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A remote control is an essential device, whether you need to control an integrated home system or a home theater. With twenty years of experience designing and installing high quality products, I’ve seen just about every remote on the market. I know which ones excel and which ones fail. And my picks for the Best of the Best are sure-fire winners for anyone who wants all the bells and whistles.

For the top of the line, go for Creston’s TPMC-8X or STX-1700CXP. The TMP-C-8X is perfect if you want access to a Windows environment so you can pull up MS Word files, Internet Explorer, and your email. STX-1700CXP’s SmarTouch panel gives you control over multiple systems. Both models are compact, lightweight, and easy to handle.

The AMX MVP-8400 offers amazing G4 graphics and wireless multimedia, not to mention great accessories that anyone can appreciate. Professionals will love MX-3000 for its streamlined features that allow for easier and faster installation. And speaking of streamline… the Logitech Harmony 1000 handles the job of fifteen different remotes in a single device. In this case, less is definitely best.

The best remote control is essential to find and flip through channels with ease. We suggest the best TV remote control that also controls everything on your sophisticated home theater system.

Best Remote Controls by Barry Reiner

The Best You Can Get

  • Crestron TPMC-8X

    Barry says: The Crestron’s TPMC-8X is like having a PC “command center” at your fingertips. This powerful touchpanel comes pre-loaded with Windows XP, so you can enjoy portable access to some of your favorite applications. You can view all your MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat documents in a secure environment. Plus, you can get on the Internet, read and send email, and even watch music videos for entertainment.

    What’s more, TPMC-8X has a user-friendly, attractive design that’s built for utility. Encased in magnesium alloy, this super thin and lightweight device is very durable. And it has a bright 8.4″ SVGA screen with sixteen-bit color depth, making it easy on the eyes. There’s also a biometric finger print scanner, which is a nice security feature.

    • Bluetooth/USB 2.0 support
    • Integrated 802.11a/b/g with WEP encryption support
    • Functional five-way thumb pad and up/down arrow buttons
    • Programmable “soft keys” for context-sensitive menu functions
  • Crestron STX-1700CXP

    Barry says: Functionality, design, and style. That’s how I would sum up the Crestron STX-1700CXP. This high-performance, two-way touchpanel has a stylish compact design that’s easy to use. There’s a brilliant 5.7" active matrix touchscreen and optional push buttons that make it a cinch to access your most commonly-used commands.

    And did I mention that it’s a SmarTouch touchpanel? With its wireless portability, you don’t need a ton of remotes and clunky control panels. The STX-1700CXP gives you one-touch control over a variety of complex devices and systems. This makes it the ideal tool for controlling a home theater, boardroom AV, and many other applications.

    • 10 quick-push buttons for enhanced functionality
    • 2.4 GHz spread spectrum RF technology for reliable long-range operation
    • Support for high-resolution graphics, dynamic text, and animations
    • Fast-charging, long-lasting NiMH batteries
  • AMX MVP 8400

    Barry says: The AMX MVP-8400 sets the standard when it comes to wireless touchpanel control. It’s the perfect size for any integrated environment, and it’s packed with features that deliver comfort and convenience. The MVP-8400 supports 802.11b wireless communications and provides one-way IR support. It lets you display incredible G4 graphics and wireless multimedia. The panel is multimedia-ready with speakers, microphone, and computer control.

    The MVP-84000 also comes with bonus features that you’ll love. It gives you two MVP-BP battery packs for up to eight hours of operation and a handy stylus. There’s also an anti-glare overlay, which is definitely a plus - especially for remote control hogs.

    • Vibrant 18-bit color depth
    • Built-in Speakers (2) and microphone
    • 802.11g Wireless Ethernet for two-way network communications
    • Nine programmable buttons
  • Universal Remote Control MX-3000

    Barry says: The MX-3000 makes the job of installing a touchscreen much easier. Its sleek design, which was created for high usability, streamlines the programming process to minimize installation time. And with a 206MHz RISC microprocessor, it gives professional installers the first touchscreen designed for animation. You can place BMPs, JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs or animated GIFs on any button. You can also add talking help buttons or music to your macros.

    Users will also love the MX-3000. At a mere eleven ounces, this device is extremely comfortable to handle and easy to use. Plus, it’s ergonomically designed to place the operational buttons where users can naturally and easily reach them - right near the thumbs.

    • Includes software to allow custom installation
    • Lightweight, user-friendly design
    • Can issue both line-of-sight IR and omni-directional RF
    • Automatic backlighting of the touchscreen
  • Logitech Harmony 1000

    Barry says: The name says it all. The Logitech Harmony 1000 harmoniously combines all your remote control needs into one unit. It lets you control more than a dozen devices, including TVs, game systems, video players, and even home lighting and appliances. Translation: No more hassle and frustration trying to keep up with multiple remotes.

    Obviously, the Logitech Harmony 1000 isn’t your average remote control. This advanced universal remote features a smart-looking chrome design and color touchscreen. But it not only looks good, it also performs well… extremely well. Logitech includes intuitive software that makes setup a breeze. And if you happen to need help, there’s a tutorial presentation and worksheets for quick reference.

    • Controls up to 15 devices - even complicated entertainment systems
    • Easy computer-based setup wizard
    • Brilliant touch screen with large icons
    • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

You will be happy with any of these

  • Universal Remote Control MX-980

    Barry says: Think of the Universal Remote MX-980 Remote Control as a “magic wand” in disguise. Not only is it styled like a wand, but it offers remarkable functionality and versatility. The intuitive interface is the perfect complement to any home theater. The MX-980 has an extensive built-in IR database and powerful RF capabilities that enable you to control any device and any brand. With this powerful, professional controller, you can manage up to 255 devices.

    And the features are unbelievable. The MX-980 sports a large, bright color LCD display, open programming architecture, narrow band RF capability, and seamless integration with other control devices. Not only that, but it’s also easy to install and customize. It comes with options like triggered macros, RS-232 and relay control, and video and voltage sensors. The MX-980 is the ideal solution for sophisticated home theater systems.

    • Controls up to 255 devices
    • Programmable by any Windows-compatible computer with a USB port
    • Open architecture PC editor for easier installation
    • Narrow-band RF for long-range remote capabilities
  • Universal Remote Control MX-900

    Barry says: With the Universal Remote MX-900 Remote Control, you get power, functionality, and flexibility… all in one smartly-wrapped package. With a virtually unlimited memory, this universal remote simplifies the automation process of even the most complex system.

    You can create up to 40 devices with up to 40 pages each. Essentially, you can build custom interfaces for every room and every user of the house. You can even include automated favorite channels and stations to enhance the viewing experience. The MX-900 is the ideal remote control for complete customization.

    • Replaces up to 40 remote controls
    • PC programmable
    • Bright, easy-to-read LCD screen
    • Provides control without being in the line of sight
  • Logitech Harmony One

    Barry says: Logitech’s Harmony One is an excellent choice for replacing multiple remotes. As a key feature, this advanced controller has an online database of 225,000 devices from more than 5000 manufacturers. So you can configure it without having to input any tedious codes.

    The Harmony One also ranks high on my list because of its easy-to-use design. There are different categories of buttons with different shapes. And the unit has orange backlit buttons that are all arranged in logical zones, so they’re faster to find in the dark. In addition, Harmony One has a full-color touch screen that makes it easy to choose activities. And its Smart State Technology lets you switch from watching home theater and listening to music with a single button.

    • Replaces up to 15 remotes
    • Guided online setup
    • Color touchscreen and intuitively grouped buttons
    • Curved shape that’s comfortable to hold
  • Phillips TSU7500

    Barry says: Easy configuration and customization are two of the main reasons why I’m impressed with the Phillips ProntoPRO NG TSU7500. It has a universal database with IR codes for different brands for all types of video and audio devices. The TSU7500 can control virtually any infrared device. Plus, if you add an RF extender, it lets you control infrared devices in cabinets and other rooms.

    In terms of customization, the TSU7500 comes with expandable functionality. It’s a snap to add, delete, and label new buttons or menus. You can also easily change the interface to personalize it according to users’ preferences and needs. Think: customized button colors, channel icons, and background colors. And with the intuitive graphical interface, the TSU7500 is easy to understand, use, and enjoy - making it a great option for home entertaining.

    • Easy-to-read color touchscreen
    • One-touch control for multiple commands
    • Activation through pick-up sensor
    • On screen customization and full screen configurability
  • Nevo SL

    Barry says: Nevo SL is the ultimate remote in its class, and it should be. It’s made by Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI), the global leader in wireless control technology for the connected home. As you would expect, the Nevo SL was engineered for ease, intuitiveness and simplicity. Some of its user-friendly features include set-up and confirmation wizards, along with an auto-discovery of digital media content.

    Personalization options also abound. NevoStudio allows for drag-and-drop customization to change the look, feel, and functionality. And the Nevo SL offers a number of advanced features, such as enhanced Wi-Fi network performance and audible alert to initiate IR learning sequence. It delivers complete audio/visual and digital media control for today’s networked homes.

    • Color touchscreen with scrolling
    • Intuitive, rich graphical interface
    • Control via Wi-Fi or IR signal or both
    • Centralized hard buttons for easy thumb navigation

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