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Ah, Shoes! Compared to clothing, they are by far the one item that you can easily go over-the-top with in color and design and still look good. They don’t discriminate by age or weight and can quickly pull together an outfit to make it memorable. It’s no wonder shoe fetishes abound - we collect them like Elizabeth Taylor collects husbands.

Heels make your legs look longer and your backside look great. There is a love-hate relationship with heels that many of us have: "comfortable stilettos" sounds like an oxymoron, but they are out there. Whether you prefer high heels, something comfortable, or a mix of the two, they’re covered here. The designers selected all have one thing in common: they all started their businesses making shoes and they each have a unique trademark that makes them well known. Whether its Jimmy Choo boots or Stuart Weitzman’s fabulous evening shoes, they each have something special that makes them the Best of the Best.

Choose the best women's shoes at the best price. Choose from high heels and other women's new shoes that offer the latest styles, made of the finest comfortable materials.

Best Womens Shoes by Teresa Morisco

The Best You Can Get

  • Christian Louboutin

    Teresa says: From Stephane Kelian to Sergio Rossi to the one-and-only Christian Louboutin, walking down the Rue de Grenelle in Paris is a shoe-lover’s paradise. Christian Louboutin’s boutique features each shoe individually in a Della Robia inspired niche - you are viewing works of art. With his opening in 1992, Christian created instant fans with his beautifully designed, sexy red-soled stilettos. His shoes are handcrafted in Italy with the finest of materials.

    What I love most about Christian Louboutin is that his line comprises more than just 4” stilettos that cause many to teeter down the street. He also has beautiful flats and exquisitely-detailed heels that are perfect for the office. The shoes are comfortable, feminine, and perfectly punctuate a woman’s style.

    • Known for signature red lacquered soles
    • Sizes: 36 to 41 (6 to 11)
  • Stuart Weitzman

    Teresa says: It’s no wonder Stuart Weitzman shoes are popular - his shoes fit perfectly. Weitzman creates over 300 shoes for each season with over two million sold annually. That’s a lot of shoes! Weitzman is known as a perfectionist who personally designs and sees his shoes through the entire production process. Handcrafted in Spain, one pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes takes six to seven weeks to make.

    Known for his evening sandals, his shoes incorporate a wide variety of unique materials from feathers to chrome to wood. His daytime heels are perfect for the office and especially loved by many because his shoes are one of the few offered in larger sizes and different widths.

    • Known for evening sparkle
    • Sizes: 4 to 12, 4 widths
  • Sergio Rossi

    Teresa says: Sergio Rossi is the ultimate fantasy on heels. The platform stilettos and sky-high glamour are indicative of the brand, but the lower-heeled shoes are also worth trying on. Handcrafted in Italy, Sergio Rossi shoes are made of the finest leathers and materials. There is a minimum of 120 steps involved in the handcraft of the shoe and the workmanship is superb.

    Sergio started designing shoes under his shoemaker father in the 1950s. He soon hit his stride when he began a formal collaboration with Gianni Versace and finally opened his first boutique in the 1980s. In 2006, Edmundo Castillo became the creative director and has successfully re-interpreted the brand. Sergio Rossi shoes still make the heart skip a beat.

    • Known for the ultimate fantasy shoe
    • Sizes: 6 to 10, M width
  • Jimmy Choo

    Teresa says: There is something that happens to a woman when she puts on a pair of Jimmy Choo boots. You can see it in her eyes, the way she walks, and that little laugh that seems to say, “Damn, I’m hot.” Their boots may have put Jimmy Choo on the map (and rightly so) but the heels are just as sophisticated and sleek.

    So, who is Jimmy Choo? The story goes that Tamara Mellon, an accessories editor at Vogue UK, approached Mr. Choo, who was a well-respected couture shoe maker in London, to start a ready-to-wear shoe line. Launched in 1996, Jimmy Choo quickly became the essence of stylish understatement. Expertly handcrafted, their shoes offer a range of heels and are completely walkable (for at least two hours.)

    • Sizes: 36 to 41 (6 to 11)
  • Taryn Rose

    Teresa says: Comfort couture is how I can best describe Taryn Rose shoes. Formally trained as an orthopedic surgeon and an admitted shoe-a-holic, Taryn created her collection by combining high fashion sensibilities with ergonomic design principles. Focused on a woman’s foot anatomy, the shoes provide a tighter heel area and anti-shock cushioning to decrease joint ache.

    The shoes are made with the finest materials by highly skilled artisans in Italy. Almost three hours of hand labor goes into each pair and you can tell once you put them on. Amazingly comfortable, these stylish shoes are the Mercedes Benz of comfort.

    • Known for stylish, orthopedic-inspired shoes
    • Sizes: 4 to 12, N + M widths

You will be happy with any of these

  • Cole Haan

    Teresa says: Known for their traditional, somewhat staid styles, Cole Haan shoes have been the ultimate pleasant surprise lately. Being a subsidiary of Nike may have something to do with it. A lot of their shoes incorporate the Nike Air technology which makes you feel like you’re walking on air they are so comfortable. One thing that hasn’t changed is the quality and detail of the shoes.

    The styles are lifestyle-appropriate, stylish, and comfortable. For an average price of $250, they’re well worth the expense. Cole Haan’s creative director, Gordon Thompson, (formerly Nike’s global creative director) was named 2004’s Accessories Designer of the Year by the Accessories Council. The number of styles churned out each season is impressive and I look forward to seeing more quality, modern designs that are now synonymous with the Cole Haan brand.

    • Known for using Nike Air soles
    • Sizes: 5 to 11, 3widths (B, AA, 4A)
  • Franco Sarto

    Teresa says: Franco Sarto brings modern well-made shoes to the masses at an affordable price. What I love about this brand is that the shoes are completely wearable and perfect for everyday. Franco was the designer behind Nickels, a much beloved shoe line in the 1980s. Since then, he launched his own line in 1994 and has been going strong ever since.

    Based in Italy, Franco Sarto still designs for the company (along with his son, Massimo) and hand sketches many of his designs. To keep the shoes affordable, fine leather is used in the uppers with man-made outsoles.

    • Known for European style
    • Sizes: 5 to 11, B Width
  • Biviel

    Teresa says: For those looking for a creative and funky look, Biviel is the perfect shoe to complete your outfit. Biviel is the sister brand to Spanish-based shoe company, Blay (also known for great design), whose signature rubber soles make walking that much more comfortable. They use soft Italian calfskin and unique colors to up the urban appeal.

    • Known for hipster comfort
    • Sizes: 6 to 11, B width
  • Calvin Klein

    Teresa says: For this price, every woman should have a couple of Calvin Klein shoes in their closet. The collection includes minimal and elegant designs for the basic shoe wardrobe: from office shoes to cute flats to evening heels.

    • Known for minimal elegance
    • Sizes: 5.5 to 10, B width
  • Arturo Chiang

    Teresa says: For the gal that stands all day, Arturo Chiang shoes are the perfect solution. The shoes have extra thick, puffy insoles that you just want to slip right into and never take off. Designer Arturo Chiang’s vision for his namesake brand is to bring couture styling to women in a more affordable, wearable way – I think he’s accomplished that. Designed in Italy, the shoes are made in Brazil with the best leathers and materials from around the world.

    • Known for padded insoles
    • Sizes: 5 to 10, B width

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