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“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” - Timbuk 3

Fly fishing on the Middle Fork, sailing in Maine, surfing in Montauk, biking on the Vineyard, Saturdays with the guys on the local links, mowing the lawn - wherever you find yourself summertime requires planning and managing your assets, i.e. your skin.

When well protected from the sun—head-to-toe, there is no need to give up on enjoying outdoor activities. Sun protective clothing makes it easy. Originally developed in Australia, where it’s now federally regulated, because the sun is especially intense, ozone layer is disappearing, and active outdoor activities are a way of life. Made from fabrics that provide UPF protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

The items I have chosen are primarily made by companies solely committed to providing the best sun protection in their products coupled with great design. Many of the best manufacturers share information on how their products have been tested and let you know how to care for them so they will maintain their effectiveness over time. Summer doesn’t get much better than that. Enjoy!

For the best men's sun wear, turn to our experts who search the Web for the perfect protection while having fun in the summer sun. Choose from sun hats, men's sun clothing, sunglasses and other gear at the best price.

Best Sun Wear for Men by Kim Johnson Gross

The Best You Can Get

  • Sunglasses - Livestrong Flak Jacket XLJ

    Kim says: Sunglasses have long been associated with mystery, sport, and style. Most importantly, they are critical for the good health of eyes that see the light of day. But not all sunglasses are created equal. There are three types of UV rays, all of which are harmful and cause cataracts and other eye diseases. UVA penetrates the deepest, UVB causes the most damage, and UVC is the most powerful. There are also harmful blue light rays known as HEV (High-Energy Visible) wavelengths that contribute to glare, and can lead to macular degeneration. You may feel your eyes are protected when sunglasses claim UV protection, but amounts vary and may not offer HEV protection. Large wrap around glasses (think Arnold), shield eyes best.

    Since 1975, Oakley has combined sport, style, and superior technology into making sunglasses you can depend on to best protect your eyes. They build 100% UV and HEV protection into the lenses, so they can’t scratch off the surface exposing dilated pupils to UV leaks. Lance Armstrong depends on them as essential gear.

  • Head Gear - Omni-Dry® Bahama Hat

    Kim says: Baseball players have long relied on the extended brim of the eponymous cap to help keep their eye on the ball. Everybody now wears them. For serious sun protection, the best hats offer UV protection, lots of shade, and great panache.

    Baseball cap morphed into modern day Lawrence of Arabia, excellent for fishing, boating, and hiking. The quick drying nylon Omni-Dry® Bahama Hat provides UPF 30 Omni-shade® and mesh tricot vented panels for breathability. Available in a variety of colors.

  • More Sun Gear - Outback Straw Hat

    Kim says: That’s right men; most of you need a wardrobe of hats for scalp protection. For a more rugged, yet urban look, this handsome straw hat is lined with Sulumbra, a fabric developed by SunPrecautions that provides broad spectrum 30+ SPF, which blocks 97% of UVA and UVB rays. Outback Straw Hat, style #4770K08.

  • Sun Shirt - Explorer Shirt

    Kim says: Some off-duty shirts are the ones you grab over and over again. The best work overtime when they allow you to do your thing in comfort by wicking away moisture, providing underarm and back ventilation and sun protection. Explorer Shirt, SPF 30+ with roll-up button sleeve tabs, bellowed cargo pockets and shirttail construction so you can reach for that fish or golf ball in style. Style #1720K08.

  • Water Wear - Coolibar's Swim Shirt

    Kim says: Made in sun protective UPF50+ nylon and spandex, this swim shirt is lightweight, cool, and quick-drying. Also available in short sleeves. Swim shorts designed with surfer cool and 98% UV protection thanks to the durable but ultra-light aqua SUNTECT™ fabric. Also available in white with blue design.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Sun Shorts - Ex Officio Amphi Short

    Kim says: All around sport shorts should multi-task. These are fast drying, stain and wrinkle resistant, have five pockets for convenience including a zippered security pocket, a floating pocket loop for keys, a cinch at the hem, built-in belt and are UPF 30+.

  • Men's Tight Lines Short-Sleeve Shirt

    Kim says: This jaunty shirt provides summer cool and sun protection. Versatile and wrinkle resistant which makes it great for summer travel.

    • Golf and grill shirt
    • UPF 30+
  • Coolibar Men's Everyday Pants

    Kim says: Styled to wear for the maximum of occasions, these nylon poplin pants are moisture wicking, quick-drying, machine washable and block 98% UV rays.

    • Golf and grill pants
    • UPF 50+
  • Summer Shoes - The Rambler

    Kim says: Feet also need sun protection, so cover the best you can. And don’t skip the sun block as there are very few if any, UPF shoes available for adults.

    For more than 26 years, Merrell has been dedicated to quality performance footwear. The Rambler is a handsome leather sandal lined in Lycra® neoprene with full coverage, along with lightness and comfort provided by the molded cork footframe, Air Cushion™ midsole and venting portals.

  • Gear Bag - SealLine Urban Tote

    Kim says: You need your sunblock handy to reapply frequently when you’re having fun in the sun, not to mention your sunglass case, bottle of water, car keys, Swiss Army knife, etc., etc. Everyone needs a bag, so choose one that will do the job best for your needs. These two do it for me!

    To keep your stuff dry, this smart design Urban Tote from SealLine® will keep your stuff dry. It even floats! Made from eco-friendly products, the straps can convert from tote to backpack.

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