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Every home needs a sofa! You want to choose a sofa that answers the entire spectrum of your lifestyle requirements whether it’s sleeping, relaxing, playing with the kids or simply sitting, you need it to work for the way you live. A sofa is such an individual choice, some people like to sink way down into their sofa and sleep or watch TV while others prefer a firmer cushion with more support which is better for entertaining and reading. Visually, your sofa is the anchor of your room and of course you add occasional pieces like chairs, ottomans, coffee table, and side tables but you can really use a sofa as a springboard to announce your personal style.

My show on HGTV is called “Small Space, Big Style,” and my first book, entitled “Libby Langdon’s Small Space Solutions” will be out early next year. Sofa size should depend on the room it’s going in; for that large great room you can go for it and do an extra long sofa (100”) but for a more intimate TV den you may want to scale it down a bit (76”-82”). You’ll see I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of my favorite sofas in all price ranges, there’s something here for everyone. There are sofa’s here that range in scale and size, keep in mind that three people rarely sit on a sofa at once, it’s usually only two people, so if your room is smaller in scale you might want to consider a more modest sized sofa and definitely steer clear of big roll arms as they will eat into the square footage of your room. In general, I find most success with keeping a sofa in relatively neutral colors and using a bolder print or pattern on smaller pieces like chairs or ottomans. You can also use a neutral sofa but paint the wall it’s on with a great color to bring some life into the space. As far as styling goes, I’ve chosen mostly what would be referred to as “transitional” sofas, meaning they are not too modern and not too traditional, rather right in between. Have fun looking and hope you discover the sofa that’s just right for you!

Finding the best sofas depends on your needs. We recommend the best leather couches, best sleeper sofa choices and other cheap furniture that fits your budget and your home decor.

Best Sofas by Libby Langdon

The Best You Can Get

  • Baker - Berkley Sofa

    Libby says: I love the sloping shape of the arms, it’s a good standard sofa length and it’s got exposed legs. What I like about the exposed legs as opposed to a sofa that has a skirt to the floor is that the legs create a more delicate feel whereas a skirted sofa can sometimes feel a little bottom heavy. The arms give it a sleek, clean look but still seem comfortable; it’s an updated look without being too modern. They have DAPHA down 3” back cushions which makes it really comfortable, however still supportive. The seat cushions are made from spring comfort so there is more structure, but they still maintain a supple quality. The width is 84”, the depth is 38” and the height is 36”. The sofa number is 194-84.

  • Hickory Chair - Sutton Sofa

    Libby says: I like this sofa because it has a higher back, so it feels larger in scale, yet it still has clean sleek lines. They also offer nail heads as an option in several finishes, as well as a contrast welt, these touches can add a lot and help you give it a very custom look. The seat cushion is spring down, and what I love about the seat cushion is that it is a bench shape, meaning it is one continuous cushion. If you are the type of person who likes to nap on a sofa, one single cushion is much more comfortable than three single cushions. The back cushions are a down blend and they come offered in several pillow option backs; two pillow, three pillow, or multi cushion back.

    Overall, comfort wise, this is one of my favorite sofas and I just love the styling of it. The sofa is 88.5” wide, 38.5” high, and 38” deep.

  • Ralph Lauren - Belair Sofa

    Libby says: The scale and the size of this sofa are super-luxurious.

    It’s what I call a cuddle sofa because it is so long and so deep a couple of people can cuddle up on it. Another thing that is so great is that it has these big soft pleated roll arms as well as bun feet and this gives it a more traditional look. It’s longer in length than the standard sofa size, but perfect for that great big family room or living room.

    This sofa is offered in a luxury down cushion and it has a super sink-ability factor, which I love. This is the sofa you want to set in front of your fireplace and stay in during that big February snow storm. The number is rl185-01 and the price starts at around $5,625.00. It is 100” long and 48” deep and 36” high.

  • Hickory White - Custom Upholstery Program Called Symphony

    Libby says: They make a great sectional sofa and I prefer to do a sectional with a straight track arm rather than a roll arm because the roll arm can take up so much space and a sectional uses more square footage to begin with. This sofa is perfect because you can create your own configurations based on the needs of your space. I like the 7” track arm, which is a straight sleek arm, but the 7” width makes it feel luxurious. I like to order it with a box-edge back cushion style. I am also fond of their architectural foot, which is really just a tapered wooden leg.

    Their spring-down cushions and down-plus seat back pillows are standard, which are very comfortable yet firm enough so that getting in and out of the sofa is still very easy (you don’t sink completely down into it). The pricing is based on the configuration that you order for the sectional, but it is definitely a big bang for your buck as far as comfort goes and you can rest assured that this is a sofa that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

  • Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams - Norton Sofa

    Libby says: What’s nice about this sofa is that it has a small angled wing back detail (think wing chair, only this is a sofa) which can give you a very elegant yet masculine look. The fact that the back cushions are high is great. If you like to lay your head back while watching television and rest it on a soft pillow-y cushion, then this is the sofa for you.

    The arms, although they are sleek track arms, have a gentle curve that visually softens the boxy shape. It has a deeper front rail (the upholstered box that the cushions rest on) and what that does visually is to give you a denser, more substantial look without the femininity of a skirted sofa (where the skirt goes all the way down to the floor). This is a very user friendly sofa and would work exceptionally well whether the design of your space is classic or modern. It is 82” wide, 40” deep, and 35” high.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Restoration Hardware - Douglas Sofa

    Libby says: This sofa is a large scale, but not puffy or over-stuffed.

    Price wise, it is right in the middle and is a great value for the amount of sofa that you get. It is definitely a transitional sofa meeting somewhere right between contemporary and traditional, so it can work with a lot of different looks and styles.

    It is a good supporting player in the overall design you are looking to achieve. The two-over-two seat cushions help emphasize the clean linear shape and it’s deep enough so that two people can relax very comfortably on it. You have the choice of down or poly wrapped cushions. They also they have a lot of fabric choices. It is 90” wide, 46” deep, and 38” high. If it’s custom, you can get it in 45 days and if it’s stocked, one to two weeks.

  • Pottery Barn - Greenwich Sofa

    Libby says: I like this sofa because it is a two-over-two sofa… you have two back cushions and two seat cushions (versus the more traditional look of three back cushions over three seat cushions), although the sofa is still a standard length, rather than a smaller scale loveseat. The two over two cushion option gives a more tailored look, while at the same time providing great comfort, and usually no more than two people ever sit on a sofa. It’s traditional, yet has a classic, timeless elegance.

    The cushions are a down blend wrapped over a high density foam core center and this will allow it to keep its shape over time. For the price, this is a great sofa that is very comfortable and it comes in many fabric options. This sofa is resilient and perfect for families. It is 86” wide, 37” deep, and 34” high.

  • Room and Board - The Hawthorne Sofa

    Libby says: I like this sofa because of the scale of it. It’s not too big and works well for a smaller space. The legs are great because they allow light and air to pass through which keeps the sofa from feeling too boxy. It’s offered in micro-suede which is 100% polyester and wears very well. The arm height on the sofa is 24”, which is a natural, comfortable place for your arm to rest (versus a high arm which can be uncomfortable and restricting). The other thing that is great is that the lines of this sofa work equally well with contemporary pieces or more traditional pieces. It does have a boxier shape but because the arms are wide, it feels a bit softer and definitely not stiff. It is 85” wide, 36” deep, and 31” high.

  • CB2’S Movie Sofa

    Libby says: This sofa is great if you are a serious lounger. On its own, it is low and deep, so you can add a myriad of your own big plush throw pillows. It’s deep enough that you can curl up and watch a movie and be as happy as clam. Even though it is available in just two colors, a natural cream or chocolate velvet, think of this sofa as your opportunity to announce your own personal style by what color combinations you choose with your throw pillows. This sofa is your comfortable blank canvas and at the lower price point you can have a little fun with it! It is 88” wide, 40” deep, and 26” high.

  • Ikea - Ektorp Sofa

    Libby says: I used this sofa over and over again when I was shooting my makeover TV show, Design Invasion for Fox. This is a stylish inexpensive sofa that is perfect for young people and young families who are just starting out. Also, the scale of the sofa is not too oversized so it is a good choice for a smaller scale room.

    You have the choice of slipcovers in several different fabrics and colors and they work well for active families because of the ease of taking it off and having the slipcover cleaned. It is also inexpensive enough that in a few years when you are ready to buy something new, you know you will have absolutely gotten your money’s worth! The sofa is 85” wide, 34” deep and 34” high.

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