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“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” - Timbuk 3

I loved all my bronzy tans and the memories that went with them - deep-sea fishing in the Bahamas, an Outward Bound sailing adventure in Maine, camping on beaches in Portugal, baking my topless body in Mykonos. More often than not, the perfect summer day for me was laying on a beach slathered in baby oil, bleaching my hair with lemon juice. Tans were considered beautiful then. Today, they are a measure of ignorance.

I choose not to remember the sunburns of my youth, yet live in terror of the accumulative wreckage lurking within my skin. Besides provoking the deadliest of all skin cancer, melanoma, sun damage causes premature wrinkles and can trigger other skin ailments like rosacea and brown spots.

When well-protected—head-to-toe, there is no need to give up on enjoying outdoor activities. Sun protective clothing was originally developed in Australia, where it is federally regulated, as the sun is especially intense and active outdoor activities are a way of life. This clothing is made from fabrics that provide UPF protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Many of the best manufacturers will share information on how these fabrics have been tested and how to care for them so they will maintain their effectiveness over time.

The items I have chosen are primarily made by companies solely committed to providing the best sun protection in their products coupled with great design. Summer doesn’t get much better than that. Enjoy!

With the best women's sun wear, you'll show off your bronze tan whether on the ocean or shopping in the mall. Choose from sun hats, sunglasses and sun clothing always at the best price.

Best Sun Wear for Women by Kim Johnson Gross

The Best You Can Get

  • Sunglasses - Polarized Oakley Ravishing

    Kim says: Sunglasses have long been associated with glamour, mystery, sport, and style. They also keep us from squinting, which acerbates wrinkles not to mention vanity. Most importantly, they are critical for the good health of eyes that see the light of day. But not all sunglasses are created equal. There are three types of UV rays, all of which are harmful and cause cataracts and other eye diseases. UVA penetrates the deepest, UVB causes the most damage, and UVC is the most powerful. There are also harmful blue light rays known as HEV (High-Energy Visible) wavelengths that contribute to glare, and can lead to macular degeneration. You may feel your eyes are protected when sunglasses claim UV protection, but amounts vary and may not offer HEV protection. Large wrap around glasses, (think Jackie O), shield eyes best and look as fabulous when worn with high fashion as they do in high surf.

    Since 1975, Oakley has combined sport, style, and superior technology into making sunglasses you can depend on to best protect your eyes. They build 100% UV and HEV protection into the lenses, so they can’t scratch off the surface exposing dilated pupils to UV leaks.

  • Sunhat - Coolibar Seaside Hat

    Kim says: English women and Southern beauties have long known the chic of a hat and its importance in preserving their renowned skin. For serious sun protection, the best hats offer UV protection, lots of shade, and great panache. The sweeping 5” brim and natural fiber woven with UPF50+ provides the maximum of style and protection. Seaside Hat #02207 is available in a variety of colors.

  • Sun Shirt - Solumbra Fitted Blouse

    Kim says: A long sleeve shirt is the best clothing protection you can wear, so choose one that is flattering, comfortable, and versatile. This fitted blouse offers feminine chic to summer dressing, and is a breeze to jazz up with fun accessories. Hot colors are dazzling in summer light, and its SPF protection is brilliant. Underarm mesh panels and side-slit vents at the hem provide additional comfort. Style #1763K08 is available in a variety colors.

  • Sun Pants - Sunday Afternoon’s Resort Capri

    Kim says: White Capri pants are a summer basic. They are the perfect understudy to whatever you choose to wear them with. These featherweight pants worked in a silky, cool UPF40 microfiber are an easy fit with roomy legs, front zip, and an elasticized back waist. Also available in “Lava”.

  • Sarong - Sunveil Sarong Wrap

    Kim says: Sarongs, also known as a pareos, have long been a favorite on beaches in the South Pacific and Brazil. They became popular in the United States when Dorothy Lamour glammed them up as the love interest of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in the 1947 hit “The Road to Rio”. They’re beautiful pieces of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways—as a dress, skirt, wrap, or bathing suit cover-up. I won’t wear a bathing suit without one close at hand. Hand-tailored sarong wrap, shirt, and hat available in a variety of colors.

    • Item #611

You will be happy with any of these

  • Active Wear - Performance Polo and Minaret Skort

    Kim says: A skort and simple tee are wardrobe musts when playing tennis and golf or for simply looking great while walking the dog. It’s win-win when they also provide UV protection. Performance Polo, UPF 25, in a breathable, moisture wicking fabric. Semi-fitted stretch “Minaret Skort”, UPF 50, with internal adjustable waist and hidden stash pocket. Available in a variety of prints and solid colors.

  • Bathing Suit - Athleta Shirred Bra Cup Tankini

    Kim says: Surfing, kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, or simply looking glam waterside and sun protection is no longer an oxymoron when swimwear provides SPF sun protection.

    The shirred tankini with a princess top with a floating underwire bra flatters the body with sexy coverage, not to mention UPF 50+. The matching high cut shirred bottom helps legs appear longer. Also available in white.

  • Athleta Sun Dress

    Kim says: The ultimate sundress in swimwear fabric with UPF 50. Easy to pack and pretty enough to wear on the beach or out at night.

  • Summer Shoes - Marc Jacobs Rubber Ballet Flat

    Kim says: Feet also need sun protection, so cover the best you can. Don’t skip the sun block as there are very few if any, UPF shoes available for adults. A stylish alternative to sandals and no need to worry about a pedicure touch-up, Marc Jacobs Rubber Ballet Flat.

  • Barney's Summer Bag

    Kim says: You need something to schlep around your sun block, which needs to be reapplied at least every two hours when you’re outdoors. This fabulous looking cotton canvas tote is decorative enough to make a splash wherever you go. 15.5” x 15.5” x 7”, available in a wide range of enticing summer colors. By Virginia Johnson. Style #19817.7909.

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Choose the best women's sun wear when you plan to spend lots of time in the sun this summer. Choose from sun hats, sun clothing, sunglasses and other must-have gear for fun in the sun. Always the best price, our women's sun wear is designed to help protect you from the sun's rays and still look cool.