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For over twenty years, Amy Williams has been one of the leading educators in the Lone Star State, creating unique, innovative lessons and progressive educational programs, teaching students to be lifetime learners and making a difference with children in the classroom.

Williams is a long-time teaching veteran whose love for teaching, students and learning prompts her to stay current and on the cutting edge. She believes that educators should continue professional training. Over the years, Williams' training has included hundreds of hours of extensive training in cooperative learning, project integration, brain-based learning, Thinking Maps, cognitive coaching, balanced literacy, the Reading Academy, Social Studies Alive, Student Support Team, Capturing Kids Hearts, Guided Reading training, Reading and Writing Workshop, Inquiry Science, Bloom's Taxonomy and many more. Williams is also a certified Gifted and Talented instructor. Williams has enjoyed extensive workshop training with Dr. Joyce Carroll and her forward-thinking, process-based writing program.

The majority of her experience has been as an integral part of elementary education in two National Blue Ribbon Schools, both recognized by the US Department of Education, Kent Elementary in Carrollton and Sleepy Hollow Elementary in Amarillo.

Bluebonnet Café, her co-authored integrated program and book, (Interact 1996) has been sold to a number of districts and has inspired progressive teaching across the country from Texas, Iowa, to North Carolina. The Bluebonnet Café was a big hit in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, growing each year and receiving print and television media coverage numerous times.

Amy has appeared on several news programs in Texas as well as appearing on Good Morning Texas to share expert advice on starting innovative educational programs.

In addition to Bluebonnet Café, Williams co-authored a multicultural-inspired reading program, Read Around the World: Frequent Reader Club (ABC For Real 2000) and has been published in the Texas Council of Social Studies on integration of economics in the elementary classroom. She has also published articles and photos in New Mexico Outdoors,,, Southwest Outdoors, Amarillo Globe News, So Many Fish So Little Time, Flyfishing Southwestern Colorado, Trout Fishing Sourcebook, Southwest Flyfishing, Rocky Mountain Game and Fish and Texas Council of Social Studies.

Amy has led seminars of all kinds including sessions at the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and for the Texas Council of Social Studies. She actively applies her learning and shares with others while also serving on leadership teams, or as team leader and mentor, or model teacher for induction year teachers. Williams is also the recipient of two substantial grants for hands-on integrated economics and critical thinking, Power Hour, based on brain research.

Williams has enjoyed many awards throughout her career with the highlights including being chosen VIP of the Year by Carrollton-Farmers Branch for being a "model in the teaching profession" and as a Lifetime Member for the Texas Council of PTA for "distinguished service to children and youth." The Lifetime award is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed by the Texas PTA. Most recently Amy was recognized by NBC/KAMR as Teacher of the Week. She is a member of the Association of Texas Professional Educators and holds a lifetime teaching certificate for first through eighth grades.

When not teaching, Amy lives in Amarillo and enjoys traveling the world with her husband, taking photographs, writing freelance articles and books, climbing 14ers, fishing for trout, visiting with family and playing with her dogs Princess and Piper.
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