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Best Wine Rack & Best Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wine racks are art. They’re furniture and they’re lovely, even if you don’t like wine. They can start conversations, they can even end them with a fancy change of subject: “Have you seen my wine rack?” What they are not is an alternative to temperature-controlled spaces. In the best of wine keeping worlds, your wine should be kept at between 55 and 60 degrees with high relative humidity.

But let’s be honest, while there are a lot of people who like wine, not everyone can put in a wine cellar or wants to shell out for a wine refrigerator even. A wine rack, however, is not a serious change to your home, though it will enhance it surely. All that is really required is that your wines stay in a relatively cool place and preferably in a place where the temperature doesn’t swing that much. Many people use closets. I store extra wine (that doesn’t fit in my wine cooler) under the stairs in a dark closet where there are no furnace or air-conditioning vents. If the wine is going to be consumed within about three to six months, that kind of storage will do just fine.

Wine racks are also subjective based on what kind of décor you like. But these days, there are so many good choices that it’s hard to go wrong. There are a few things to consider, though, and like any good shopping experience, knowledge is the key. First, how many bottles do you want to store? Do you go through more than three bottles a week? Then you need volume. Do you prefer wood or metal racks? There is a difference and it’s not to be scoffed at. Metal racks are heavier, sturdier, and therefore harder to move around. Wood racks can be flimsier, but can also be modular (as can some metal racks) allowing you to add more as you build your collection.

Also, consider where your wine rack will be. Tile floors? Wine bottles can break if they fall off. Can you secure the rack to a wall or other piece of furniture? If you have a temperature-controlled area with fairly high humidity, don’t use carpeting, as it will eventually mold from the moisture. Choose flooring that’s easy to clean and build from there.

So, yes, it’s true that optimally, a temperature-controlled area is best for your wine. Those of you with basements or cellars have a natural storage area as long as the ambient temperature stays fairly consistent. Setting up your wine rack in such a space creates an almost natural cellar and is a great added space to your home. But, there is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on cooling or temperature-controlled spaces if what you’re trying to do is house a dozen or even five dozen bottles of wine, which will be consumed within the year. With that in mind, here is a somewhat subjective list:

Organize with the best wine rack choices. We recommend the best wrought iron wine racks, best wooden rack selections and other wine storage options that are always the best price on the Web.

Best Wine Racks by Mark Storer

The Best You Can Get

  • Compound Diamond Bin Premium Wine Rack

    Mark says: As Larry the Cable Guy might say, “I don’t care who ya are, that’s quality right there…” Mahogany wood, stores 220 bottles. Looks great in a cellar or in a temperature-controlled room or, in your dining room or even family room. The diamond pattern is actually a throwback to days of old in France when wine was stored underground in cases like this. It’s a beautiful system and ultimately, it carries the most bang for the buck in both aesthetics and storage space.

    • Mahogany wood
    • Stores 220 bottles
  • 79-bottle Wrought Iron Wine Rack

    Mark says: Wrought Iron strikes visions of deep, dark French wine cellars and old film noir based on Edgar Allan Poe stories. But the fact is, wrought iron is stylish, attractive, and, of course, darned strong. It has the satisfying “clank” that says you are a wine collector and if there’s a fire, your wine may well be ruined by the heat - but the rack will be just fine. Lots of storage space guarantees you can add to the collection and if you live in earthquake country, strap it to the wall and sleep well knowing the wine is just fine.

  • Display Top Redwood Wine Rack

    Mark says: Wine Racks America sells everything that you can imagine having to do with wine racks. It’s kind of a one-stop wine storage shop. They even build wine cellar kits, which is what you’d use if you have a wine cellar to put the kit in. The irony is that they’re located in Salt Lake City, Utah, not a town known for its conspicuous wine consumption. However, their dedication to handcrafted woodworking and extraordinary customization makes them a true leader in the wine rack field. This particular model has the added feature of a display top case, which allows you to see the bottles you have and store them appropriately. It can also be gotten for less money using Ponderosa Pine rather than Redwood. You can customize to hold as many bottles as you’d like, but at this price, you’ll have space for about 85 bottles.

    • Customizable
  • Regatta Wall Mounted Wood Rack

    Mark says: A very cool and truly artistic piece, this little guy is handcrafted from domestic American woods from which you can choose. It will hold five corks as décor from your favorite bottles and has a magnet for a metal corkscrew. True, it limits your “holdings,” but those it holds, it holds so well.

    • Handcrafted from domestic American woods
  • Mission Style Wine Cart

    Mark says: This gets big points for being a rather cool, even hip design. It’s on wheels so you can bring it to the backyard, the deck, the pool, or the kitchen. When you’re done, store it where you’d store your wine. It holds twelve bottles, which isn’t a lot, but if you’ve a small place or even an apartment, no need to go wanting of wine storage.

    • Cool design
    • Holds 12 bottles
    • Has wheels for portability

You will be happy with any of these

  • Table Top 48 Bottle Rack

    Mark says: This is another example of simple and elegant utility. Wood wine racks are the most popular without a doubt. That stands to reason, of course, because treated wood lasts a long time, is pretty to look at, if it’s not too ornate, it doesn’t go out of style and it can be at home anywhere you want it to be.

    • Treated wood
  • Orbital Two Table

    Mark says: A highly subjective choice on my part because this little guy only holds five bottles of wine. However, its styling is unique and the table on top is a bonus. It’s all good and well to have a wine rack, but the table is an added piece of decorative furniture, which, as I mentioned above, is a way to think about wine racks.

    • Unique styling
    • Holds 5 bottles
  • Winsome 92567 - Espresso 18 Bottle Wine Tower

    Mark says: You’re an apartment or condo dweller, maybe just a smaller-sized house. You’ve boned up on your wine reading and you’ve now collected a few good bottles. You want to store more than just a dozen bottles, but space is limited. The Winsome is designed for you. This beautiful piece of furniture stores eighteen bottles in individual drawers. It has space for plates of food, storage for stemware, and an extra drawer for corkscrews and other accoutrements. It’s also simply a pretty piece of furniture and is worthy of any wine collector who wants to show off a bit.

    • Great for smaller dwellings
  • Modular Redwood Racks

    Mark says: While Rosehill Wine Cellars is not the only modular Redwood rack maker, they do have hundreds of choices, tabletops, corner units and a whole lot of other choices. The quality redwood construction adds to not only the aesthetics, but also the quality and that makes these racks and racking systems a good choice.

  • SEI - Scrolled Iron Glass Top Wine Table

    Mark says: This is yet another furniture decision that is ideal for those who simply don’t have a lot of space or perhaps are just starting their wine collections. With a storage total of fifteen bottles, the table is not at all the largest rack you’ll find, but it is stylish, contains a glass-top table and acts as furniture as well as a wine rack. Just remember - temperature is everything.

    • Stores 15 bottles

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