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Spring Dog Collars

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Ahhhh, spring is upon us and marks the start of “puppy season”. Whether you’re just about to bring home a new puppy or simply want to freshen up your new cuddle-buddy’s wardrobe, nothing says “My dog rules!” more than a new designer dog collar and leash.

Not all dog collars and leashes are created equal. Quality can range from cheap mass-produced designs from China to extravagant custom-made couture from Paris. Designer dog collars and leashes are quickly becoming a new status symbol, rivaling women’s handbags and stilettos. Several big-name designers like Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood have capitalized on this trend by launching their own dog fashion collections. It’s a perfect way for consumers to be introduced to a designer brand without spending too much money.

When shopping for a dog collar and leash, don’t assume that big designer names are always necessarily the best. While some labels, like Vivienne Westwood, earn the high price tag, not all do. Judge each collar closely, like a piece of fine fashion. Feel the quality of the materials and note any innovative features in the design. A small dog collar made from rare albino crocodile skin takes quite a bit of time and skill to produce, and may be worth paying extra for.

The hardware is also very important to consider. Fine metals like gold and sterling silver are beautiful, but make sure they are treated like jewelry since they are soft metals and will show early signs of wear and tear. Sturdy nickel or brass hardware will take a beating and still look beautiful for a long time, making them strongly recommend for large dogs.

Best Spring - Summer 2008 Dog Collars and Leashes by Dara Foster

The Best You Can Get

  • Louis Vuitton

    Dara says: With its classic LV monograms in smooth cowhide, the Baxter collar line from Louis Vuitton is the de-facto canine status symbol. The smallest size includes a brass LV bow tie meant only for the fanciest of dogs. All collars include a customizable LV-branded nameplate. There are versions of the leash both for small and large breeds. Both are outfitted with the same monogram print and cowhide, along with a signature brass Louis Vuitton leash hook, designed for ease of use. Think of it as the luxury dog collar equivalent of 22” rims for your ride.

    • LV monogrammed canvas
    • Cowhide lining
    • Signature brass hardware
    • Detachable brass bow tie (petite only)
  • Canini Sneak Dog Collar and Leash

    Dara says: The Sneak Collar and Leash Set from luxury label Canini manages to be beautiful without resorting to rhinestones. Their commitment to the luxury label is evident in their designer hardware and intricate designs. A finely tailored leather collar and leash combined with a threading of colorful ribbon are the perfect spring fashion package for you and your pet.

    • White leather with contrasting pink buckle loop
    • Multi-colored striped twill tape
    • Cute bow tie
    • Signature Canini buckle
  • Patch and Scott – Capri Collar

    Dara says: Treating your dog’s leash with the same reverence as the finest handbags, British designers Patch and Scott obsess over the tiniest details of their designs. The collar is reinforced with two layers of top grain leather for added strength and grace. All of the high-gloss metal hardware is custom-designed with understated simplicity and function in mind. This is a true luxury set that will add style for seasons to come.

    • Classic styling and top grain leather
    • Name tag included
    • Stylish drawstring bag for storage included
    • Gift bags available
    • Available in Tan, Red, Apple, Bone, Rose, and Black
  • Vivienne Westwood – 2844 Tartan Dog Collar Exhibition

    Dara says: As the Grande Dame of British Fashion, Vivienne Westwood is credited with merging punk rock’s raw energetic style with the sophistication of haute couture. Incorporating her signature Exhibit plaid tartan on top of genuine brown leather, the collar is adorned with metal studs engraved with the Westwood Orb. The plaid colors and the rich brown compliment any dog’s natural coloring and can be paired with a matching Exhibit tartan coat for the “full monty”.

    • Signature Westwood Exhibit plaid
    • Genuine brown leather
    • Engraved metal studs
  • Goyard – Custom Made Dog Collar

    Dara says: Since 1892, French luxury luggage brand Goyard has been specializing in custom designing travel sets for the world’s wealthiest patrons. Realizing that the superrich prefer to travel with their dogs, Goyard set out to satisfy every specific requirement of the traveling pet. Their dog collars, leashes, and harnesses are custom-made to fit any requirements requested. Just let your imagination and wallet go wild!

    • Exclusive, custom-made to order
    • Best leathers available world-wide
    • Goyard luxury brand quality
    • Durable hardware to choose from

You will be happy with any of these

  • Pinel & Pinel - Dog Collar and Leash in Crocodile

    Dara says: The Parisian Luggage mecca of Pinel and Pinel is a favorite stop for the world’s jet set when they are in need of a custom leather trunk. Being at the crossroads of the world’s elite leather trade, the Pinel and Pinel dog collar line is hand-crafted from the absolute finest skins available world-wide. A full range of sizes are available in materials ranging from polished crocodile to top-grain cowhide in twenty vibrant spring and summer colors.

    • Hand crafted
    • Custom made
    • 20 crocodile and cowhide colors to choose
  • Caserta Pets – New York Dog Collar

    Dara says: Encompassing all of the style, sophistication, and flash of New York City, the New York Dog Collar and Leash set from Caserta Pets has a distinct ‘vibe’ to it. Built on a black (NYC’s official color) snake-skin collar lined in metallic blue cowhide, this collar never sleeps. A silver buckle highlighted with Italian crystals makes this quite the uptown piece of bling for your bow-wow. Like fine designer accessories, this should be treated gently and not relied upon as a daily walking leash.

    • Snake skin collar lined in metallic blue leather
    • Matching leash available
    • Custom crystal buckle and D-ring
    • Great evening wear
  • Trish Hampton – Pink and White Polka Dog Collar and Leash

    Dara says: At the beach, you and your pooch will cut a path as onlookers sweat with envy in your wake. If you’re not feeling this season’s retro 1980s New Wave/Punk trend, consider playing around with preppy patterns and pastel colors instead. Trish Hampton, who is best known for her über-preppy, classic designs, offers ribbon and nylon webbing dog collars and leashes that will long outlast leather in saltwater and sand. You’d better bring some extra SPF to protect you from all of this summer cuteness!

    • Nickel plated hardware
    • Durable nylon webbing & grosse grain ribbon
    • Classic style great for city and suburbs
  • Hammish McBeth – Tommy Tan Dog Collar

    Dara says: Snubbing the trend of over-the-top “bling”, the Tommy Tan collar and leash from Hammish McBeth employs subtle, yet fashionable colors along with graphic styles. The “top of the neck” custom D-ring allows the collar to fit correctly with the buckle left resting under the chin rather than being pulled up by the leash. These subtle details are easy for the casual observer to miss, but are wildly appreciated by dog owners. The sunny yellow color will add a little cheer even in the face of April showers.

    • Tan leather collar with contrasting yellow
    • Complimentary color stitching
    • Custom designed nickel plated hardware
    • Top of neck D-ring
  • Veuch – Skull & Crossbones

    Dara says: Recently, streetwear has gone from downtown urban boutiques to the high-priced display windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Parisian dog outfitters Kappachan have been working with top European street artists to bring streetwear style to our beloved four legged critters. This top-grain cowhide collar carries a design by famed Belgian graffiti artist Veuch and is a nice update on the classic skull and crossbones icon. Stamped design in leather. It can be worn by both male and female canines and makes a great basic piece for pairing with T-shirts and sweaters.

    • Leather durable for longevity and resistance
    • Natural tanning to minimize the risks of allergy
    • Patch in polyurethane foam with closed cells that preserves the volume of the padded lining
    • Tongue under the buckle to protect your pet from the buckle and to give more comfort
    • Nickel plated buckle, D-ring, and loop

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