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Once a year, fashionistas and pet lovers flock to New York City for the annual Pet Fashion Week trade show. It’s an event filled with colorful trade booths and expensive runway shows rivaling Bryant Park. Don’t be fooled by the name of the event, it has much more to offer then just pet fashion. It’s a whole world of pet design ranging from clothing, accessories, beds, dinner wear, gourmet treats, grooming supplies, leashes/collars, carriers, and pet marketing services.

I was on hand for the third year in a row trend-spotting and snagging interviews with the hottest up and coming new designers. Some key trends to watch out for include wall-mounted fixtures like feeders and cat scratchers and more modern, aesthetically pleasing cat products to coordinate your home interior. Clothes for both dogs and cats are becoming more about dressing “with” your pet instead of “dressing up” your pet. Pet style is about reflecting the owners’ personal sense of taste and fashion including their home decor.

There were many stunning, new designers showing at PFW, but here are the “Best In Show”!

Best of Pet Fashion Week by Dara Foster

The Best You Can Get

  • Roving Woolens - Vintage Bobbi Coat

    Dara says: Much like an heirloom blanket or hand knitted Irish sweater, the Vintage Bobbi Coat by Roving Woolens is one of the finest pet garments I’ve ever seen. Brand new to the pet market, this collection is exquisitely handmade by Mandy M. Miller a fashion-loving veterinarian turned designer. This Norwegian Felt Coat is tailored for BOTH cats and dogs, but I promise you’ll want one for your self, too!

    • Made from Premium Norwegian Felt
    • Hand dyed
    • Designed by a DVM with pet comfort a priority
    • Handmade felted accents
    • Luxury at its best
  • Modern Critter - Cat Scratcher and Perch

    Dara says: Leading the new cat furniture trend, Modern Critter solves several long stand cat product design problems. Finally a modern, beautiful multifunctional cat scratcher and perch that can be leaned or mounted on a wall to replace the ugly carpeted scratching posts we’re used to. The other genius element of this design is that it uses replaceable FLOR carpet tiles. Once the carpet becomes plucked and unsightly, simple replace it with a new FLOR tile. You can change and customize this scratcher forever. The wood is also coated with a clear scratch-resistant coating for lasting beauty.

    • Modern, innovative design
    • Can replace unsightly, traditional carpeted cat scratchers
    • Customizable with FLOR carpet tiles; two ECO-friendly Terra tiles included
    • Scratch-resistant coated wood
    • Can be wall-mounted
  • Manfred of Sweden - Jan Olofsson 1960s Rock Tees

    Dara says: Famous 1960s rock photographer, Jan Olofsson, has captured the spirit of the 1960s like no other photographer. Just so happens he’s also friends with the founders of Manfred of Sweden and a huge dog lover. When approached about using his images for dog fashion, he gave exclusive rights to Manfred Of Sweden. Now, your dog has wearable art guaranteed to spark conversations between art and music lovers.

    • Pictures shot by legendary photographer Jan Olofsson
    • Sold and designed exclusively by Manfred of Sweden
    • High quality cotton fabric
    • Wearable art
  • United Pets - Quetzal Food Spoon

    Dara says: Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that catch our attention and the Quetzal Food Spoon is no exception. This little utilitarian piece of art is designed for digging into hard to reach corners of canned pet food. Its handle is slightly curved and one edge is pointed making it possible to reach every last morsel. It’s also very comfortable to hold and could be used for people food, too. Available in six delicious colors.

    • Designed for pet food containers
    • Curved for easy access
    • Pointed on one end for reaching corners
    • Available in red, lime, blue, pink, orange, purple
    • Comfortable to hold
  • HugX Pet Feeder

    Dara says: Winner of the Pet Fashion Week Life Style Innovation Design Award, HugX bowl stole the show as the most innovative feeder at the event. I was lucky enough to be one of the judges for this award and was blown away by the intelligent design of this product. This bowl was designed by a team of designers who worked for Mercedes and Audi which accounts for the car-like curve of the frame. The bowl is also tilted to allow the cat or dog total access to food in every corner. The non-skid feet and bowl easily come off for a quick rinse and can be swapped for a different color. Carrying cases are also available for easy packing when on the road.

    • Winner of PFW LifeStyle Innovation Design Award
    • Tilted for easy access and tag noise reduction
    • 32.5-degree curvature
    • Bowl and non-skid “paws” interchangeable
    • Special tilt angle design for portion control

You will be happy with any of these

  • Modruff - Martingale Collar

    Dara says: Using less traditional dog collar materials, Modruff’s modern take on the martingale collar had the fashionistas and big dog owners at PFW buzzing with excitement. Made from soft, natural rubber, this collar slips over your dogs head to prevent them pulling when on lead. They are currently available in eight fun colors including a soon to be released glow-in-the-dark version.

    • Lightweight
    • Martingale design
    • Natural materials
    • Available sizes ranging from 8”-22”
  • United Pets - Bubble Fishbowl

    Dara says: Have you ever cruised the isles of a pet supply store wishing there were more creative choices for displaying your aquatic friends? Look no further than the Bubble Fish Bowl by United Pets. At first glance, I thought this was a treat jar, but when I learned that it was designed for fish, it made it even more interesting. The bubble is glass while the feet are a sturdy plastic material. It’s available in six fun colors.

    • Glass and plastic
    • Available in orange, light blue, yellow, red, lime, and lavender
    • Removable top
    • Artful way to display fish
  • Toru Rock N’ Roll Clothes

    Dara says: If your dog longs for the days of Afros and Pink Floyd, he’ll rock out in Toru’s Dogadelic Tee. Toru was a new “break-out-brand” at Pet Fashion Week, and had the crowd calling for an encore. The company’s founders are serious about dog-rock and actually formed a dog rock band called LIXX to raise money for The Good Dog Foundation.

    • Vintage rock inspired
    • Funny
    • XS-XL
  • Found My Animal - Rope Leash

    Dara says: One of the best kept secrets at PFW was this new brand - Found My Animal. A business combining fashion and a passion for helping rescue dogs. Each leash is hand made from soft, nautical grade rope wit a sturdy brass hook. Proceeds from each leash go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation to help pay for spay/neuter and adoption programs. Each leash also comes with a numbered brass tag as a reminder to how many dogs have been helped from the purchase of these leashes. This would make a perfect holiday gift for any dog owner!

    • Beautiful, sturdy
    • Handmade
    • Proceeds go to charity
    • Stylish numbered brass tag included
  • KevyK Stone Pet Feeder

    Dara says: If you’ve been searching for a travertine or Onyx pet feeder to match your fancy floor tiles and kitchen counters, then look no further than KevyK. Selected as a finalist for the PFW Lifestyle Innovation Award, this design was a stand out for its unique, exquisitely handcrafted stonework. Each piece is a seamless work of art with a removable stainless bowl for easy cleaning. These feeders have substantial weight to them making them unlikely to travel across the room when really digging in. Perfect for cats and dogs.

    • Hand carved and polished
    • Available in Ruby Onyx, White Onyx, Green Onyx, & Pink Onyx
    • Removable stainless bowl
    • Heavy to prevent floor travel
    • Looks beautiful in any setting

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