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Opening a bottle of wine is opening up a whole new world. The wine itself is the purpose and getting to the wine as quickly as possible without damaging the bottle, the cork or allowing strange non-wine things to enter your bottle is the goal. Luckily, there are as many ways to open a bottle of wine as there are bottles of wine and they run from elegant, to practical, to just plain fun. The corkscrew, the wing-style, the pump, the two pronged, the machine - all are simple and even attractive implements with different styles. There’s even a way to open a bottle of wine without using any tool at all except your very own hands.

But if wine is art, and it most assuredly is, at least much of it, then so are wine openers. Like cutlery and cooking utensils, it’s fairly easy to get carried away and spend a great deal of money on an opener. Everyone is different and seeks different ways to pursue the de-corking of their bottles and so the market bears a great many opportunities to express oneself.

Generally, the most extravagant wine openers are the hand-held and portable kind. Made from every material imaginable, corkscrews, as they are commonly called, are handcrafted, designed individually, and even engraved with personal information in some cases. Still, handheld isn’t the only way to go. There are table top openers, machine openers, openers that come with CO2 cartridges and open bottles in a split second, even openers that bear a small resemblance to woodland animals and are thusly named. Which one is best for you? The answer depends on your wine drinking habits. Do you mostly drink wine at home? Do you go portable mostly? Do you open many bottles at one time or just one at a time? The answers to these questions will help you decide which opener you’ll need.

The following is a list of wine openers from extravagant to simple, from practical to fun.

Having the best bottle opener is essential every day and when you're throwing a big party. Find the best wine opener and other wine accessories amid the many styles at the best price.

Best Wine Bottle Openers by Mark Storer

The Best You Can Get

  • Electropull II Electric Corkscrew

    Mark says: If you have what it takes, install this baby into your wine bar and become capable of opening up to 500 cork extractions per hour. The Electropull is about as big as a kitchen blender and removes the paper capsule from the neck of the bottle, extracts and ejects the cork in about three seconds. Rent it out to the local restaurants, and earn your money back!

    • Up to 500 cork extractions per hour
    • Takes about 3 seconds to open a bottle
  • The Cyklop Benchmounted Wine Opener

    Mark says: A popular device in restaurants and bars, the Cyklop is an elegant and simple machine with no cover over its internal workings. Hand operated and easy to use, the Cyklop allows anyone to open bottles in a few brief seconds with minimal effort.

    • Popular in restaurants and bars
    • Hand operated
    • Easy to use
  • Forge de Laguiole Corkscrews

    Mark says: The undisputed champion of corkscrews is quite simply an elegant handheld model. Laguiole corkscrews come in a variety of different materials and woods from cedar to olive to thuya and use only quality stainless steel. You can even get an optional leather sheath or custom designed wooden box. It’s balanced to fit your hand and has a lifetime warranty.

    • Available in a variety of different materials and woods
    • Elegant handheld model
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Optional leather sheath or custom designed wooden box
  • Rogar’s Estate Wine Opener with hardwood stand

    Mark says: These elegant table or bar-top models are singularly beautiful and based on a nineteenth century patent. They’re particularly good at adding to the design of a room that is in wine décor with a kind of old-west antique bronze feel. Tabletop models have the added advantage of being easy to use and very fast at removing corks. Most restaurants and bars use tabletop models.

    • Designed with an old-west antique bronze feel
    • Based on a 19th Century patent
    • Tabletop models very fast at removing corks
  • The Rabbit

    Mark says: The rabbit came to prominence more than twenty years ago with unique (at least for the wine market) television advertising. The rabbit is a simple metal gear device that looks… well, like a rabbit. One wraps the base of the implement around the neck of a wine bottle and squeezes “the ears” together while operating a small lever that goes in to the cork and pulls it out in one swift motion. It ejects the cork just as quickly, too for simple clean up and ease of use.

    • Looks like a rabbit
    • Simple clean up
    • Easy to use

You will be happy with any of these

  • Corkpops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

    Mark says: The fun factor is key here and while you do have to replace CO2 cartridges regularly, they’re not that expensive and the Corkpops has the “Wow” factor to make up for it. Simply insert the needle directly into the cork and depress the button, the CO2 cartridge fires and the cork is removed easily and quickly. This upgraded version features the ability to depress the button again to remove the cork rather than having to twist it off the end of the needle. This one is inexpensive, has a sleek design and is fun to use.

    • Fun to use
    • Has the “Wow” factor
    • Uses CO2 cartridges
    • Inexpensive
  • Professional Lever Wine Opener

    Mark says: It looks and operates like a rabbit, but it isn’t one and its design is somewhat different. Still, ease of use is the key here and aesthetic design makes it fun as well. It’s relatively portable, too, though it won’t fit in your pocket.

    • Looks and operates like a rabbit
    • Aesthetic design
    • Easy to use
    • Portable
  • Cuisinart Wing Corkscrew

    Mark says: Face it, as a kid, you played with your parents’ winged corkscrew. You know the one that has the little handle at the top and the levers on the side that made it resemble a person in many ways - or at least an alien? The Cuisinart comes from the venerable kitchenware company that puts a premium on quality and ease of use; simple design and durability are the keys to a quality product.

    • Durable
    • Simple design
    • Easy to use
  • Good Grips Winged Corkscrew

    Mark says: Good Grips took the winged corkscrew and added a plastic housing, saving the consumer money without trading durability. It’s a little bigger, more bulky than a regular winged corkscrew, but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in ease of use, price, and efficiency.

    • Easy to use
    • Efficient
    • Economical
  • Trudeau Handheld Corkscrew

    Mark says: Think of this as the thinking-man’s (I prefer that term to “poor man’s) Laguiole. These stainless steel handheld corkscrews combine a foil opener knife, corkscrew and lever with shapely design and simple beauty. I use one myself and I’m partial to it because I can take it anywhere, extract a cork rapidly and efficiently and I didn’t spend a small fortune on it. It’s durable, simple to use, and quite pretty, too.

    • Shapely design combines a foil opener knife, a corkscrew, and a leve.
    • Stainless steel
    • Very portable
    • Durable and simple to use
    • Economical

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