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You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos to have shoe storage issues. I mean the shoe is the Platonic ideal of fashion perfection! Easy and fun to try on in the store, and you don’t have to be on a diet to look good in a great pair of shoes. This is why we tend to acquire many pairs. Herein lies the shoe storage conundrum: how to keep your shoes organized and not piled in a little mountain in the back corner of the closet. How can you know what footwear options you have if you can’t see them? Unless you are Ms. or Mr. Lucky and have shelves built in to your closet like some kind of shoe library (we hate you), the shoe rack is the best storage option for keeping your footwear organized and making your shoes "toe the line". Ahem.

Of course, there are as many different shoe rack options as there are kinds of shoes. Flats, sandals, loafers, mules, pumps, stilettos, ballet slippers, boots, sneakers and more, are all shoe style incarnations that must be accommodated by whatever shoe rack you choose. You also must, of course, take in to account the space available in your closet or dressing area when purchasing a shoe rack. You should be honest about how you want to store your shoes. If the idea of putting your Jimmy Choos out in the open on a shoe rack makes you faint, make sure to select the right type of storage. Also, be sure to know the height measurement of all your heels. Some shoe racks, cubbies or storage units can’t accommodate very high heels, so shop accordingly. And most importantly, you should have an idea (if you can count them all!) of how many pairs of shoes you are looking to store.

Of course as an Organizational Expert, I would urge you to purge before figuring out how many shoes you have and want to keep… isn’t it time to get rid of the black Doc Martens from the '80s and the white chunky heeled sandals? Those will never look good no matter what… seriously. Donate them or bring them to a second hand store and see if you can sell them, you never know. And while you are at it, any shoe that is too small, too big, that hurts when you wear it, that needs more repair then it is worth, get rid of as well. That way all the shoes that you store in your closet are ones you actually wear. Crazy idea, but it works.

Now with a good purge and the right shoe rack, you will have no more excuses for being late to the ball, Cinderella, because you will know where all your shoes are and be able to grab the glass slippers at the last minute when Prince Charming calls.

The best shoe rack is essential when you love to shop for shoes. These best shoe rack for closets recommendations ensure you can fit more pairs of shoes into the space you have.

Best Shoe Racks by Jill Pollack

The Best You Can Get

  • Craftsman 60-Pair Shoe Storage with Doors

    Jill says: This is a fabulous piece of oak veneer furniture perfect for the bedroom or dressing area. It is handcrafted of oak veneer in the Arts and Crafts style and is “built to last for many years.” This cabinet is not only good looking, but incredibly functional for shoe storage and everyday use. It’s easy accessibility, which means no more crawling around on the floor looking for missing mates to your shoes, and no more reaching up high to reach those precariously stacked shoe boxes. The cabinet doors prevent the shoes form getting dusty, so take the Manolos and Laboutins out of their boxes!

    • Holds 60 pairs of shoes
    • Measures 36.5” H x 48” W x 14” D
    • Shoe cubbies measure 5” H x 3.75” W x 12” D
    • Colors: Dark, Macintosh and Light Oak
  • 3 Ft. Wide Classic Shoe Rack

    Jill says: Feel like your closet is a posh shoe store with this handsome and functional shoe rack. Imagine browsing in your own closet. Good inexpensive fun! Smart Furniture does a lot of retail shoe racks, which gives it an uber professional look. This signature shelving item is perfect for footwear organization, and can be modified to fit your space. Their signature line of modular shelving allows you to create a system of interlocking components, giving you the ability to Design on Demand® according to your specific needs. The shelves also come in a variety of colors including Maple, Black, Cherry, White, and Pearwood to ensure the complete customization of the product. You can even use the shelves for other hard to store accessories like purses and hats. Genius!

    • Holds up to 70 lbs. per shelf space
    • Shelf measures 49.25” H x 36” W x 9.5” D
  • Aaron Shoe Storage Bench

    Jill says: This is a fabulous looking and multifunctional shoe storage item. Don’t you hate looking for a place to sit while you put on your shoes? The Aaron Shoe Storage Bench solves that problem. It provides storage for nine pairs of shoes plus a cushioned place to sit while removing shoes! While it doesn’t hold a ton of shoes, it is a great piece of furniture to put in the bedroom, dressing room, or even the front entryway. Two faux drawers in front conceal the contents and you can customize the space with two removable dividers. Finished in an attractive honey oak, it is crafted from wood and veneers.

  • Womens Cubby 40 Pair White

    Jill says: This shoe rack is a near perfect item for storing shoes when space is tight (and isn’t it always?). It fits cleanly in many spaces. This white shoe cubby neatly organizes from 40 pairs of men or women's shoes in 1/3 of the space of conventional shoe racks. Imagine all the shoes you can fit in there up and off the floor so you won’t trip over an errant pump. The frame is highly durable and easy to assemble. Individual shoe section dimensions: 4” W x 5” H. Each section can hold one pair of shoes when you slide one shoe in after the other.

    • 32 ¾” H x 33 ½” W x 14” D
  • Large Horizontal Shoe Rack

    Jill says: This is a modern shoe rack meant for the serious aesthete. The Horizontal Shoe Rack is a sleek and sexy wall-mounted solution for organizing shoes. The simple design gives footwear the appearance of floating in air. Whee! It was named Best New Product at the 2005 Top Drawer Exhibition. While not the best choice for your high fashion delicate footwear, this shoe rack is perfect for your athletic wear either in the closet or by the front door. (A great way not to track mud into the house!) Depending on shoe style, this rack holds three to four pairs. This piece is crafted of brushed stainless steel.

    • 5.5” H x 47” W x 4” D

You will be happy with any of these

  • IKEA Leksvik Shoe Rack

    Jill says: This solid pine shoe rack is a great piece for the closet, front hall, or even bedroom. It holds eight pairs of shoes in the base and also has a great top surface area for holding or displaying other items depending where you put it. Books and blankets for the bedroom, purses, hats and more shoes for the closet and a place to put your keys and bags in the entry hall. It is amazingly multi-purpose and the best part is that it is good for the environment. It is made of renewable solid wood (not from intact natural forests).

    • 17 ¾” H x 47 ¼” W x 14 1/8” D
    • Requires assembly
  • Shoe Wheel

    Jill says: This is an unusual and creative take on the shoe storage problem. The wheel has twenty expandable pockets that allow you to store an average of up to 30 pairs of shoes (depending on the type). The rotating, Ferris-wheel design allows you to spin the storage unit to easily see your shoes. You can even adjust the rotational speed of the wheel. The Shoe Wheel can be easily tucked away into a closet as it rolls out easily, or kept out in the open. (Just don’t let your hamster in it!). Some assembly required.

    • Approximately 29” in diameter and 12 3/4” deep
  • Chrome Revolving 4-tier Shoe Tree

    Jill says: If you are horizontally challenged when looking for storage solutions, go vertical. This Chrome Revolving Four-tier Shoe Tree is a great take on remedying shoe storage and organizational issues. It is made of heavy-duty chrome-plated metal and will hold up to 24 pair of shoes (best suited for women's and smaller size men's shoes). Besides the fact that it is super easy to see and access your shoe collection, it can also be customized to accommodate smaller and larger shoes. It features a built-in handle at the top to allow easy movement of the rack and the bottom is weighted to provide stability. Assembly required with easy-to-follow instructions included.

    • 53” H x 12” W
  • 36-Pair Over Door Shoe Organizer

    Jill says: Sometimes the only option for storing and organizing your shoes is behind a door. Some over the door shoe racks can make you feel like you are in your college dorm room again, but this one is different. It is super sturdy and not only hooks over door, but can also be permanently mounted to door or wall. Besides holding an amazing 36 pair of shoes, it also holds shoeboxes.

    • 76” H x 21” W x 7.5” D
  • 50-Pair Shoe Warehouse White

    Jill says: Talk about a shoe collection. This one holds a ton! Imagine 50 pairs of shoes up off the floor and easily accessible. You’ll be able to see your glass slipper easily with this rack. It is an easy to assemble, spacious, yet simple, shoe rack that keeps shoes and/or shoeboxes organized and saves space all while maintaining a neat and tidy appearance, no tools required!

    • 56.5” H x 38.5” W x 10” D

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