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Like friends with benefits, sunscreens with benefits are almost too good to be true. These are sunscreens that have a little bit more than just sun protection. Some have anti-aging ingredients, some are matte for breakout-prone skin, some cover up blemishes while protecting you from the sun, some are husband and children friendly, and some are just void of all the junk that is in many sunscreens like parabens, dyes, fragrances, etc. Let’s face it, if you are going to rub something all over your face and body, and the precious faces and bodies of your children, it’s gotta be good. Use this as a bible for good sunscreen and buck up if you can, saving money in this category is silly.

Our best sunscreens do more than protect you from the UV rays. These best anti-aging sun block and best for acne sunscreen recommendations are also beauty products that nourish your skin while protecting it.

Best Sunscreens with Benefits by Vicki Rapaport

The Best You Can Get

  • Anthelios SPF 40

    Vicki says: Anthelios SPF 15 and SPF 60 were the talk of the Internet sunscreen world for many years as it was “illegal” to be sold in stores in the USA. Finally, the FDA approved its sales here in the US and it flew off the shelves of doctors’ offices, medspas, and even Rite-Aid pharmacies. Just as the buzz seemed to be dying down, the smart marketers at La Roche Posay came out with a new SPF 40 version. Literally hot of the presses, this is the latest, greatest sunscreen out there. It contains its signature sunscreen ingredient, Mexoryl SX (a stable chemical sunscreen) as well as the physical sunscreen, titanium dioxide. It can replace your daily moisturizer, as it is highly lubricating and virtually invisible.

  • Vanicream SPF 60 and SPF 35 Sport

    Vicki says: Although you may wonder why this inexpensive sunscreen is in the Best of the Best category, you will soon find out that even if money is no object, you can still get seriously killer sunscreens for cheap. The extra benefits to this sunscreen are that it is free of all dyes, lanolin, fragrances, masking fragrance, parabens, formaldehyde, or other preservatives. It is recommended to parents of children with allergies, sensitive skin, even for the super pure skin of babies under six months. Vanicream is cherished by pediatricians and dermatologists; so load up on this stuff before your next sunny trip for all the members of your family.

  • Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30

    Vicki says: This is a maverick product that is becoming more and more mainstream. This sunscreen ingeniously packs crushed up minerals of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide into a clear tube to instantly be brushed onto any sun exposed area. Now your husband or kids cannot complain it’s “sticky” or “gross” because it’s not. It is completely clear, totally light, and has botanicals to help heal the skin. No talc, no smell, and no mess.

  • RevaleSkin Day Cream with SPF 15

    Vicki says: This is the definition of a triple threat sunscreen. It has intense moisturizing capabilities, powerful antioxidant properties of its signature coffee berry and an excellent SPF 15. If you are a certified lazy morning person, or simply never have enough time, get the sun screening job done with this cream every am. RevaleSkin SPF 15 Day Cream will protect your skin from a normal city day, moisturize from the elements, and reverse some damage.

  • Rashguards

    Vicki says: Yes, rashguards. Ok, so it’s not an actual ”sunscreen in a bottle” but a rashguard is truly the best sunscreen available. They are true, complete, total blocks without the chemicals, without the clogging of pores, without the hassle. The extra benefit is that it’s your swimsuit as well! The new measurement of the SPF in clothing is called UPF or UV Protection Factor and most good rashguards have a UPF of 50 or more. Get ‘em with zipper pockets big enough for a key and a twenty during the spring and summertime or if the season isn’t right, go to any surf shop and ask for a rashguard by name. You will find solids as well as girly flower ones.

    • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

You will be happy with any of these

  • TiZO3 SPF 40

    Vicki says: If there were room for a sixth item on the Best of the Best list, this would be on it. However, just because it’s on the Best of the Rest list does not mean that it is inferior. Solar Protection Formula is the company that brings this truly weightless, skin colored sunscreen to you. It feels as though you are putting air on your skin yet it gives an amazing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, SPF 40 stamp of approval. The extra benefit you ask? It may truly be the ONLY weightless, ultra sheer, greaseless sunscreen out there. I challenge you to find a fluffier, invisible sunscreen, no matter what the price.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that it is paraben free, oil free, and chemical-sunscreen free?

    And be careful, this company sells numerous sunscreens and you want TiZo3 SPF 40.

  • Coppertone Continuous Spray SPF 30 or more

    Vicki says: You see it everywhere, that bright blue bottle being sprayed at the beach, at the water park, even on the tennis courts. This sweat proof, waterproof, dummy proof, very convenient, cheap, spray-at-any-angle sunscreen is available anywhere you can buy sunscreen. The extra benefit is that you do not have to get it on your hands and it is the fastest way to screen up the kids before rushing out the door to school. You can spray it anywhere and although it does not protect from all the rays of the sun and you CAN get sunburned through it, just reapply all the time and you will be fine.

  • Bull Frog SPF 45 with Titanium Dioxide

    Vicki says: An incredibly thin and miraculously weightless “super screen”… this “old school” sunscreen is back again. It is the original waterproof sunscreen and it is probably still one of the best water and sweat proof ones out there.

  • Sheer Cover

    Vicki says: Actually, first it’s a makeup then it’s a sunscreen but does that really matter in this category? I call it a sunscreen with coverage like makeup. This 100% pure mineral powder makeup is listed here for its sunscreen benefits, which is a complete physical sunscreen (no chemicals) with an SPF of 15. This is the quickest, most complete coverage of your skin on the face, chest, neck and hands if you like. It travels well and is the most instant coverage you can get. It takes less than fifteen seconds to apply and it is dummy proof every time.

  • Coppertone Spectra SPF 50

    Vicki says: This is hard to find anywhere but online but worth the Internet purchase since it has numerous added benefits. It deflects, scatters, and absorbs the sun’s rays. It can do this because it is packed full of chemical sunscreens which absorb rays and excellent physical sunscreens that deflect rays. It contains vitamins A, C, E, and aloe to nourish the skin and protect from long-term damage. It is waterproof. It smells good. And it has the stamp of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation. I forgot to mention it is CHEAP. This is a good sunscreen staple to have in any home since the price is so low you won't mind sharing it with guests.

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