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The tweezer, the invention of which dates back to the Stone Age, is now a universally-used tool as common in operating rooms as it is in home medicine cabinets. And even though your needs may be quite different from those of a skilled surgeon, there are literally hundreds of tweezers on the market claiming to be your perfect partner for any need. With so many choices, how do you pick the perfect one for you?

With endless combinations of shapes, colors, and materials to pick from, how do you find the right tweezer to fit your needs? First, choose the right shape for the job: the most popular tips feature a slant, point, or round-shaped tip.

Slant-tip tweezers, with its ends machined to an angled tip, are the most common because they are easier and safer to use on eyebrows and other facial hair. Point-tip tweezers, with the tips honed to a sharp point, are much more precise for removal of splinters, very fine hairs, or whenever precision is required. Be very careful not to dig into your skin. Round-tip tweezers may lack precision, but are the safest option for teens, those with shaky hands, and the far-sighted.

A great pair of tweezers will grab hair with the first pull eliminating the frustration usually associated with a bad pair of tweezers. While most tweezer tips are formed in stainless steel, manufacturers recently introduced gold, high tech polymers, and even diamond particles to further improve the tip’s gripping ability. Regardless of your choice of tip material, a factory-mitered edge will also go far in improving your “grab”.

The body of your tweezer should always be metal to assure a long life for your trusted tool. Stainless steel is a long-time favorite for its durability and ease of disinfection between uses, while nickel-plated tweezers offer the surest grip. Gold and gold-plated metals are some of the high-end tweezer body finishes with a designer touch. A virtual rainbow of fashion color choices are also available to match any whim.

While the need for tweezers hasn’t changed since the ancient times, the latest high-tech advances now bring you such options as on-board L.E.D. illumination to hone in on your target, and special polymer tips that never wear out. With features like these, even the novice can achieve expert hair removal results in the comfort of their own home.

Before settling on your perfect pair of tweezers, consider the guarantees and other special incentives offered by the manufacturer, such as free lifetime sharpening.

Like any professional tool, your “new best friend” will serve you for many years with minimal care. Simply wipe it with an alcohol-saturated cotton ball to disinfect after each use. Always store your tweezers in their case or with their tip side up. Finally, dropping or using your tweezers as a screwdriver will result in misalignment, rendering them useless.

The best of the best tweezers are made of the highest quality materials, offer ergonomically correct form, and are hand-finished by expert craftsmen for perfect alignment and ease of use. Most importantly, the tweezers in this group are the best at grabbing hairs with style.

How do you pick the best eyebrow tweezers? Our experts explain the best hair tweezers for eyebrows, including little tips like making sure they have a metal handle for longevity.

Best Tweezers by Melanie Engle

The Best You Can Get

  • Mark V Diamond-Tipped Brow Tweezer

    Melanie says: The ultimate in luxury, minute diamond particles embedded in the tips are sure to grab hairs every time. Hand-crafted in Switzerland, these beauties are perfectly aligned and made out of stainless steel. Now includes a bonus compact.

    • Brows
    • Slant tip
    • Stainless steel
  • Rubis Gold Point Tweezer

    Melanie says: This ergonomically correct model is coated with dazzling gold, transforming tweezing into a fashion statement. The point tip is great for meticulous brow work. Finished by hand under a microscope by Swiss craftsmen. Precision guaranteed.

    • In-grown hairs, splinters
    • Point tip
    • Stainless Swedish steel
  • shu uemura Slant Tweezer

    Melanie says: Chosen by many professionals for its accuracy. Its dual use for brows and false eyelashes will save room in your makeup bag.

    • Brows, false eyelash application
    • Slant tip
  • Tweezerman Pointed Slant Tweezer

    Melanie says: Leave it to Tweezerman to come up with the perfect combination of tips. The perfect angle and point will help you get even the shortest chin hairs with ease! Offers free sharpening for life.

    • Coarse facial hair
    • Point and slant
    • Polished stainless steel
  • Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezer

    Melanie says: This unique tweezer is ultra light featuring holes in the body to ensure a tight grip and makes it easier to hold. Swiss engineering makes this a must have for your medicine cabinet.

    • All purpose
    • Slant

You will be happy with any of these

  • TNT The New Tweezer by Rubis

    Melanie says: This high-tech design will remove even the finest and shortest hairs. Best of all, these babies never need to be re-sharpened; simply wipe tip with alcohol to remove any residue. This Swiss innovation comes in five different colors to perfectly color-coordinate with your other cosmetics. Also highly recommend is their slant-tip version.

    • Ingrown hairs, splinters
    • Point tip
    • Stainless steel body
    • High-tech polymer tips
  • Mehaz Nickel Plated Gold-tip Tweezer

    Melanie says: A sure grip is a sure thing with this nickel plated surface creates a textured surface. When nothing but the best will do, Mehaz gives you the gold. German-made precision, and a lifetime guarantee.

    • Brows, hard to reach hairs
    • Slant tip
    • Gold tip
  • La Cross Diamond Tip Lighted Tweezer

    Melanie says: This new design features a soft LED light so you can actually see what you’re about to tweeze! Diamond coated tips offer a non-slip grip. Also comes with a mirror, perfect for tweezing on the go.

    • Brows
    • Slant tip
  • Tweezerman Round Tip Tweezer

    Melanie says: The safest tweezers on the market! The best part is that the round tip will stop you from digging into the skin. Perfect for the beginner, with the tips hand-filed to perfection.

    • Good for larger areas
    • Round tip
    • Polished stainless steel
  • Revlon Ultimate Tweezer Slant Tip

    Melanie says: With the mitered (textured) tips, you can grip every hair with ease. Hand finished.

    • Brows, hard to see hairs
    • Slant
    • Stainless steel

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