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When I was a little kid I used to hate dressing up. My parents would always try to get me to wear a tie and jacket and I was never the least bit cooperative. I’m not sure whether to credit my parents or just the fact that I have grown up, but ties are part of my daily wardrobe these days. Being preppy is cool again. Blue blazers with gold buttons, Ray Ban sunglasses, penny loafers, and argyle sweaters are sold at the most fashion forward stores. 1983 called and wants its fashion back. Regardless, part of dressing preppy is wearing a cool tie. Slim or wide, striped or solid, ties are an easy way take to finish off an everyday look.

The best tie is easy to find with our recommendations from Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and other designers of silk tie and other mens necktie choices. Always the best price, these mens ties come in subtle to brilliant colors.

Best Ties for Guys by Preston Konrad

The Best You Can Get

  • Psycho Bunny Tennis Crest Tie

    Preston says: Take an irreverent twist on preppy with the Psycho Bunny Tie collection. These tongue in cheek ties feature classic, prepster color combinations and small crest details. What makes them so funky? Each small crest features a small rabbit with a crazy face and his ears standing up - meet the Psycho Bunny. These ties are made in the USA of British materials and collecting them can become quite the addiction, even at this price. Buyers beware.

    • Made of pure silk
    • Skinny tie
    • Multiple colors available
  • Ralph Lauren Black Label – Silk Knit Tie

    Preston says: Wearing a silk knit tie says volumes about your style. This once popular style is back as it was in the 1950s and Ralph Lauren Black Label hits it right on the mark. This tie is crafted from the finest, thin Italian silk and is made by hand in Italy. It is available in multiple rich hues for fall and winter, from dark purple and green, to black. It is also available in stripes.

    • 100% fine Italian silk
    • Multiple colors available
    • 2 inches wide
    • Hand knit
    • Dry clean only
  • Merona Classic Plaid Neck Tie - Black

    Preston says: This tie is a steal at this price. The Merona black plaid tie is a modern take on an old-school pattern. Plaid is cool again and at this price, there is no reason you shouldn’t be cool, too, (not like you weren’t before). Skinny ties are taking priority right now in menswear, but there is no way this regular fitting tie could not make my best of the best list at such a great price.

    • Regular fit
    • Made of 100% silk
    • Available only in black plaid
  • Brooks Brothers Stripe Bow Tie

    Preston says: No one makes a tie like Brooks Brothers, lets just be honest here. The Brooks Brothers striped bow tie has always been and will always be, the best of the best. The Brooks bowtie is made of 100% silk in England. Whether you are sporting it with a pair of jeans and a button down shirt, or a three-piece suit, the Brooks Brothers striped bowtie is available in over twenty color combinations, giving you no excuse not to wear (or at least try) one. This tie is dry clean only.

    • 100% pure silk
    • Made in England
    • Fits neck size 13 – 18
    • Many colors available
  • John Varvatos Star USA – Pattern Slim Tie

    Preston says: John Varvatos has made a great skinny tie with with the Star USA Pattern Slim Tie. Being so slim (2 ½”) this tie is very modern and is a great way to bring an older suit into the present. This tie is available in both grey and black and each tie is embroidered with small griffin designs to reinforce its preppy roots. These John Varvatos ties are made in Italy of 100% silk.

    • 2 ½” wide
    • 100% silk
    • Dry clean only
    • Available in 2 colors

You will be happy with any of these

  • J. Press Emblematic Bulldog Tie

    Preston says: J. Press has been outfitting the ivy leaguers of Yale and Harvard since 1902. It seemed only appropriate that the J. Press Emblematic tie makes its way onto my list of ties. Although they offer ties in solids, stripes, paisleys, and polka dots, the emblematic bulldog ties are the most modern and fun ties from J. Press. This standard fit tie is embellished with small bulldog embroideries on the entire tie and many color combinations are available. It is constructed of 100% Italian silk and is dry clean only. Treat your inner-prepster to one of these fun and classic ties from J. Press.

    • Regular fit
    • 100% silk
    • Dry clean only
  • Urban Outfitters Vintage Plaid Red Tie

    Preston says: Two kill birds with one stone with this great tie from Urban Outfitters: 1. Plaid is the pattern to wear this fall, and 2. slim ties have never been more popular. This tie is very slim at only 1.5” inches wide, making it very modern and trendy. The red plaid pattern is vintage inspired from your favorite plaids of yesteryear. This is one of the more trendy and fashion forward ties of my list and should be worn casually with dark jeans. To clean, send out to your dry cleaner.

    • 1.5” wide
    • 58” long
    • Vintage inspired
    • Great price
  • Diesel Light Tie

    Preston says: Channel your inner Mister Monopoly with this black and grey striped tie from Diesel. The built in tie chain is reminiscent of the ties worn by bankers in the 1930s and '40s and the color combination is completely modern. This tie is not too slim and can be worn casually or dressed-up for work or special occasions.

    • Built-in tie chain
    • 3” wide
    • 58” long
    • 100% silk
  • Banana Republic BR Monogram - Bold Bar Stripe Narrow Stripe Tie

    Preston says: Banana Republic always offers a great selection of ties for us working guys. The monogram bold stripe narrow tie is one of the best ties they currently offer. The color combination of purple, blue, and white is retro yet cool and new. The tie is hand-pressed and shaped so that it will sit just perfectly while you're falling asleep in that meeting that’s running long…hey, at least you’ll look like a million bucks.

    • Hand made
    • 100% Italian silk
    • 2 ¾” wide
    • Dry clean only
  • Heritage 1981 Mini Checker Neck Tie

    Preston says: I’m all about finding a bargain. The Mini Checker Neck Tie from Heritage 1981 is one of the best bargains in men’s accessories. This very slim black tie looks like it could cost upwards of five times as much as it does. The silhouette of the tie is very stylish and modern, and the small black on black checker detail adds the perfect amount of texture. This tie is 100% silk and is dry clean only.

    • Low price
    • 100% silk
    • 1.5” wide

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