus on his body and his newly emerging skills without being distracted by built-in noises, toys, or superficial bells and whistles. Your child will eventually make the transition to the grown-up toilet. In the meantime, build the rest of your child’s potty routine around the “real” toilet – using toilet paper from the bathroom roller and flushing the bathroom toilet instead of a pretend potty with features that substitute for the real thing.

    • Simple design
    • Easy to clean
    • Secure backrest
    • Solid base
    • Splash control design for boys
  • Nuby Step Stool

    Karen says: Every child needs a sturdy step stool either to reach the grown-up toilet or the bathroom sink for hand-washing. This stool comes in a variety of positive potty training colors and encourages potty independence.

    • Easy-clean plastic
    • Strong – holds up to 800 lbs.
    • No-slip top
    • Non-skid base
    • Easy carry handles
  • Xpress Trainer Pro-All In One-Real Simple Potty Training Family Toilet Seat

    Karen says: This potty seat blends with the adult toilet giving your child the comfort and the confidence to potty like the grown-ups. And it stays where you need it. There’s nothing fearful or intimidating about this simple, family-friendly potty seat.

    • One potty seat for the whole family
    • Child-friendly fit
    • Quality construction
    • No-fuss design
    • Quick installation
  • Everyone Poops

    Karen says: Children love this book. It’s the perfect introduction into potty awareness. Watch your child’s eyes and attention when you read this book – she will be mesmerized if she has an interest in potty training. Interest plus physical control and your child will be ready to practice new skills in a positive potty environment.

    • Children’s book by Tara Gomi
    • Fun vocabulary for little potty learners
    • Teaches science of body functions
    • No intimidating potty agenda
    • Builds on interest in animals
  • Once Upon a Potty DVD

    Karen says: It’s no accident that “Once Upon a Potty” has been around a long time. Children relate quickly to Prudence and Joshua. The simple message is developmentally appropriate from body parts, to negative reasoning, to mastering pottying on a potty.

    • A timeless classic
    • Age-appropriate message
    • Short and sweet
    • Fun and happy “Potty Song”
    • For her or for him

You will be happy with any of these

  • Cushie Traveler – Travel Folding Potty Seat

    Karen says: Mastering potty training away from home adds another layer of skill to your child’s potty learning. If your child is hesitant about using the potty in unfamiliar places, this seat travels well and feels more substantial to your child than thin plastic versions.

    • By Mommy’s Helper
    • Comfortable seat
    • Easy to carry
    • Easy to clean
  • Dri Nights Waterproof Mattress Protector

    Karen says: The right mattress cover helps to eliminate night time stress by giving your child a dryer bed and giving parents an easy way to change those wet sheets. Buy two of these and you’ll be prepared for nights when you need double coverage.

    • From One Step Ahead
    • Machine washable
    • Leak-proof coverage
    • Easy to change
  • Flush-Stopper

    Karen says: Give your child control over out-of-control experiences by carrying the flush-stopper with you into public restrooms. Simply cover the electronic “eye” of the flusher while your child uses the toilet and remove the flush-stopper when he’s finished. No more fears!

    • Stops auto-flushers from surprising your child
    • Reusable
    • Sanitary travel pouch
    • Inexpensive
  • Toilet Time Targets for Boys

    Karen says: Boys often have to learn an extra step to stand while peeing. You can use cheerios or cut your own shapes out of tissue paper but here’s an inexpensive potty game that’s no work for you. Potty targets help your child’s aim and minimize clean-up while engaging your child in constructive playfulness.

    • By Quabbin
    • Attention-grabbing fun
    • Helps the transition to standing at the toilet
    • Colorful animal cut-outs
  • Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tot: Potty Songs CD and Book

    Karen says: You’ll laugh, sing, and play your way through potty training with this collection of silly potty songs. Kids can easily identify with the potty learning messages and will acquire potty skills through repetition and fun. The CD reinforces a positive potty experience even when your child isn’t using the potty.

    • By Bruce Lansky
    • Familiar melodies
    • Perfect potty lyrics
    • Creates a fun positive potty atmosphere

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