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Carrying a bottle of wine is not necessarily an easy task. Unless the wine you’re bringing comes in a box, and I don’t always recommend those - though I’ve nothing against them either - bottles are, well… fragile. Drop a bottle and you’re probably going to spill your wine and it won’t be pretty. It will even be less pretty if it’s a good and perhaps expensive bottle of wine.

The answer to this quandary is a wine tote. Portable wine transportation is not terribly expensive and is a great way to both transport and protect wine on the go. Since the airlines have fairly well nixed bringing bottles of wine on an airplane, you’ll probably have to ship the wine to distant addresses. Whatever you do, don’t risk putting a bottle of wine into your checked bags. Most airlines do not pressurize the luggage compartments of aircraft and wine bottles have a tendency to break under those conditions leaving you with lovely smelling clothing, albeit not spring fresh. No, this will leave your clothes redolent of cassis, leather, and vanilla with a dark fruit core, and they will most certainly not be the color you want.

However, if you’re transporting to parties, friends’ homes, picnics, or wherever you enjoy a glass of wine, then a sturdy wine tote is the coolest thing in the world. Yes, the bottle you bring will impress your friends. But just like your friends are happy that you came, they’re more impressed if you come in a BMW. So it is true with your wine. They’ll be glad the wine is there, but more impressed with how it arrived.

Wine totes do tend to limit how many bottles you carry simply because wine bottles are heavy, and it’s assumed you aren’t going to bring a case of wine with you to a dinner party. However, you can transport multiple bottles safely and soundly. Here’s a list of the best ride for your wine.

The best wine tote comes in handy when you're going to friends for dinner. We suggest wine bottle tote bags that carry one or many bottles of your favorite wine anywhere.

Best Wine Totes by Mark Storer

The Best You Can Get

  • Picnic at Ascot Cooler on Wheels

    Mark says: The best wine tote wasn’t actually developed as a wine tote. However, modern picnic coolers take a step ahead and are built with wine bottles in mind. The added advantage is you can keep wine cool while also transporting it along with stemware, openers, and even some extra food if you’d like, and you don’t have to carry it. The wheels and extension handle allow you to carry as many as six bottles of wine safely without breaking and without straining your back.

  • Rhino Reserve Wine Carrier

    Mark says: Rhino wine gear is impeccable stuff and that’s why they made the list twice. Made for the serious wine collector, the Rhino Reserve carries up to six bottles, but it doesn’t have a cart. This means you have to have something of a strong back to lug it around when it’s full, but it more than makes up for that inconvenience with its aluminum light-weight shell, padded interior and classy design. If it’s too heavy, you can drop it. Go ahead, the wine won’t break. It’s well protected in there.

  • Cellar 6-bottle Wine Carrier with Trolley

    Mark says: The Cellar Wine Carrier is a real value as well as being a top-notch product. It’s made from strong nylon and thermal insulation. It will keep your wine or cheese or both or more at the proper temperature and it will keep them safe. The trolley is an added bonus. My favorite feature on wine totes, in fact, is the wheels. The less weight I carry, the better. And quite honestly, the closer to the ground the wine stays, the better, too.

  • Picnic Playground Malibu Riviera Edition Backpack Cooler

    Mark says: While it doesn’t boast wheels, it can be worn over your shoulders and on your back for true wine roughing-it to remote and far away places so you can drink your Chardonnay in peace and quiet. The Malibu is made of tough nylon material as well as plenty of compartments and a lot of room for two bottles of wine on the side and a picnic or a total of six bottles of wine.

  • AnnaSuzanna Wine Totes

    Mark says: Yes, they are trendy. Yes they only carry one bottle of wine. No, they don’t keep the bottle temperature controlled. No, they don’t come with wheels. They don’t have to. They’re hip. Yes, you can afford it. Yes, that is real Swarovski Crystal embroidered into the nylon bag. It’s reinforced, it comes with a corkscrew and it is THE thing to be carrying to your next wine party. Just make sure that it’s a small party because you’re only bringing one bottle.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Stacks and Stacks Vertical Oakwood 3-bottle Wine Carrier

    Mark says: Sometimes, aesthetics aren’t expensive. This one is all about style. It isn’t going to protect your wine bottles, it’s not going to temperature control them, it won’t even give you space for a corkscrew or napkins. It does, however, look awfully cool and it calls attention to its contents, not itself.

  • Wine Tote Estate

    Mark says: While it can really only carry two bottles, its unique design is actually for one bottle and a couple of glasses. This fits into the “cool” category of wine totes because it’s fairly versatile as a carrier. It also comes with two acrylic glasses, a wine stopper, and a corkscrew. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… more gifts that is.

  • Rhino Winegear Brunello Premium Tote

    Mark says: This neoprene tote is both useful and good looking. It’s insulated and can carry two bottles of wine and it’s tall enough to carry champagne or sparkling wine bottles as well. It comes in a variety of colors, comes with a corkscrew, and, of course, that neoprene material protects wine from breakage.

  • Built NY’s Clink Proof 6 Pack Wine Tote

    Mark says: These little beauties are everywhere these days. They really are the best value for utilitarian wine carrying. The neoprene material provides the advertised clink-proof ability while also being protective enough to stop a break if the tote falls from your hands. Simple and effective design is also a hallmark here and the Clink Proof Tote is also critique proof.

  • True Fabrications 6-bottle Midnight Harvest Tote

    Mark says: In keeping with all you trendy greens out there, True Fabrications has made a strong, light-weight natural fiber and bamboo tote bag for all your ecologically friendly wine parties. It’s truly attractive and while it’s not temperature controlled, it does have room to put an ice-pack in if you’d like. Just make sure you fill it with wines made using sustainable practices.

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The best wine tote is essential when you're going on a special picnic or taking wine to a friend's home. We recommend wine bottle totes that are durable so no worrying about breaking your favorite bottles of wine in your car or on the white rug. Always the best price, these wine bags are essential when you tote wine to your favorite spots.