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When the snow melts around us, DVDs help to pacify our hunger for riding. We can live vicariously through the riders, visualize the tricks we want to try next season, and fantasize about the places around the world that we plan to snowboard someday. Since most video stores are lacking in the snowboard video department, renting usually isn’t an option, but for a minimal investment you can own and watch one of these films any time your heart desires! So, grab the Raisinettes, one of these DVDs, and ENJOY!

With how to snowboard DVDs, you can sit back and imagine doing the tricks on the next rip to the snowboard slopes. Get the best snowboard videos and snowboard DVD selections for the perfect how to snowboard tips.

Best Snowboard DVDs by Celeste Gallegos

The Best You Can Get

  • Ro Sham Bo

    Celeste says: One of the few all-girl snowboard movies, Ro Sham Bo is one of those movies that inspires you to ride like a girl, especially if you are riding like some of these girls. In a male dominated industry, it’s nice to see girls stepping up and standing out. As always, Victoria Jealouse impresses with her big mountain skills. Not to downplay any of the riders in this film, you will be constantly wowed by their grace and hard core attitudes. These women go for it! A collection of street, backcountry, and big mountain, this film pushes the limits and sets the bar high for women everywhere.

    • Misschief Films
    • Featured riders: Victoria Jealouse, Anne-Flore Marxer, Laura Hadar, Annie Boulanger, Hana Beaman, Erin Comstock, Natasza Zurek, Izumi Amaike, Marie France-Roy, Leanne Pelosi, Spencer O’Brien, Priscilla Levac
    • Locales: Ontario, Mammoth, and other undisclosed locations
  • Let It Ride - The Craig Kelly Story

    Celeste says: Craig Kelly, one of the most inspirational riders thus far, rode a snowboard like an extension of himself. While being a part of the competitive scene, he still managed to hold on to the soulfulness of snowboarding. Educated and talented, he set a great example of the true potential of a professional athlete. While telling Craig’s story, the filmmaker also gives a great account of snowboard history, which is both interesting and informative. Incorporating old footage with old photos, it’s fun to see the progression of the sport. Interviews with old school riders who pioneered the sport give insight on Craig’s personality. Some great travel segments to places that you wouldn’t think of snowboarding. He offers some great life philosophies in addition to truly stylish snowboarding, and an affirmation to the quote that it’s not tragic to die doing something that you love.

    • Locomotion Films
  • Mtn. Lab 1.5

    Celeste says: DC’s Mtn. Lab is a rider’s fantasy, a private snowboard park in the backyard complete with rope tow and lodge. This snowboard DVD starts with a silly retro themed intro. It offers a good combination of street riding, rail action, spins, jumps, boxes and some beautiful backcountry riding. The sounds are mellow and innovative. A fun addition is Travis Pastrana, out of his element, on a snowboard. And there’s an insane segment where a crazy Ken Block infiltrates the park in New Zealand in his rally car and hits all the features - sometimes with the snowboarders. A must-see!

    • DC Shoes Inc.
    • Featured riders: Travis Rice, Todd Richards, Eddie Wall, Devun Walsh, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Biittner, Bjorn Leines Chas Guldemond, Torstein Horgmo, Jonas Carlson, Renee Renee, Ken Block
    • Locales: Alaska, Mammoth, New Zealand, and others
  • Picture This

    Celeste says: A super fresh take on a snowboard DVD. There is some ridiculous street riding that makes you exclaim, “What? Is that humanly possible?” The filming angles are creative and there is some avalanche footage, too. Tons of backcountry, and jumping with so much spinning, it makes the viewer dizzy. The halfpipe segment is by far the most unique segment of its kind. The use of creative lighting gives an artistic twist to what normally can become mundane clip after clip of riding. Filler footage is meticulously placed throughout the film, which creates a smooth flow. Music is upbeat yet mellow. This is by far one of the best arranged DVDs I have seen in a long time. I found myself unable to be distracted out curiosity of what will come next. You will definitely want this one in your DVD library.

    • Mack Dawg Productions
    • Featured riders: Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, Eero Ettala, Jussi Oksanen, Darrell Mathes, Shaun White, Wille Yli-Luoma, Andreas Wiig, Heikki Sorsa, Aaron Biittner
  • Walk the Plank

    Celeste says: Includes some beautiful cultural footage that even a non-rider would enjoy. Lots of creative cinematography, and B filler footage that is way more than crazy snowboarder antics. Mostly backcountry riding and resort park riding around the globe, with some added bonus of big mountain heli riding and some street scenes in Sweden and Norway. Packaged in a photo storybook of the journey, this is a great addition to the DVD library.

    • Pirate Movie Production
    • Featured riders: Gigi Ruf, Eirik Haugo, Lukas Goller, Marco Feichtner, Aleksi Vanninen, Hannes Metzler, Marlin Sandberg, Hans Ahlund, Bjorn Hartweger, Danny Larsen, Andreas Mowsberger, Anne-Flore Marxer, Chris Sorman, Omfry Fisenko
    • A trip around the world with stops in places like China, Canada, Stockholm, Sweden, Aspen Snowmass, Heavenly, Finland, Japan, Las Vegas, the Alps, Russia, Sweden, and Norway

You will be happy with any of these

  • Child Support

    Celeste says: Stressing the value of snowboarding for the love of it instead of corporate sponsorship, this DVD reminds us all why we snowboard. The late night, unexpected, unplanned epic sessions with friends that put a smile on our face and keep us riding regardless of the sacrifices it may require.
    Covers all the varieties of riding, including halfpipe with a good amount of backcountry riding. Look for the giant blue Chi Guy popping up all through the video - which is entertaining and different.

    • A StepChild and Nomis Movie
    • Riders: Simon Chamberlain, Fredu Sirvio, Markku Koski, Terry Kidwell, Joe Sexton, Chris Wimbles, Stian Solberg, Risto Ruokola, Scotty Vine, Mark Sollors, Jed Anderson, Steve Cartwright, Eddie Wall, Jonaven Moore, Antti Autti, Shin Campos, Tom Burt
    • Locales: Stockholm, Sweden, Aspen Snowmass, Heavenly, Finland, Japan, Las Vegas, Whistler
  • Catch the Vapors

    Celeste says: With its own sick backcountry segments, this film is a good representation of the variety of snowboarding. There are powder runs that only exist in most rider’s dreams. The cinematography in some of the jump sequences is almost surreal and refreshing. Danny Kass goes big over some superhuman jumps in his segment. There are some street sequences that have to be seen to be believed. Includes some amazing big mountain riding of Jeremy Jones with an added bonus of helmet cam shots which give you a new perspective on how insane those drops are.

    • Standard Films
    • Featured riders: Mark Landvik, John Jackson, Mads Jonsson, Jeremy Jones, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Eric Jackson, Jonas Emery, Chas Guldemond, Mitch Reed, Juuso Laivisto, Danny Kass, Scotty Arnold, Mathieu Crepel, Chris Demolski, Lonnie Kauk, Mason Aguirre
    • Locales: Whistler, Lake Tahoe, Austria, Norway, Aspen, Squaw Valley, Canada, B.C., Alaska, Denver, Mt. Baker, Northstar, Boreal, Mammoth
  • Optimistic

    Celeste says: With catchy tunes and editing that keep your attention throughout the film, this DVD begins with some mesmerizing big mountain riding. As it continues, they visit Alaska for some untouched powder fun. Flipping, spinning, and flying, they dominate both natural features that Mother Earth provides along with some that they build themselves. Good choice of music that’s consistent with the action in the film. Nice, simple filler footage that fits well with the flow of the film. Lots of gnarly street segments make you wonder why we spend the money on a lift ticket. There is an interesting section where Mikey LeBlanc attaches bindings to a toboggan and rides it all over the place. You gotta laugh at the segment where Mark Frank Montoya is on a mission to fly down the hill spraying all skiers in his path. A well-rounded DVD that’s actually longer than most, which gives you more bang for your buck.

    • Absinthe Films
    • Featured riders: Romain De Marchi, Danny Davis, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Justin Bennee, Marco Feichtner, Jules Reymond, Annie Boulanger, Matt Beardmore
    • Featured riders: Nicolas Muller, Kurt Wastell, Hans Ahlund, Mikey LeBlanc, Nicolas Droz, Sylvain Bourbousson, Erik Christensen, Phil Damianakes, Gigi Ruff
    • Locales: New England, the Alps
  • Any Means: A Film About the Collective Addiction

    Celeste says: Rome SDS’s film covers all the bases: backcountry, crazy street rail riding, backyard jib sessions, wall jibs, huge kickers, tow sessions, pond skimming, and general snowboarder rowdiness. This film is packed full of action from beginning to end. If you are looking for a film that provides a ton of street style riding, with some great backcountry thrown in, this is a must have.

    • Kids on Shred Productions
    • Featured riders: Bjorn Leines, Jonaven Moore, Yan Dofin, Casey Neefus, Larent Nicolas Paquin, Marie-France Roy, Marius Otterstad, Greg Desjardins, Jesse Fox, Max Legend, and Will Lavigne
    • Locales: Red Mountain Pass, Bear Tooth Pass, Quebec, Tahoe, Colorado, Minnesota, Vermont, Utah, B.C., backyards all over America
  • The Constant Struggle

    Celeste says: Although a shorter DVD, it is loaded with all kinds of riding. Because the 2007 season left much to be desired, the producers of The Constant Struggle spent time chasing the perfect snow wherever it led. Follow them as they make the best of what they find in their travels. Variety of music set well to each segment, and some really funny fillers, too.

    • Mongo-Pro
    • Featured riders: Kyle Clancy, JJ Thomas, Scotty Lago, Sammy Leubke, Louie Vito, Doran Laybourne, Zach Leach, Jeff Kramer, Brian Regis, Shane Flood, Wyatt Caldwell, Colin Langlois, Mark Carter, Willie McMillion

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