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Finding good hair products isn't easy! Lots of trial, error, and frustration can be involved. Because I style hair professionally, I have to be prepared for all kinds of hair types and styling challenges, so I thought I would share with you what I've come to carry in my "kit" when I go to photo shoots as a trustworthy hair styling armory.

These are my current "go to" products:

Products best used after shower and before drying.

With the best hair products, you'll have dazzling locks in no time. We recommend the best styling products including the basics: the best conditioner, shampoo and hair spray that gives your hair the perfect style.

Best Styling Products by Kiara Bailey

The Best You Can Get

  • Sudzz FX - Zenyth

    Kiara says: Hair straightener extraordinaire. Works for any type of hair that is curly or frizzy. Tames coarsest hair yet is oil free and can be used for even that face-framing frizz on the finest hair types.

  • Prive Foaming Styler

    Kiara says: A most deceptive product. Comes out as a foam but works like a styling wax. You put it in the hair wet and blow out your hair for volume and hold. Your hair feels like you’ve already applied wax and you can build skyscrapers with it.

  • Phyto Volume Actif

    Kiara says: Spray volumizer that isn’t sticky or crunchy, but provides tons of volume. Smells clean in your hair and plumps up midshaft and ends if you spray everywhere.

  • Paul Mitchell Straight Works

    Kiara says: Traditional use: straightening curly hair during a blow out. Best use: taking any type of curly hair and relaxing it into a large loose wave, preventing tangling in hair especially on the back of the neck.

    Towel dry hair, apply generously, making sure you coat each section evenly. Rough dry with hair dryer until hair feels dry but moisture is still apparent. Smooth into a bun. Let dry for 30 minutes and then take down and twist bun opposite direction. Leave until dry. When you let your hair down, your curl will have relaxed and frizz will be gone.

  • Aveda Be Curly

    Kiara says: Smooths and enhances curly hair. Will intensify curls in wavy hair and make thicker fuller curls in fine hair.

    All natural, organic ingredients and earthy smell.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Goldwell Spray Wax

    Kiara says: The best styling product for any style. The more you use, the more it texturizes, great for piecing out hair with just a little spray or can replace your traditional waxes, without getting your hands sticky!

  • KMS Anti Humidity Seal

    Kiara says: Seals out humidity in any weather. Great to protect your freshly blown out hair. Section hair horizontally and spray each layer thoroughly roots to ends. Always apply after styling and before hairspray.

  • Klorane Dry Shampoo

    Kiara says: Aerosol spray powder that has so many uses. Dries up oils, sweat or too much product in hair. Thickens hair for blowouts or up styles especially in lighter colors. Disguises showing scalp for grey-haired individuals.

  • Elnett Hair Spray

    Kiara says: Best imported product!

    Great working and holding spray. Not too sticky and gives a perfect shiny finish. Smells like an old fashioned salon and comes in five variations. Super expensive and in high demand makes this a hard to find product in the US.

  • KMS Shine Spray

    Kiara says: Smells amazing!! Made with almond. Adds extreme shine to any hair and smooths out dryness with a spray… another great use… deodorizes smells in hair for a quick fix.

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