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Want to put some spice back into your life and kitchen? It’s time to organize your recipes!

When it comes to meal planning and experimenting with food, most of us are derailed before we even start. We are simply overwhelmed by the variety of mediums recipes are floating around on, including:

- Mom’s (and Grandma’s and Auntie’s) old recipe cards
- Our own myriad of systems started (but never maintained) long ago
- Newspaper clippings of recipes-to-try
- Loose papers of all sizes collected over the years

There isn’t really one magic ingredient to this project; it’s about finding what works for you and your lifestyle. As you tackle your recipes, you’ll need a dash of planning, a helping of sorting, and a dollop of maintenance. These are the most important ingredients for whipping all of those loose index cards, handwritten sticky-notes, and magazine clippings into apple-pie order.

When you blend these ingredients together, you’ll get a finished product that will have everyone coming back for seconds. Including you!

Best Recipe Organizing by Vicki Norris

The Best You Can Get

  • Personalized Recipe Card and Embosser Set

    Vicki says: For the die-hard foodie, what could be better than adding your own stamp of authenticity to each culinary creation? This Williams-Sonoma gift set includes a wooden card box that can be personalized with your name, 100 index cards and an embosser to imprint each one. Organize your recipes by category and give your time-honored favorites the special place they deserve in your kitchen.

    • Additional recipe cards sold separately
    • Embosser stamps “Kitchen of” and your name
    • Large enough to hold 500 4” x 6” cards
  • Copper Recipe Journal

    Vicki says: Put the same care into recipe keeping as you do with recipe making. This homemade copper recipe journal is durable enough to become an heirloom that gets passed down through generations. With beautiful, thick pages for handwriting or gluing in recipes, you can create your very own old-fashioned cookbook from scratch.

    • Brushed copper cover with metal spiral
    • Handmade in San Francisco
    • 50 pages
  • Portochef Recipe Album

    Vicki says: Give yourself an extra hand in the kitchen with this easel-like recipe album. Not only does it store and organize your collection of mealtime faves, it will stand at attention while you’re cooking to make following a recipe so much easier. Insert your own recipes or ones you’ve clipped from magazines into the plastic pages and you’ll be ready to get cooking!

    • Faux leather cover with plastic sleeves inside
  • 3-Ring Binder

    Vicki says: Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones. What could be easier than creating your own recipe binder with a stylish cover and some plastic sheet protectors? Just slide your own recipes, or ones you’ve collected from magazines, into their own individual sleeves and use tabbed dividers to separate each category. Voila – your very own cookbook has been created! Besides being a quick project to put together, your recipes will be protected from spills and splatters while you use them.

    • Choose from four fun designs
    • 2 ¾” size is large enough to hold a substantial number of recipes
    • Includes 10 tabbed dividers and an index page
    • by See Jane Work
  • Betty Crocker’s Box o’ Recipes

    Vicki says: Add a little kitsch to your kitchen with everyone’s favorite cake maker! Betty Crocker’s Box o’ Recipes contains 55 pre-printed recipe cards with snacks, meals, and desserts from the original 1950s cookbook. Add your own recipes to the box for a tidy solution. It’s a tasty and classic way to keep your kitchen running smoothly and everyone’s stomach running on full!

    • Great gift idea for kids or young adults
    • Includes 55 recipe cards

You will be happy with any of these

  • Stainless Steel Recipe Box

    Vicki says: The modern look of this stainless steel recipe box fits right in with today’s progressive kitchens. It’s the ideal place to organize and keep your cooking and baking favorites out on the counter while still providing a streamlined look. If you’ve got an extra large recipe collection, group two or three boxes together for a visual impact that’s in good taste.

    • Contemporary design
    • Holds recipe cards up to 4” x 6”
    • Smooth, satin finish
  • What’s Cooking Recipe Box

    Vicki says: What’s cooking? You! Whip up something tasty from this retro-looking recipe tin. Don’t worry if you haven’t got your own recipes yet; this box comes with 50 pre-printed recipe cards to get you started. With an additional 50 blank cards, there’s room to grow when you start to collect your own favorites. You’ll be saying “Bon Appétit” in no time!

    • Great gift idea for newlyweds or college-bound students
    • Includes 100 index cards and 7 tabbed dividers
  • Double-File Wooden Recipe Box

    Vicki says: Bigger than a standard recipe box, this double-sized option from Target is fantastic for keeping a larger collection at your fingertips. Its wooden construction will stand up to frequent use in a busy kitchen. The hinged lid has a groove on top; just slide the recipe card you’ll be using into the groove and your ingredients and steps will be displayed from the first teaspoon to the final taste.

    • Simple design to blend in with your décor
  • Acrylic Index Card Files

    Vicki says: Clean lines and durable acrylic make these index card files a clear choice for recipe keeping. Choose from the small or large box, depending on the size of your collection. For easy categorization, use tabbed dividers (sold separately) to group like recipes together. When it’s this easy to find your recipes, you’ll be able to get dinner on the table in no time!

    • Index cards and tabbed dividers sold separately
  • Bamboo Recipe Box

    Vicki says: If you’re trying to “go green” in your kitchen, a bamboo recipe box can be a part of your environmentally-friendly quest. Sturdy and ecological bamboo is easy to clean and keep well-seasoned – it just needs a little mineral oil every once in a while to help maintain its appearance. The hinged lid stays open as you flip through your recipes and it helps keep them clean when closed.

    • Includes index cards
    • Holds 4” x 6” cards

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