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Best Rocking Horses & Best Wooden Rocking Horses

There are some things that have not changed for centuries! The rocking horse has its traditional place – or should I say stable – in every child’s realm. The rocking horse emerged in the 1800s as a toy for future kings and queens. Their undeniable elegance and character charm both children and adults. They soon earned a permanent place in children’s room and hearts. Like their famous counterpart, the rocking chair, they eventually disappeared from our homes. Today we are seeing a remarkable resurgence of this elegant heirloom toy. These days antique wooden rocking horses have become collectors’ items while new artists have emerged with their own personalized approach to this fine tradition.

If you’re thinking of buying a rocking horse, take a look at the collection I have compiled for your consideration. They are available in medium or large sizes and mounted on either a safety stand or bow rocker. You can select replicas of your favorite horse and opt to have your rocking horse personalized with your child’s name or family crest. When selecting your rocking horse, your main goal is to select one that will provide your child with years of fun and amazement.

The best rocking horses may be old-fashioned, but kids love them all the same. We recommend the best wooden rocking horses, Fisher Price rocking horses and other rocking horse toys for hours of delight.

Best Rocking Horses by Roselle Hope

The Best You Can Get

  • Silver Jubilee by Kensington Rocking Horses

    Roselle says: This magnificent rocking horse takes us into the realms of the finest horse sculpture. It features the virtues of a keen eye and superb craftsmanship. The bow of this silver jubilee is captured perfectly by this finely honed and understated rocker in finest ash, which functions beautifully but never detracts from the horse itself. The head is slightly turned which adds to its lifelike appeal.

    • Hand-carved mane, tail, & eyes
    • Suits the adult and child rider; available in medium or large sizes
    • Measures: 68” L x 42” H; hand polished
    • Available in mahogany, dapple grey, & black beauty
    • Numnah & saddle - available options
  • Junior Beech by Kensington Rocking Horses

    Roselle says: This little rocking horse has a simple elegance, a subtle sheen to the finish, big friendly eyes and the hint of a knowing grain! Great choice for lovers of natural wood. Ideal for a child’s bedroom, baby nursery, or playroom.

    • Hand-carved
    • Dimensions: 37” L x 18.8” high
    • Hand polished
    • Suits the child rider
  • Junior Dapple Grey Rocking Horse by Kensington Rocking Horses

    Roselle says: No rocking horse has a history and heritage to compare with the dapple grey. Children love the markings on the dapple grey and this version has dramatic painted dappling as well as big eyes. Great for stimulating a child’s imagination. This is a perfect first rocking horse which will stand the test of time.

    • Hand-carved
    • Hand-painted
    • Crafted from solid poplar
    • CE Safety certified
    • Dimensions: 37” L x 18.9” H
  • Maple Rocking Horse by the Stevenson Brothers

    Roselle says: Reproduced from a 1920 design originally manufactured by the legendary F. H. Ayres, purveyor of the finest rocking horses. Available during the Victorian era and prized by children of all ages and British royalty alike. This rocking horse, made from Rock Maple wood with a close clear grain that finishes a creamy color, is hand carved. The traditional Victorian method of mortise and tenor was used to create this magnificent rocking horse resulting in a sturdier connection between joints. Fitted with a tan bridle and saddle flaps and a new-buck saddle top. Ideal choice for discerning owners, this heirloom quality rocking horse is an investment in authentic English craftsmanship from the most highly regarded makers in the field.

    Available in two sizes:

    Large: 56” L x 18” W x 48” H (holds up to 250 pounds)

    Extra Large: 70” L x 22” W x 58” H (holds up to 320 pounds)

    • Hand-carved; made of rock maple wood
    • Fitted with bridle and saddle flaps and top
    • Recommended ages: 3 - adult
    • Maker: Stevenson Brothers
    • Item #: STE140LS
  • Palomino by Victory Horses

    Roselle says: This little rocking horse wins praise and friends wherever it goes. It captures the most thrilling moment of the steeplechase – when horse and child become one. Ideal for small children because it is available with painted schemes which are interchangeable and you can personalize by adding your child’s name. Choices include rustic cherry Stain and Princess (pink and white).

    • Lead-free and non-toxic paints and finishes
    • Dimensions: 57” L x 36” H
    • Rocker spacing: 15 ½”; Step-up platform width: 17”
    • A carved saddle avoids backsliding
    • Finishes: Rustic Cherry Stain, Palomino, Dapple Grey, Princess, Bay, Jester, and Chestnut

You will be happy with any of these

  • Child’s Wooden Rocking Horse by John Michael Linck

    Roselle says: Perfect rocking horse for your baby. Measuring 24 inches high, it is sized for the one-year-old beginner through the five-year-old rider. Sturdy and it is available in three classic American hardwoods: Black Walnut, Black Cherry, or Red Oak.

    • Available in three hardwoods: Black Walnut, Black Cherry, or Red Oak
    • Dimensions: 24” H x 31” L
    • Recommended ages: 1 to 5 years old
    • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Rocking Horse by Moulin Roty

    Roselle says: A classic toy for the nursery. This small traditional rocking horse from Moulin Roty is beautifully made from solid beech. It has a padded seat and bridle reins. Some simple assembly is required.

    • Made of solid beech
    • Dimensions: 30.7” L x 13.7” W x 22.4” H
    • Age: 12 months plus
    • Requires adult supervision
  • Omar Rocking Horse by Janoschik Holz-Spiel Design

    Roselle says: Isn’t he lovely? This simple yet functional little rocking horse is ideal for a starter rider.

    • Made of pine wood
    • Seat available in natural or orange
    • Stained & varnished
    • Item# 302N/F
  • Rocking Horse by Carpe Diem France

    Roselle says: Consider this rocking horse for your baby who needs extra support while sitting. This adorable little rocking horse chair is portable. Take it along with you while visiting family or attending an outing. Baby will enjoy sharing its new toy with friends. Personalization is available. Padded cushion adds extra comfort.

    • Available in various colors
    • Removable padded cushion
    • Dimensions: 33.5” L x 13.8” W
    • Finishing: Varnished saddle
  • Olga Rocking Horse by Sirch

    Roselle says: This pretty rocking horse resembles Santa Claus’s sleigh! The curved shape is both stylish and fun. This little rocking horse will quickly become your little one’s favorite toy. With his legs at the front or sitting side-saddle, he can invite his sister or a friend to sit behind them. A creative, ergonomic, and fun toy.

    • Made of birch multiplex
    • Dimensions: 29.9” L x 10.8” W x 15.8 cm H

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