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As a new teacher you have plenty to think about: lessons, your first class, colleagues, surviving day one. The list goes on, but there are tools to help you stay calm, have success, and get your class off to a positive start with learning. Teaching, no matter the grade or situation, is noble and critical to our future, so take time to plan ahead and be organized so you’ll be the most effective you can be. You’ll thank yourself later.

Stay positive and have fun!

With the best new teacher supplies, you'll be more prepared and have more time for thinking about lessons. Our new teach school supplies recommendations feature everything from assessment boards to timers.

Best Tools for New Teachers by Amy Williams

The Best You Can Get

  • The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher

    Amy says: Put an end to that sleepless night before your first day of teaching! The Wongs have compiled a turnkey collection of wit and wisdom for having an effective school year while focusing on the ever important first day. Their inspiring worldwide read runs the gamut of challenges new teachers face from how to introduce oneself to students to designing lessons. No matter if you read it through or read what you need, you’ll gather inspiration, tips, strength, and encouragement. Get on your mark and effective teaching will happen.

    • By Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong
    • 352 pages
    • July 2004
  • Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock

    Amy says: Time Manager is one of the many hats a teacher wears and as any in education know, managing classroom time is an essential part to a successful day of learning. Students and teachers will have fun keeping track of time and staying on task with Time Tracker’s lighted, electronic timer. Easily program the green, yellow, and red-lighted sections to flash as time draws near and the six sound effects to indicate time is up. Use different sounds for a variety of expected behaviors such as clean up, rotate centers, begin or end journal time, etc. Help yourself while helping your students maintain attentiveness, monitor work time, and become better time managers.

    • Programmable
    • Light and sound effects
    • Volume and pause feature
  • One Minute Discipline: Classroom Management Strategies That Work

    Amy says: It’s more than a book on discipline; it’s a great package of plans and coping skills for new teachers at any grade level. Bianco’s easy to use approaches are packaged into ten sections from philosophy, getting to know your client, techniques and strategies, to survival skills. Understand why the techniques, such as dealing with hostile students or providing rewards, are needed and how to make them work. Printable quotes and a variety of forms will help implement and follow up with the plans. Teachers can even chart their own professional growth. The approaches are easy, practical, and proven for teacher effectiveness and a positive learning environment.

    • By Arnie Bianco
    • 272 pages
    • October 2002
  • Flip & Write Student Assessment Board from Lakeshore

    Amy says: Keeping anecdotal records is part of what good teachers do. Record dates, student growth on reading, writing, and work habits so you’ll always be prepared to review, plan for, and celebrate student success. Students, parents, and teachers will benefit from and feel rewarded by growth throughout the year. The Flip & Write Board is handy with 39 cards wire bound for easy access. Stay on top of what your students are doing and where they need to progress even more; the Flip Board makes it a breeze!

    • 10” x 15” x ½”
    • 39 flip cards
    • Chipboard surface
  • WhisperPhone

    Amy says: The hands free WhisperPhone is a mouth to ear device that provides acoustical voice feedback so students hear themselves how others hear them; research indicates that students hear ten times more clearly using a whisper device. The auditory cues and phonemes help students to self-monitor and correct their reading. Since early phonemic and phonological awareness go hand in hand with reading readiness and literary success, teachers are seeing increased comprehension and concentration when students use whisper devices. Use during independent reading, guided reading, reading workshops, or even for studying math facts, preparing for or taking tests, or for writing revisions, and expressive reading. The classroom is quieter, kids are engaged, and focused. You’ll love them; your students will love them, no matter the subject, no matter the age.

    • Auditory brain development
    • Hands free

You will be happy with any of these

  • 101 “Answers” for New Teachers & Their Mentors: Effective Teaching Tips for Daily Classroom Use

    Amy says: As a new teacher, you want to get off on the right foot, make a good first impression. Be ready for the realities of the classroom with Breaux’s practical, common sense style guide of tips, strategies, and procedures designed so that you can apply today what you read today. Read the tips on your own, a minute or two each, or use during collaboration with teammates or a mentor. Some “answers” for discussion include: relating lessons to real life, attacking the problem rather than the person, as well as how to keep from fueling behaviors you’d rather avoid. A lively, readable format keeps readers interested in chapters from planning, professionalism to motivation and rapport. Keep 101 “Answers” handy, it’s a great resource and will impact your teaching immediately.

    • By Annette L. Breaux
    • 180 pages
    • 2003
  • Write & Wipe Answer Boards

    Amy says: Get immediate feedback on quizzes, games, informal assessments, and more as students “shout” out answers with the write and wipe answer paddles. Allowing all students the opportunity to answer at once and getting immediate feedback keeps students actively engaged and the teacher informed. Keep your eyes on student learning and keep learning fun across the curriculum.

    • 8” board with 4” plastic handles
    • Package of 10 (two colors)
    • Two-sided
  • Self-Inking Teacher Stamps

    Amy says: Stamp away on graded papers, notes home, and even students’ hands! Students love nothing more than praise; parents love communication. Set one includes eight colorful stampers with phrases like Perfect, Excellent, and Parent Signature, while the second set of eight offers stamps for Extra Credit, Homework, Bravo, and more. The third set has the similar words of encouragement and communication, but in Spanish. The stamps help you provide a quick note of praise or communication, two assets of an effective teacher.

    • Choice of three sets, 8 each
    • Handy storage tray
    • 2 ½”
  • Double-Wide Teaching Easel with Locking Casters

    Amy says: Easels are great when you want to pull the class together around you for mini lessons, shared writing, demonstrations, etc. This particular easel can move where you want it and even has a shelf below for storing tubs of materials. Since the board is double-sided it works great in a center where more than one group or student needs to access the board at a time. Use the magnetic surface for phonics practice with magnetic letters or use the lined side for writing practice, modeled writing, or shared writing. Both sides of the board have a multitude of uses; you’ll find you use it daily. Rings atop the board hold large chart tablets or pocket charts and the tray is perfect for big books or displays.

    • Mobile
    • Easy assembly
    • 35-½” W x 30” D x 52” H
  • Lakeshore’s Carry-all Teacher’s Caddy

    Amy says: Grab Lakeshore’s Carry-all, mini portable desk, for organizing and toting everything you need. The eight side pockets provide easy access to smaller items while the interior is roomy enough for books, folders, and spirals. Use handy item in the classroom as you rotate to different learning groups, load several for classroom stations, carry to collaboration and planning meetings, take home, or keep things organized right on your desk. Take the tote anywhere and keep indispensable tools at your fingertips; organization is key.

    • 12 ¾” x 5 ¾” x 8”
    • Rugged canvas
    • Reinforced bottom

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The best new teacher supplies will help you survive day one and thrive in the rest of the school days. We recommend the best new teacher school supplies that include everything from timers to assessment tools. Always the best price, these education supplies ensure you can spend your time planning classes.