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How to Potty Train: Best Potty Training Books

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Children’s “potty training” books are the foundation of a positive potty learning experience. The best children’s “potty training” books add to your child’s awareness of how his body works and to the excitement of making new potty choices. Reading potty books allows your child to think about potty experiences in a nonthreatening way, to sit quietly with his personal potty questions, and to imagine potty mastery without the possibility of failure.

Add favorite “potty” books to your child’s collection before you have any potty expectations. Choose books that reflect your child’s interest and engage your child’s unique personality. Watch your child’s eyes as you read different pages to see where your child’s emotional self connects to the story or to the illustrations. Bring books to life by weaving favorite potty themes into your daily conversations with your child. Allow your child to reread favorite books a hundred times or more. Repetition builds familiarity and confidence.

Learn how to potty train your little one with the least amount of trauma with potty training tips books. With these best potty training books at the best price you'll understand the best way to potty train in no time.

Best Potty Training Books by Karen Deerwester

The Best You Can Get

  • Everyone Poops

    Karen says: As you may know from my Best Potty Training Accessories list, this book tops my Best of the Best list. It delivers its message without any pressure on children to grow up. Saying goodbye to diapers is simply a “fact”, just like certain animals that clean up after themselves. This book has universal appeal to children who want to know more about how bodies work and who want to say the word “poop” as often as they can.

    • Children’s book by Tara Gomi
    • Fun vocabulary for little potty learners
    • Teaches science of body functions
    • No intimidating potty agenda
    • Builds on interest in animals
  • A Potty for Me

    Karen says: Karen Katz writes the best books for toddlers: respectfully designed for young readers with simple, honest, and inspiring messages. If your child is interested in potty training, this book happily guides your child through the ups and downs of the potty training experience – all with a happy ending.

    • By Karen Katz
    • Memorable rhyming text and rich, colorful illustrations
    • Interactive lift-a-flap format
    • Includes simple, realistic setbacks
    • A perfect “self-congratulations” ending
  • Uh Oh! Gotta Go! Potty Tales from Toddlers

    Karen says: This little book accomplishes great things. From picking a potty to wearing underpants, this book captures the entire potty learning process and manages to touch upon every significant potty detail, like listening for “the splash” or trying different bathrooms. This is the perfect read-together book for parents and potty-learning kids.

    • By Bob McGrath
    • A variety of potty perspectives and personalities
    • A range of potty skills and emotions
    • Opportunities to discuss specific potty challenges
    • An underwear parade finale – hooray!
  • No Potty! Yes, Potty!

    Karen says: Potty training coincides with a universal stage of oppositional behavior in child development. A child can’t grow without the push-and-pull of becoming an independent person. This book defuses a child’s natural inclination to say “no” with pure silliness.

    • Girl version also available: Go, Girl! Go Potty!
    • Empowers child’s personal choice to say “yes” or “no”
    • Author and Illustrator: Emily Bolam
    • Interactive lift-a-flap story with predictable under-the-flap responses for independent reading
    • Silly and playful
  • You Can Go to the Potty

    Karen says: Potty training is a natural step in learning and growing. This book invites the child into potty learning that is natural and pressure-free. Potty training parents will also gain insight from Dr. Sears’ helpful commentary.

    • By William Sears, Martha Sears, and Christie Watts Kelly
    • Depicts the gradual progression to independent self-care
    • Gentle and nurturing like all Dr. Sears resources
    • Connects the physical “feeling” and time to go
    • Informative notes and sidebars for parents

You will be happy with any of these

  • Have You Seen My Potty

    Karen says: Published in 2007, this book is a fabulous addition to children’s “potty” literature. Perfect for the preschool potty-goer, especially for a child who sneaks off to non-bathroom places to potty. This book is a fun and funny favorite.

    • By Mij Kelly
    • Richly illustrated - beautiful language and vocabulary
    • Engaging narrative for preschool-aged potty learners
    • Priceless phrases to repeat often
    • Bonus theme of “potty panic”
  • I Have to Go!

    Karen says: You gotta love the potty procrastinator – we all know someone like Andrew. Written for kids but the perfect catharsis for frustrated parents.

    • By Robert Munsch
    • Perfect for the oppositional preschooler
    • Longer story for older potty-goers
    • Sympathetic response to a “wet bed”
    • Priceless adult expressions
  • Once Upon a Potty

    Karen says: It’s no accident that “Once Upon a Potty” has been around a long time. The simple message is developmentally appropriate, from body parts to negative reasoning. I add this book to the Best of the Rest list because of the honest way it helps children understand body parts they can’t see, specifically the “hole” where the poop comes out.

    • A timeless classic
    • Age-appropriate message
    • Short and sweet
    • Fun and happy “Potty Song”
  • What to Expect When You Use the Potty

    Karen says: This is the potty book for inquiring young minds and parents looking for answers to good questions. This book has the best answer to “How do I know when to go to the potty?”

    • By Heidi Murkoff
    • A child’s potty encyclopedia
    • Thoughtful and thorough
    • A great supplement to potty story books
  • Underwear!

    Karen says: This book isn’t actually a “potty training” book, but it is “the” book to celebrate the benefits of potty training instead of getting stuck on tedious skills. Underwear is a funny and wonderful thing!

    Happy potty training!

    • By Mary Elise Monsell
    • Silly underwear story
    • Reinforces letting go of diapers
    • Great addition to the ultimate underwear party

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Learn how to potty train in a nonthreatening way that translates into a happy child. Our suggestions for the best potty training books help you deal with your child's unique personality as you begin to understand how to potty train. Always the best price, these potty training tips books help you weave your favorite best way to potty train themes into your daily conversations with your child for the best results and the least amount of trauma for you and your child.