Best Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are used to create the soft, wavy, feminine tressels that are in right now - just look at Carrie Underwood, Gisele Bundchen, and Kate Hudson. This year’s Oscar night updos of Jessica Alba and Kate Blanchette were absolutely beautiful, perfect examples of the outcome of hot rollers! The larger the roller size the softer the wave, the smaller the roller size, the curlier the look.Rollers today are a little more sophisticated than the olden days... Read more
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Meet Jillian Seely

Picture of Jillian Seely

Jillian Seely:
Hair Expert

Jillian’s passion for hair and making people look beautiful has made her one of the most respected hair stylists in the industry. A 16-year veteran, she caters to a high profile clientele including many celebrities, sport stars, and political figures. She began her training at Vidal Sassoon and continued at the London School of Makeup where she studied film hair and makeup.Currently working as a... Read more

Best Wall Organizers

The Final Frontier:Do you always lose your keys? Forget important appointments? Do you get to the grocery store and forget what you needed to buy? Staying organized and in control of your life is not an easy job. No need to fret, luckily there are some great organizational products out there to help you run your life smoothly and effortlessly. They can even add a touch of style to your home as well! When you have used up every countertop, drawer and... Read more
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Meet Jill Pollack

Picture of Jill Pollack

Jill Pollack:
Organization Expert

Jill Pollack became an organizational expert after over ten years as a TV producer. She worked at CBS News, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, Extra, and ended her illustrious career with the primetime reality show of The Wedding of Trista and Ryan (The Bachelorette). Knowing her talent for persuasion and getting things done, she decided to utilize her highly honed organizational skills to truly help... Read more

Best Garden Stools and Kneelers

If you find yourself letting the weeds grow to knee height because it’s easier to pull them, wonder if it is possible to hire a gardening-aid dog to fetch pruners and trowels, or secretly plan a raised bed garden; then a garden stool or kneeler bench is the ideal accompaniment. Garden seats and kneelers are very handy and reduce the stress and strain on ankles, knees, hips, and the back when doing tasks low to the ground.Some seats and kneelers also have... Read more
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Meet Anne Marie Van Nest

Picture of Anne Marie Van Nest

Anne Marie Van Nest:
Gardening Expert

Anne Marie Van Nest has worked as a professional horticulturist for the last two decades. Most recently at the University of Texas at Austin in the Plant Resources Center (Herbarium). Formerly, she was an instructor at the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens and School of Horticulture. For over ten years, Anne Marie has worked as a contributing writer and horticultural editor for Canadian Gardening... Read more