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Best Tequilas & Patron Tequila

Tequila and mescal are both products of Mexico, and both are made from the agave plant. Tequila is a much more popular beverage, and mescal is famous for the worm in the bottle.

Tequila can be traced back to A.D. 1000 and the Aztecs. It was a milky drink from the agave plants known as “pulque.”

Since the 17th century and now by Mexican law, all tequila comes from a certain area known as Tequila, within the state of Jaliso. In this dry, volcanic soil of the foothills of the Sierra Madre, you can find the home of tequila's largest producers.

Tequila is produced from the heart of one species of agave plant, the “Agave tequilana Weber,” or the blue variety. This heart is known as the “pina” (head), usually weighing between 80 and 150 pounds. The pina is steamed and shredded until the “aguamiel” (juice) runs off. This juice is then mixed with cane sugar and yeast and fermented for two to three days. The fermented juice is double-distilled in traditional copper pot stills to 90 proof or higher. Tequila must contain a minimum of 51 percent distillate from the blue agave plant.

Types of Tequila: Tequila comes in four categories

Tequila Blanco (white, silver, or platinum tequila): This tequila comes fresh from the still and may be brought to commercial proof (saleable proof or for sale commercially) with the addition of demineralized water.

Tequila Joven Abocado (gold tequila): This is silver tequila with the addition of colorings and flavorings to mellow the flavor.

Tequila Reposado (reposed or rested tequila): This tequila is aged for two months to one year in oak tanks or barrels. Flavorings and coloring agents may be added, as well as demineralized water to bring the tequila to commercial proof.

Añejo (aged tequila): This tequila is aged for at least one year in government-sealed oak barrels. Flavorings and coloring agents may be added, as well as demineralized water to bring it to commercial proof. When tequilas of different ages are blended, the youngest age is designated.

Choose the best tequilas with help from experts at Tibesti, where we search the Web for the best tasting tequila. We recommend Patron Tequila, 1800 Tequila, Agavero Tequila and Herradura Tequila at the best price.

Best Tequila by Ray Foley

The Best You Can Get

  • Patron Silver

    Ray says: The favorite of many consumers, bartenders, and myself. Triple distilled, light, fresh, and crystal clear. It is the smoothest and softest of the many blanco tequilas.

  • Jose Cuervo Platino

    Ray says: Handcrafted from 100% hand-selected blue agave. It is very light and soft to your taste buds. It deserves the name Platino! It is above any gold medal.

  • Partida Tequila Blanco

    Ray says: A perfect blend, becoming a favorite with bartenders. Crisp tasting, fresh, and clean. This is not a harsh tasting tequila; it is mellow to your taste with a floral aroma and is made from ten-year-old, 100 percent agave.

    The President of Partida Tequila is Sofia Partida, a very successful business woman. This tequila has a woman's soft touch.

  • Sauza Blanco Tequila

    Ray says: From the great family name of tequilas, this is one of the best - clean, fresh, and not a heavy aftertaste. Popular straight or mixed in a refreshing cocktail. From the company that first introduced tequila to the United States.

  • Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila

    Ray says: Just like its name - clean, exciting, and musical to your taste buds and your throat. Created by rocker Sammy Hagar, it is barrel-aged in oak casks. They produce four different types: blanco, reposada, añejo, and reserve, like most tequila brands. I think the blanco is a tequila that is rocking on!

You will be happy with any of these

  • Gran Patron

    Ray says: Triple distilled and aged to perfection. Just so smooth you forget it's a tequila. Great for sipping. A smooth and well-rounded finish. This should be sipped or mixed in only a perfect cocktail with the finest of ingredients. It is grand!

  • Sauza Tres Generaciones Añejo Tequila

    Ray says: Very mild and easy on the taste buds, but still has a great flavor, balance, and easy finish. Perfect for sipping and mixing. This is one of the best tasting añejo's and a relaxing pleasure.

  • Herradura Reposado

    Ray says: No tequila list would be complete without the Herradura brand, and Herradura Reposado is surely one of the best. They invented the category and rightfully produce a great one! Reposado means "rested" and Herradura Reposado is rested for eleven months. An outstanding taste of wood, vanilla, and spices make an almost perfect balance. Nothing is perfect in the tequila process, but Herradura Reposado is as close as it gets.

  • 1800 Añejo Tequila

    Ray says: Aged in French oak casks gives this tequila a smooth, rich, and spicy tasting flavor. It is an ultra-premium tequila only produced by years of great technique and experience in tequila making. Truly an amazing añejo tequila. A wonderful clean finish! It can be purchased in beautiful artistic collector bottles.

  • Agavero Tequila

    Ray says: For something completely different and fun to drink. Named after the plant from which it is made, Agavero is made from 100% blue agave with something new and different: the Damiana flower, rumored to stir up certain emotions. It is aged in white oak casks. This 64 proof tequila has a smooth, sweet taste. Great for sipping and shaking!

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Choose the best tequilas for shots or your favorite margaritas. We recommend Patron Tequila, 1800 Tequila, Agavero Tequila and Herradura Tequila at the best price. The best tequilas come in four categories: white tequila, gold tequila, rested tequila and aged tequila that will make the best drinks every day or for the big party.