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Choosing the right book on snowboarding is not a simple task. There are a multitude of books on the market ranging from the purely instructional to the encyclopedic. In this review, I focus only on those books that incorporate enough instructional material to help improve the riding of both the beginner and advanced snowboarder. While some of the books below focus mainly on teaching technique, others venture into various additional subjects associated with the sport of snowboarding. Here is a list of the Best of the Best I could get my hands on. All of the books listed here are excellent guides and are sure to improve your riding skills while teaching you more about the sport you love.

Best Snowboard Books by Dino Haak

The Best You Can Get

  • No-Fall Snowboarding

    Dino says: Just as the title suggests, No-Fall Snowboarding claims to teach you snowboarding without falling, and in just three days! Martin uses his own unique techniques, and even though I cannot guarantee you that you won’t fall after reading this book, I do appreciate the way he approaches the subject matter. This book incorporates a wealth of drills and exercises on improving technique, and also helps you find the right board and riding gear in general. The part I really, really connected with was Danny Martin’s adventures into Zen and the metaphysics. I think it is of utmost importance that we go a step beyond the ordinary, as much in life as in the sports we play. I have seen major improvement with my students when we used visualization, grounding, and meditation (among lots of other “New Age” approaches). My nickname is Mr. Zen in our school, so you know I am really feeling Martin’s approach, and I commend him for stepping outside the boundaries. And he does so with humor. If you have an open mind you will greatly benefit from this read and might be able to ride outside the mainstream crowd.

    • By Danny Martin
    • Published in 2005
    • 304 pages
    • Lots of photographs
    • Great holistic approach
  • The Complete Snowboarder

    Dino says: This book really works for beginners and advanced riders alike. It offers lots of helpful illustrations and diagrams, as well as a glossary and advice on riding conditions and difference in terrain. The Complete Snowboarder is a nice introduction to the sport, covering all the basics and topping it off with added tricks and skills that will make you shine on the slopes as well as in the terrain park. Bennett covers everything from purchasing your equipment to how to use the ski areas. He introduces free-riding techniques, carving techniques on alpine boards, freestyle and terrain park techniques, backcountry riding, as well as racing and equipment maintenance and more. I especially enjoyed Bennet’s section on half-pipe riding where he offers quite detailed instructions that go beyond the scope of what is generally intended to be an introduction to the sport.

    • By Jeff Bennett
    • Published in 2000
    • Clear and easy to understand writing and instruction
    • Lots of black and white photographs and sequenced pictures
    • Covers a bit of everything related to the sport of snowboarding
  • Snowboarding Skills: The Back-To-Basics Essentials for All Levels

    Dino says: This is a very colorful book, not only in terms of the actual graphics and photographs, but also because of the book’s layout. In addition to helpful instructions, Cindy Kleh intersperses illustrative pictures with text boxes featuring the professional words of advice of other snowboarders. This one is really a well-written, well-put-together guide that does not stop at teaching techniques and gear maintenance, but also provides the reader with a glossary of all the important words and phrases they need to know in order to fit in with the full-time riders on any mountain.

    • By Cindy Kleh, published in 2002
    • Colorful layout
    • Over 120 pages of photographs
    • Lots of tips an information from several professionals
    • Some of the best sequenced photographs of all books reviewed
  • The Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding

    Dino says: This book is an “illustrated guide,” and I have to say that I did especially enjoy the illustrations Kevin Ryan provides the reader. He actually drew them himself, which adds a nice touch to an overall well written book. Ryan really makes an effort to explain complex movements in a way that is easily digested. This is not a simple reference book, but a book of many pages that may demand a little more dedication on the side of the reader to work through. It is definitely worth the effort and even has its humorous moments. This book covers everything from the appropriate warm-up to riding techniques for all levels and terrain, tips on gear maintenance, and, most importantly, how to stay free of injuries!

    • By Kevin Ryan
    • Published in 1998
    • 336 pages!
    • Lots of images and illustrations
    • A very comprehensive and well-written guide
  • The Snowboard Book: A Guide for All Boarders

    Dino says: I generally love colorful books, especially when it comes to instructional guides on learning how to do certain sports. Give me pictures that back up the text! What makes Lowell Hart’s book stand out visually is its simplicity in choice of colors and space. Text is black on white only (no fancy background behind the letters) with very well placed photographs, illustrations, and sequenced shots. It is the relation between text, color, and space that really helps focus the reader on either on the words or graphics, making it a clear and easy read. I also enjoyed Hart’s uncomplicated and to-the-point writing style. Here everything is covered from boarding history (just learned that the first snowboard was called a Snurfer) to riding all conditions and styles, yet not leaving out the tips on tuning. A very good book.

    • By Lowell Hart
    • Published in 1998
    • 160 pages full of useful information
    • Nice contrasted layout
    • Detailed focus on advanced riding techniques

You will be happy with any of these

  • Go Snowboard

    Dino says: This is one of the newer snowboard books on the market. McNab’s Go Snowboard is a very detailed guide and full of valuable information on snowboarding techniques colorfully presented with lots of sequenced shots and diagrams. It caters to the complete beginner as well as to the more advanced boarder. In this book, McNab introduces his "Four Point Pressure Control System", a unique technique he developed to help beginning as well as advanced riders improve their skills. Included with the book is a bonus DVD that is well put together and provides the opportunity to see his theory in practice.

    • By Neil McNab, published in 2006
    • Teaches new, unique, and highly effective techniques
    • Easy to read, step-by-step book with clear instructions
    • Very colorful layout with lots of pictures
    • Includes DVD
  • Snowboarding

    Dino says: What I really like about Older’s book is the way she incorporates the advice of instructors at Vermont’s Smuggler’s Notch Ski Resort. You can also see said instructors in action demonstrating their techniques in well-laid out sequenced photographs. Older nicely covers all the basics from clothing to gear to teaching techniques, and does so in a clear no-nonsense style.

    • By Effin Older
    • Published in 1999
    • 60 photographs including sequenced technique shots
    • Includes useful expert advice from riders other than the author
  • The Art of Snowboarding

    Dino says: This current book by Jim Smith focuses more on the beginner and intermediate boarder. His writing style is easy to follow and he gracefully takes you through all the progressions you need to get more comfortable on the slopes. I like this book as it gives the beginning and intermediate rider enough to work with without ever becoming confusing or cluttered.

    • By Jim Smith
    • Published in 2006
    • 192 pages
    • Mostly focuses on beginner and intermediate techniques
    • Helpful photographs
  • Snowboarding

    Dino says: Even though Greg Goldman’s book does not boast hundreds of pages, it manages to address all the essentials of snowboarding and does so very well. In 96 pages, it touches on all things important such as boards, clothing, and riding techniques and even includes a section on snowboarding destinations around the world. Goldmann’s writing style has a nice flow to it and the book definitely is an easy read as he explains the techniques without getting too technical. What makes this book one of the very best out there is the fact that Goldmann’s enthusiastic writing really makes you want to go out there and do some serious riding!

    • By Greg Goldman, published in 2001
    • Very helpful how-to book
    • Offers very good sequenced photographs on snowboard techniques
    • Lots of color photos and drawings
    • Very good tutorials on basic and advanced skills
  • Ultimate Snowboarding

    Dino says: Now this is an interesting book! What makes this one different from the rest is that it is a compilation of stories rather than a step-by-step guide like most of the books you’ll find out there. These stories have been written by some well-known names in snowboarding, and each one of them will teach you something different about the sport. You’ll learn about the history of the sport, and also find photographs and sequenced shots with explanatory descriptions of the skills and drills you need to become a better rider. An interesting concept that works and at times reads like a novel.

    • By Billy Miller
    • Published in 2002
    • Compilation of stories on snowboarding written by known experts of the sport
    • Includes photographs of well known riders in action

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