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Unless you’re a Longshoreman trying to impress the boss, rough hands are a real no-no; and those who exercise regularly using strength equipment, know just how tough a few hours a week in the gym can be on the hands. Calluses develop over time on the palms and at the base of the fingers from rigorous repetitive griping like that done on a free weight bar, a dumbbell, or the handle bar on a piece of gym equipment. Thus, a good pair of workout gloves can make the difference in creating a nice firm handshake you can be proud of, versus a swipe from a claw that could slice vegetables!

The function of a workout glove is to provide adequate protection and maximum grip, yet allow movement and flexibility for those exercises that require extension and/or flexion in the hand to be done properly. Most of the gloves on the market today are a fingerless design, that protects the palms yet allows the fingertips to move freely. There are also a few unique designs and lifting straps that fall under this category, and I’ve tossed those into the “Best of the Rest” for convenience.

The questions to ask about a workout glove are simple:

1. Does a glove protect the parts of the hand that need protecting?

2. Does a glove provide proper flexibility and grip that allow an exercise to be done properly?

3. Does it last and is it washable? Because a glove can start “barking” fairly quickly, if you know what I mean!

The best weight lifting gloves help protect your hands and give you the best grip when you're pumping iron. We suggest the best lifting gloves that provide flexibility and durability.

Best Workout Gloves by Lee Reherman

The Best You Can Get

  • Bionic Glove Fingerless Fitness Glove

    Lee says: With the Bionic Glove, you get the good relaxed grip you’re looking for, yet the flexibility for good range of motion in the fingers. The strategic padding on the areas along the fingers and palms prevent blisters and calluses. Also, the “Cool Max” material allows your hands to breath and thus stay cooler and less sweaty, plus the bright colors available look pretty cool, which is always a plus!

    • Ergonomic design via motion zones and breathable motion zones provides comfort and flexibility
    • Padding on the lower fingers and palm help reduce blisters and provides lower finger joint support
    • Wrist closure provides form fitting support & anatomical relief pads help reduce hand fatigue and improve grip strength
  • The Schiek(r) 530 Platinum Lifting Glove

    Lee says: The Schiek Platinum Glove is constructed with a durable non-slip padded palm and thumb and thick gel padding which all but eliminates the beating that causes blisters and calluses. The Velcro Strap is heavy duty too, which helps some movements if you’ve got weak wrists. A cool added feature is an easy-removable FIN system that let's you simply grab the fin extensions on the top of the glove to easily pull it off.

    • Durable Amara synthetic leather 1/8-in. thick gel padding
    • Easy-removal FINS
    • Non-slip padded palm and thumb 3/4-in. finger length
    • Double-stitching; 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    • Machine washable
  • Harbinger 1250 Training Grip Wrist Wrap Glove

    Lee says: This Harbinger Glove is especially good for the “free weight crowd” who plan on sticking to the heavier bar and dumbbell weights versus the machine and/or stack equipment. The TechGel comfort pads mold to your hands to protect them from the added stress of active heavier training. The unique Comfort Tech fabric, adjustable wrist closure, and curved finger design all make this a heavy-duty winner.

    • Innovative Curved finger design offers a natural, flexible, and comfortable fit
    • Extended fingers maximize hand protection
    • No-sweat lining wicks moisture away from your skin
    • Built-in wrist wrap for added wrist support
    • Hand washable
  • Nike Elite Training Glove

    Lee says: Nike delivers its usual consistency with the Nike Elite Training Glove. The padding and design of the palm is especially useful as it locks a bar, dumbbell, or handle bar properly in a comfortable part of the hand, where the padding is the most substantial. Also, the unique perforated pattern allows cooling ventilation and quicker drying.

    • Articulated palm padding provides flexible, comfortable protection for lifting
    • Tri-bolt silicone palm print improves grip and control
    • Moisture-wicking NikeFIT DRY Technology helps keep hands dry
    • Adjustable wrist wrap offers a secure fit for added support
  • Grizzly Power Training Wrist Wrap Glove

    Lee says: Grizzlies “Bear Claws” have been around seemingly forever, and the whistles and bells that have been added to create the Grizzly Power Training Wrist Wrap Glove are a successful example of technology and experience coming together. The Goat Skin leather is especially comfortable, and the wrist wrap support really separates this design, and justifies the premium price.

    • Reverse-grain goat skin leather with nylon spandex
    • Stretch terry back panel absorbs sweat
    • Reinforced stitched stress areas
    • Padded palms and thumb
    • Neoprene wrist wrap closure system provides additional wrist support

You will be happy with any of these

  • Everlast EverGel Glove Wraps

    Lee says: The EverGel Glove Wrap is designed primarily for boxers to wear under their boxing gloves, but as an exercise glove it provides unparalleled support for the knuckles, hand, and wrist. Especially effective for beginners who are looking to get into power lifting, or someone recovering from an injury, this glove does an excellent job of stabilizing the wrist and helping grip the free weight bar.

    • State-of-the-art protection for knuckles, hand, and wrist
    • Elastic and neoprene construction
    • Rubber palm for sure grip
    • Hook-and-loop tabs for firm wrist support
  • Valeo Neoprene Glove

    Lee says: The Valeo Neoprene Glove has unique web design that looks more like a flipper than a glove, which certainly may get some attention at the gym. But regardless of form, the glove function is great. And if you dread the feel of pulling off a super sweaty glove at the end of a workout, then the Valeo is for you.

    • Four finger loops
    • Comfortable terry-lined vented neoprene with nylon outer shell
    • Non-slip palm pad
    • Hook and loop closure
    • Washable
  • Sammons Preston Rolyan Traction and Deluxe Exercise Glove

    Lee says: The Sammons Deluxe Exercise Glove has a really unique design that is more “griping system” than glove. Sammons builds hi-end medical rehabilitation equipment, and this glove is a product of that expertise. Four rubber bands attach on one end to each fingertip, and on the other end to the wrist strap, thus creating a “cup” with the hand. This is ideal for those with a fragile grip or wrists, and the heavy-duty design is super durable.

    • Soft, comfortable stretch nylon fabric with eyelets at fingertips
    • Comes with 4 rubber bands
    • Hook to attach rubber bands on the leather-back hook and loop wrist strap
    • Hook tabs that attach to Soft Touch Velfoam loop at wrist for flexibility of finger positioning
  • Flex Sports Neo-Padded Power Straps

    Lee says: If you haven’t been to the gym for sometime, you might think that lifting straps are only for the “meatheads” who sleep under the squat rack! But the Flex Sports Neo-Padded Power Strap is not your Granddaddy’s Power strap. The neoprene wrist yields the same wrist stabilization that many of the gloves provide, and the 20” strap gives anyone an “iron grip” when pulled tight.

    • Natural cotton fiber to ensure maximum comfort and grip
    • The poly-core gives the 1.5” width webbing strength and durability
    • The standard 20” length fits all sizes
    • A layer of extra thick (6mm) neoprene wraps around the wrist for comfort
  • Altus Lifting Hooks

    Lee says: The Altus Lifting Hook is like the “spit-ball” of power-lifting. But for those of us who are not competing for the dead-lift crown of our high school, the lifting hook is a great way to take a weak grip out of the workout equation. Much like the Sammons Glove, if a persistent injury prevents a solid grip, and thus prohibits a decent workout, the Altus Lifting hook is the answer.

    • Fights hand fatigue
    • Enhances grip for more intense workout and increased reps
    • Transfers weight to arms, shoulders, and back
    • PVC coated steel hooks with heavy-duty nylon adjustable wrist straps for secure fit

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With the best weight lifting gloves, you'll prevent calluses from developing when repetitively gripping the weight bar. These lifting gloves also offer proper flexibility so you can do your exercise the right way. We also suggest Harbinger weight lifting gloves and other gym gloves that are easy to wash so you can concentrate on your workout not stinky gloves.