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Over the years, I have watched clients struggle with blow-drying their hair. Picking out the proper brush to blow-dry with can be the most difficult task. I watch women in the beauty aisle pick up brush after brush, agonizing over which one to buy. Looking back, of course, many of these agonizing minutes seem like a waste of time – the brush usually ends up stored in the bathroom closet with the rest of the brush collection.

Here are some great tips that will help you pick out a brush that gets you the “salon look” created by your stylist.

Could you make a wig with the hair left in your brush? Cleaning your brushes regularly, you can avoid transferring the oil and dirt that builds up on your brush onto your clean, wet hair as you blow-dry it.

1) The things to think about when purchasing a brush are hair texture, length, and the type of style you are trying to achieve.

2) Start blowing the hair in the front. Hair is much easier to shape and mold when it has moisture in it. Most clients have trouble with fine fly-aways or kinky, frizzy hair around the front hair line. Styling the front first will avoid the hair drying into unwanted movements, for once hair is dry it is very difficult to change or mold to your desired look.

3) These are the five brushes I will not leave home without.

With the best round brushes, you'll be able to blow dry your hair with ease. Our best round hair brush recommendations ensure you'll get a salon look with the latest brushes from Y.S. Park, Mason Pearson, Ibiza and others.

Best Round Brushes by Alyn Topper

The Best You Can Get

  • Ibiza

    Alyn says: Made from eco-friendly wood, these brushes are amazingly light and have wonderful ergonomic grips. The Boar hair bristles evenly distribute natural oils, producing shine in the hair and bringing instant vitality to the scalp. Ibiza makes models for all types of hair so ask your stylist which model is right for you. My favorite model uses an hourglass shape to create one of the most beautiful blowouts. Not only can I not leave home without this brush, I can’t live without it.

    • Eco-friendly
    • Light and have ergonomic grips
    • Boar hair bristles bring shine and vitality
    • Models available for all types of hair
  • Olivia Garden Pro Thermal

    Alyn says: These brushes are ergonomic, light weight, and easy to use. The brush bristles are anti-static, which is great in dryer climates. The brush also uses a heat-conductive metal for great body and hold. The Maxi-Holes throughout the brush encourage greater airflow, reducing blow-dry time. Olivia Garden Pro Thermal is my favorite heat-conductive metal brush on the market.

    • Ergonomic
    • Light weight
    • Anti-static bristles
    • Gives great body and hold
    • Reduces blow-dry time
  • Mason Pearson

    Alyn says: These brushes’ unique rubber cushions make it easy to detangle hair and effectively massage the scalp. The brush is also great for smoothing out wavy hair. A nice finishing brush for updos. Everyone should own a Mason Pearson.

    • Easy to detangle hair and effectively massage the scalp
    • Great for smoothing out wavy hair
    • Great for updos
  • Y.S. Park A Series

    Alyn says: The two kinds of bristles on these brushes can do great things for your hair. The longer bristles (i.e., polymide pins) grab and straighten the hair while the shorter boar hair bristles add curl with great shine. The hollow wooden brush allows for better air circulation, which helps the hair dry quickly with minimal damage.

    • 2 kinds of bristles
    • Grabs and straightens the hair
    • Curls with great shine
    • Alows hair to dry quickly with minimal damage
  • Y.S. Park B Series

    Alyn says: I love this brush! This oval-shaped, pure boar-hair brush uses an extra-wide brush suface, is super lightweight. The B-Series has a longer “bristled” section than the A-Series, which greatly increases the width of the brush stroke for faster results. Combine the 400 air holes and you can dry your hair in half the time!

    • Super lightweight
    • Oval-shaped
    • Faster results
    • Dry your hair in half the time
    • Pure boar-hair brush

You will be happy with any of these

  • Shelia Stotts

    Alyn says: Longer hair needs a wider bristle for professional styling. The bristles of this Professional Quick Dry Oval Brush are 3.25" in diameter and the length of the barrel is 6”, allowing you to grab more hair at one time. Varying bristle lengths thread easily through the hair, decreasing drying time and increasing overall styling capabilities. By gently stretching the hair while drying, you can achieve maximum straightening and maximum volume. Natural bristles are gentle to the cuticle, encouraging shine.

    • Wider bristle allows you to grab more hair at one time
    • Great for longer hair
    • Can achieve maximum straightening and maximum volume
  • Marilyn Pro Round Brush

    Alyn says: I love the hour-glass shape. The angle of the hourglass shape prevents hair from sliding out of the brush bristles. You can achieve more volume, for the brush has a greater number of bristles that reach the hair roots, stretching and pulling them up to the heat of your blow-dryer. Great easy-to-grip foam handle.

    • Hour-glass shape
    • Prevents hair from sliding out of the brush bristles
    • More volume
    • Easy-to-grip foam handle
  • Spornette Porcupine Brush

    Alyn says: This brush grabs the hair, making it easier to blowout wavy to curly hair. It uses reinforced boar bristles and long nylon bristles for deep penetration into any hair length.

    • Makes it easier to blowout wavy to curly hair
    • Deep penetration into any hair length
  • Denman Brush

    Alyn says: This brush is a stylist staple. Its main purpose is to smooth, shape, and polishes medium to long hair. The nylon pins grip and style the hair, producing particularly exceptional results for thick hair.

    • Smooth, shapes, and polishes medium to long hair
    • Great for thick hair
  • Marilyn Thermal Ceramica Brushes

    Alyn says: Same great hourglass design and the same great benefits as the Marylin Pro Round Brushes, with great added features. The added features include the brushes’ ability to both hold up to 180 degrees of real thermal heat and to maintain that heat in the hair for up to ten minutes. This brush is great if you are looking for more movement in the hair.

    • Hourglass design
    • Same great benefits as the Marylin Pro Round Brushes
    • Holds up to 180 degrees of real thermal heat
    • Maintains heat in the hair for up to 10 minutes
    • Great for more movement in the hair

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Choosing the best round brushes help you blow dry your hair without all the frizz. Our best round hair brush recommendations feature the latest from Y.S. Park, Mason Pearson, Ibiza and others at the best price on the Web. Don't settle, choose the best round brush for hair blowing drying that is quick and easy.