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Stationary Exercise Bikes are one of those pieces of gym equipment that most folks don’t think too much about until they find a really BAD one. You may not realize it, but if you regularly ride an exercise bike at the gym, I’ll bet you head for the same particular bike in the same spot each time you walk in, right? Now I submit that your favorite bike is not chosen because of quality, but rather because of scenery: come on admit it, you pick a bike that has the best view of the cute buns on the aerobics floor!

But even the best of "bun shows" won’t keep you on a bike you don’t like, as there is nothing worse than a BAD stationary bicycle. Thus, the bikes I’ve chosen, and the criterion I recommend you consider when shopping for one, fall into a somewhat tight window.

A home stationary exercise bicycle:

a) Must be of at least "good" quality construction and function

b) Must be priced for home use

c) Must allow you to do the "programs" and track the "variables" that you want

Now you might be saying, "'Good' quality? Duuuuh!" But a durable, comfortable, smoothly functioning, stationary bike is arguably the most difficult piece of exercise equipment to engineer and manufacture; and thus, the landscape of home gyms, garages, and basements is littered with far too many "towel racks" that once masqueraded as economical exercise bikes! You should always balance economy with utility, but with a stationary exercise bike, this is especially true. I mean, a cheap set of free weights might still get the job done, even a cheap mountain bike might get you from "a to b", but a cheap stationary bike that you won’t get on, won’t do much of anything!

When selecting the best exercise bicycle, make sure the bike has programs to track the variables that will keep you going. Always the best price, these exercise bike recommendations also are priced for home use.

Best Stationary Bikes by Lee Reherman

The Best You Can Get

  • Kettler X1 Ergometer Exercise Bike

    Lee says: I thought I’d seen it all, but the Kettler X1 takes technology to a whole new level by allowing a rider to actually download workout programs. Even without this program download feature, Kettler has built a great stationary bike with a comfortable seat and a great monitor; but with boredom arguably being a stationary bike’s greatest enemy, the capability to add infinite variety puts the X1 at the top of the list!

    • Super smooth powered by a silent electro-magnetic braking system, offering programs that challenge users of all levels
    • With PC interface for Ergo Concept Software gives users the ability to download hundreds of programs then view them on the easy-to-use, easy-to-read Siemens high resolution LCD computer monitor
    • Comfortable, adjustable gel seat and monitor that displays: work load, speed, RPMs, distance, energy consumption, & heart rate
  • Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike

    Lee says: The Bodycraft SPX is one of those fitness machines that come along every so often that FEELS just right, WORKS just right, and even LOOKS just right! Bodycraft has put into a stationary bike, the engineering experience and quality construction that go into its commercial equipment, and the result is spectacular. This bike is built for a “speed stance,” and is all about a performance workout. As soon as you sit on it, you know this bike is not built for the casual calorie burn, but for the sprinter looking to train hard on top-notch equipment. Also, I’m not one to get excited about esthetics of equipment, but you’ll be proud to have this in your home.

    • Heavy-duty steel frame with two layers of powder coat paint to prevent rust and a 46-lb Precision flywheel is perimeter weighted for high inertia
    • French-made Hutchinson 5PK V-ribbed automotive belt
    • Patented friction brake with micro-adjust safety knob and emergency stop and heat-treated Cro-Moly axle that spins on sealed German made SKF bearings
    • Seat post/handlebar stem are stainless steel with engraved scale with hexagonal shape creates a very rigorous connection
  • Trixter X-Bike 600 Indoor Cycling Bike

    Lee says: You’ve got to experience the X-Bar on the Trixter to fully grasp how unique this technology is. Video gamers and “simulator riders” will appreciate the seven levels of upper body resistance that simulate riding a mountain bike on a trail. The bumps, the pumps, and the dumps from the X-Bar take the usual indoor monotony of a stationary bike workout and make it a whole new experience. Add solid quality engineering in the racing seat and racing pedals, and you’ve got a great stationary bike in the Trixter 600.

    The multi position X-Bar system handle bars let you ride in a variety of positions from a normal seated position to a crouched sprint to a standing hill climb leaning out over the handle bars, and adjust horizontally and vertically with a fully adjustable locking system, so you can get a perfect fit.

    • The 31-lb flywheel is light and the added upper body element of the X-Bars ensures you'll get a complete and full body workout at any resistance level
    • The dual sided pedals feature toe clips on one side for standard use, and SPD clips on the other for safety
    • The ergonomic bike seat adjusts horizontally and vertically with a fully adjustable locking system, so you can get your seat in exactly the right position
  • Tunturi E30R Recumbent Bike

    Lee says: I’m more of an “upright” bike guy, having never been especially fond of the “recumbent” design, but with 23 different programs, you’ll have plenty of options around which to build a workout. Tunturi has streamlined the technology from its commercial E80R and put it into the E30R Home unit for a sure thing if you’re a “recumbent low rider”. Also, the LCD screen is good enough to watch HD TV on! If anything, the variety and options of this machine may be too much for any home user to ever take full advantage of.

    • Complete step-through steel frame design, with sturdy handlebars, stable frame, & adjustable 2 piece soft seat, gives great support
    • Color LCD console with 6” screen and selection wheel displaying time, distance, speed, calories, and power
    • 23 comprehensive programs with body fat measurement and recovery heart rate
    • Accurate resistance adjustment with console buttons with electromagnetic brake system for smooth training
    • Includes warranty booklet and silicate bag
  • Lifecore Fitness 900RB Recumbent Bike

    Lee says: If you’re tight on space, then the 900RB may be your best bet. But if the compact footprint makes this bike attractive to you, then the Hi-Tech display will get you to propose! It has a unique “cockpit like” configuration that yields an almost unlimited range of settings, which is surprising given the compact design; and the ergonomic construction and lumbar support of the seat will have your back thanking you!

    The twin, straight front handle bars provides stability when getting in and out of the bike and also allow additional riding positions for variety and the high back seat features the only vertically adjustable seat back to customize lumbar support placement for users of all sizes.

    The angled seat rail ensures that whatever your leg length, you'll get the correct angle to the pedals to minimize knee strain, and handles next to the seat have integrated hand grip heart rate sensors transmit your pulse for display on the monitor.

    • The LCD monitor allows you to track time, temperature, and heart rate using the integrated handgrip sensors and an iPod inspired toggle wheel allows easy scrolling and resistance adjustments
    • Features 16 user programs with 12 pre-set courses in which the computer adjusts the resistance to take you through a workout. Additional programs include time trial with pacer, 3 heart rate control programs, and a manual mode

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Pro Bike

    Lee says: Come on! Could we have a list of bikes without the name Schwinn? That’d be like leaving Santa Claus out of Christmas! On the Indoor Cycling Pro, that unrivaled Schwinn experience is most evident where most stationary bikes fall short: the seat is a comfortable but firm racer configuration that is easily adjustable to any sprinter stance; and the chain with chain guard and oversized bottom bracket are all Schwinn commercial quality construction, built to outlast most riders!

    • Easy-to-use handlebar and seat adjustment that helps you quickly determine preferred comfort settings. A pair of composite water bottle cages holds bottles up to 1-liter in size
    • An easy-to-turn adjustment knob and natural wool felt pads provide incremental resistance when you finish your break and get back to the workout grind
    • Corrosion-preventing stainless pins can be quickly threaded tight for a secure hold on the sliding tubes, and a corrosion-resistant frame and finish with new step-through plate that protects finish from cleat damage
    • Enclosed chain guard keeps lubricated parts away from the rider, yet offers convenient access for easy lubrication, and the chain drive uses a forged steel crank and an ISIS oversized bottom bracket
  • Nautilus NB2000 Upright Exercise Bike

    Lee says: I’m partial to upright bikes to begin with, and when you add the Nautilus name, you can almost be assured of that “good quality” mentioned at the top. This machine delivers a great workout, and with the V-force resistance system, the NB2000 is about as quiet as a stationary bike can be. Incidentally, the information you’ll be able to track on the four-window readout is so exhaustive, it may almost be distracting!

    • An investment in quality, performance and style, the 2000 series bikes are great looking machines designed to stand up to the hardest of use year after year
    • The heart of the bike is the computer controlled V-Force magnetic brake with fewer moving parts than comparable systems, meaning longer life and near silent performance
    • A lower pedal and seat height allows for a lower step-over height and a cleaner, streamlined appearance
    • Plug-in LCD Console features a high-resolution 16x16 dot-matrix course profile and a four-window readout displaying tme, segment time, speed, average speed, RPM, distance, calories, heart rate, level, and watts
  • Monark 915E Home Ergometer Upright Bike

    Lee says: The 915E is a great product at a great price. It doesn’t have the sizzle of some of the others, but it has no weaknesses either. The seat is backside friendly, the display tracks the basics accurately, the flywheel is durable and smooth, and the angles are engineered for good posture. The 915E is the best “bang for the buck” on the list.

    • Makes personal fitness training or home monitoring of prescribed cardiovascular fitness programs a simple and enjoyable experience, with high quality engineering and optimum design
    • Rugged, functional, and compact, with highly accurate instrumentation to measure heart rate, speed, distance, time, and energy consumed
    • Heavy, well-balanced flywheel with electronic speedometer, and adjustable seat height and handlebar
    • Handwheel for adjustment of brake power on stable, solid steel frame
    • Wheels for easy transport
  • Redline IC70 Indoor Trainer Bike

    Lee says: Another stationary bike on our list that is engineered for a “sprinter” stance, the Redline IC70 is built for the speed workout, not the casual calorie burn. Even the slim uniquely designed seat says, “speed”, and the display, variables, even pedal orientation are all configured to live up to the “trainer” in the name. If you take your biking seriously, or if you avoid the stationary recumbent design at the gym, then this bike might be what you’re looking for. Also, I’m not one to get excited about esthetics, but this stationary bike looks really cool!

    • With whisper quiet belt drive and magnetic resistance, no other trainer combines these features to mimic the outdoor riding experience into such a well designed Perfect Fit frame design that allows precise sizing for all riders
    • Ultra smooth and efficient magnetic resistance is maintenance free, and eliminates inconsistent pedaling motion and unwanted noise from traditional friction type resistance systems
    • Computer is equipped with 8 individual functions and large easy to read display with ride time, speed, calories consumed, & heart rate
    • Frame design incorporates micro adjusting handlebar and saddle heights, with uniquely designed seat and head angles that allows proper pedal orientation within the rider compartment at any setting
  • Pro Fit Stationary Bike

    Lee says: Another “sprinter upright”, the Pro Fit catches your eye when you see it, and when you sit on it, the seat and sleek handle bar construction and configuration might make it hard to get off of it! The robust adjustment capability to suit any physiology is almost infinite with the Pro Fit, and thus it can accommodate nearly any body type, big or small. If you add the broadness of the base, then the Pro Fit might be the most versatile bike on our list.

    • Unmatched comfort and durability with absorbent shocks and all-adjustable components
    • Stainless steel with 8 display modes for all levels
    • Sleek design with broad base and wheels for easy moving
    • Unique handle bar design allowing for longer workouts due to comfort and durable pedal straps to keep the foot locked in

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Choose the best exercise bicycle that fits your budget for your home gym. These exercise bike recommendations feature the best from Trixter, Tunturi, Schwinn, Nautilus and others who make durable stationary bike selections. Always the best price, these work out bike choices will help you get in shape in no time.