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Accessories are those little extras that make your riding experience easier, and the following are items that I find helpful. Whether protection, transport aids, or tools, these items can save valuable time and ease your experience on the mountain.

Best Snowboard Accessories by Celeste Gallegos

The Best You Can Get

  • Dakine Super Tune Kit

    Celeste says: Tuning your board is very important and one of the biggest hassles is having a variety of small items floating around. Dakine’s Super Tune Kit includes iron for waxing, edge tuner, file, wire file cleaning brush, metal scraper, wax scraper, pocket stone, p-tex, a bar of all temperature wax, Scotchbrite pad, and tuning tips. Everything you need to keep your board performing at its best arranged neatly in a large zipper case.

    • Includes all necessary tuning accessories
    • Arranged in travel case
  • Burton Wheelie Locker

    Celeste says: When traveling for snowboarding, you need a lot of gear. Boards, boots, bindings, and clothing are bulky and heavy. Burton Wheelie Locker not only organizes your gear but the wheels also make it a breeze to move around. It has multiple board capacity, padded double deck construction with various compartments, and removable boot and binding bags. Made of durable material it has heavy duty zippers with lockable pulls. It is available in various solids and prints. While traveling, I have always been able to fit everything I need in this case.

    • Multiple board capacity
    • Padded double deck construction
    • Removable boot & binding bags
    • Lockable zipper pulls
  • Thule Snowboard Racks

    Celeste says: When traveling or heading to the hill with a few friends, few cars allow the interior space to transport all your gear. The use of the Thule Snowboard Rack system is a great alternative. By placing the boards securely on the roof, you can free up space inside. These racks will hold up to four snowboards and are lockable. The oversized push button release is helpful when you are wearing gloves. The base of the racks is purchased separately, and is adaptable to Thule, Yakima, and most factory racks. Convenient and economical, you can also purchase interchangeable parts for other racks including bikes, surfboards, wakeboards, and kayaks using the same base hardware. A great investment to increase your car’s cargo capacity.

    • Four snowboard capacity
    • Lockable
    • Oversized push button release
    • Adaptable to factory racks
  • R.E.D. Impact Shorts

    Celeste says: Forget about “no pain, no gain”. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished snowboarder, impact shorts can become your best friend while riding. They fit comfortably under your snowpants and they are equipped with padding or plastic guards over key areas of your lower body (like at the coccyx bone and hips) and aid in the reduction of injuries. Protection (including wrist guards) is always a good investment that gives piece of mind and is useful throughout your riding experience.

    • Fits comfortably under snowpants
    • Offers padding/protection in key areas
    • Available for women and men
  • Grabber Toe Warmers

    Celeste says: These inventions have saved my toes time and time again when temperatures drop below freezing. They have adhesive on one side to keep them in place. Activated by air, simply open the package, wait a few minutes, and you have instant warmth to put in your boot. The heat will last about six hours. I suggest sticking them to the top of your boot’s inside, as this keeps your toes warmer and prevents bunching under your foot. Usually very inexpensively priced, they are well worth the investment to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

    • Adhesive to hold in place
    • Long lasting

You will be happy with any of these

  • Dakine Micro Snowboard Lock

    Celeste says: To thwart heartless thieves who don’t understand the bond between rider and board, take the time to buy a lock. An extra twenty seconds of locking up your board can eliminate the sinking feeling when you return from the lodge and your board has disappeared. Features a easy three-digit combination and a strong retractable cable. For a few dollars, you can avoid a broken heart and wallet.

    • Three-digit combination
    • Retractable cable
    • Affordable price
  • Burton Bullet Tool

    Celeste says: Time and time again, this tool has saved me on the hill. While a lot of resorts strategically place tools on the hill for your use, you can’t guarantee that they will be nearby when you need them. Quick stance adjustments, and loose screws are minor issues when you have a tool in your pocket. The tool includes a flat head, Phillips and hex. With the flip of a switch, the ratchet adjusts for tightening or loosening. I guarantee it will come in handy.

    • Reversible ratchet
    • Includes flat head and Phillips head
    • Hex tool
    • Pocket size
  • Purl Snowboard Wax

    Celeste says: Wax can make or break your day when the snow is sticky. Purl’s variety of waxes (which you choose according to temperature and humidity) give your board the ability to glide freely in all snow conditions. Check out their combo pack to first determine which wax you will use according to the average snow conditions in your area. Once you discipline yourself to wax regularly, you will notice the difference - and love it! All wax comes with a handy temperature/humidity chart, and waxes are colored to ease choice and use.

    • Color coded wax
    • Temperature/humidity chart included
  • Dermatone Spot Protection Stick

    Celeste says: A great defense against frostbite on bitterly cold days. This protectant provides a barrier between your skin and the harsh elements. With SPF 23, it protects you from sun, windburn, and cold. Conveniently made like a giant chapstick, it applies easily and fits nicely in your pocket.

    • Easy-to-apply dispenser
    • Pocket size
    • SPF 23
  • Spanky Goggle Wipe

    Celeste says: One of the newest, most innovative accessories. A combination goggle wipe and trail map (available for a growing number of mountains and growing) eliminates the annoying problem of windblown or waterlogged paper maps and puts a useful silk cloth with the same information into your pocket for repeated use. Not only is this environmentally friendly by lessening the amount of paper used, it’s a useful tool when your goggles need cleaning or wiping.

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Available for a growing number of mountains

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