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If you’re like me, one purse just isn’t enough! There are so many cute styles and fabulous designs out there, it’s too hard to pick just one favorite. One day, I might feel hip and fun, and choose a funky bag, the next afternoon, I may have a meeting that requires a more professional look so I’ll change to my classic purse. The only drawback to this is that I have to switch the contents of one bag to another with a high degree of regularity.

Now, for a professional organizer, this isn’t a huge issue because I’ve artfully displayed all my purses within easy reach (that was a fun organizing project!) and have containerized their contents for easy transfer. (What else is a handbag addict to do?)

But, for many people, their purse is a black hole of clutter and the thought of swapping out purses is more than they can consider… “What if I forget my keys/wallet/cell phone/notepad/kitchen sink in the purse I was using yesterday?” As a result, they get “stuck” with an old or boring handbag that doesn’t do the job.

And it’s to these people I say, “Never fear, there is hope!” Enter the purse organizer.

Purse organizers come in lots of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they exist for the sole purpose of simplifying your life. Most of them fit right inside your regular purse and help corral loose items together and can be moved between purses. Other handbags come with a built-in solution! Featured here are some simple, cost-effective solutions (save for one splurge!) to help you get a handle on your busy day. Best of all, you don’t have to choose between funky, classic, hip, or trendy to stay organized.

Best Purse Organizers by Vicki Norris

The Best You Can Get

  • The Butler Bag

    Vicki says: The Butler Bag is so much more than a purse…it’s a purse with organizing capabilities built right in! The bottom of this classically-stylish bag features compartments for all of the items that usually make their way to the bottom of your handbag. Keys, wallet, cell phone, pen, paper, make-up, you name it, are instantly within easy reach, eliminating the need to go digging. The larger, hybrid size has enough room for a ten-inch laptop, making it a good option for travel.

    • Top grain, hand-stitched leather
    • Available in two sizes and several colors
    • Outside pockets
    • Compartmentalized interior design
  • BagMate

    Vicki says: If switching handbags is a daily event for you, the BagMate organizational bag liner will become your new best friend! With retractable handles and a colorful interior, the BagMate is essentially a purse within a purse. It has multiple inside pockets to corral every day necessities with ease and it lifts right out when you’re ready to switch over to another handbag. The medium size is large enough to fit a checkbook-style wallet while the small size is just right for those who prefer a more petite purse.

    • Black exterior
    • Choose from 4 fun interior colors
    • Available in small and medium sizes
  • Purseket – The Purse Organizer

    Vicki says: Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, the Purseket is a versatile purse organizer. The small, medium, and large sizes all wrap around the inside of your purse, providing numerous pockets for your essentials. Bulky items such as wallets or day planners will fit in the middle of a larger purse even with the Purseket in place.

    • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
    • Great for totes, carry-on travel bags, and diaper bags
  • Presto Purse Insert Organizer

    Vicki says: With endless compartments to store your necessities, this organizer can handle it all! It’s actually two separate organizers attached by Velcro. The original design allows you to use the joined, two-piece Presto in your larger, open-style bags, or the separated, individual Presto in smaller or split purses.

    • Fits medium to large size bags
    • Over 20 compartments
    • Two different organizers in one
    • Washable, durable nylon construction
  • The Container Store - Purse Organizer

    Vicki says: When you roll it up and place it in your bag, this clever wraparound organizer adjusts itself to the size of your bag. How smart is that?! Made from cute fabric (green bubbles or black check) over a flexible frame, it has numerous pockets to contain all of your small items. Because of its collapsible design, this space-efficient organizer would work well for travel, too.

    • Constructed from fabric over a flexible frame
    • Expands to fit purse size
    • Available in two stylish patterns

You will be happy with any of these

  • Marvel Pouch (small)

    Vicki says: Although it’s several steps up from a pencil case in your book bag, the Marvel Pouch is so cute, you’ll feel like you’re back in grade school. These small pouches are a clever way to keep small items neatly stored inside your purse. Great for cosmetics or small electronics like a cell phone, camera, or MP3 player, you’ll never run out of uses for these stylish pouches.

    • Comes in 7 different patterns
    • Clear window for quick and easy labeling
    • Vinyl-coated twill
    • Water resistant
  • Buttoned Up – Receipt Catcher

    Vicki says: One of the most often-asked questions from our organizing clients is what to do with the numerous receipts they gather throughout the day. These bits of paper tend to end up crumpled at the bottom of your purse and are only found weeks later while searching for a piece of gum! This receipt catcher can help bring order to the chaos. With its tabbed sections for clothing, gifts, groceries and more, receipts will soon feel like they’re filing themselves.

    • Portable size
    • Magnetic closure
    • Also works in a desk or glove compartment
  • Purseket – The Purse Organizer (Drop-in)

    Vicki says: Pull the tabbed handle and change purses in seconds! Another organizer from the Purseket line, this drop-in model is perfect for smaller or narrow bags. It can be used in pre-divided bag as well – it just needs a thin space to stand upright. With four pockets in total, there’s more than enough room for your beauty essentials, keys, cell phone, and sunglasses.

    • Available in a variety of patterns and colors
    • Just 7” high by 8” wide
    • Can be used in the middle of larger Pursekets
  • Get Organized Purse Organizer

    Vicki says: No more lost lipstick tubes! This easily transferable organizer can go from one bag to another in the blink of an eye. Although it is quite compact, it can still handle all of your necessities including sunglasses and cosmetics. A handy zipper-seal coin slot makes short work of loose change.

    • 6 slots for credit cards
    • Multiple lipstick compartments
    • Cell phone or MP3 pouch
  • Storables – Credit Card Case

    Vicki says: In today’s ever-increasing world of rewards cards, this hard-sided case is an ideal way to capture and keep your favorites in an orderly manner rather than having them loose in your purse. The accordion insert with clear pouches allows you to find the card you’re looking for right away. It also makes a sleek and stylish wallet!

    • Accordion insert makes cards easy to identify and access
    • Hard case protects cards in purse
    • Compact size

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