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Jess Zaino just wrapped up the style competition show, Glam God, to air in August on VH1. She co-hosts the Style Network's Modern Girls Guide to Life and appears as the on-air stylist for top Style Network shows, How Do I Look? and The Look for Less. She regularly appears as a trend expert on the Home Shopping Network's Style Report and her expertise has been featured on VH-1, TV Guide Channel's Fashion Team, USA Network's Before and After'noon Movie Makeover and more. Traveling to nationwide locations, Jess hosted the "Make It Mine" trend event series for Nordstrom and works with several known brands including YAZ, Hello Kitty, and KMS California as a lifestyle host for Satellite Media Tours. Additionally, she writes a monthly fashion column at and hosts a style podcast for E! Entertainment, manages 3000+ friends on her MySpace style page and posts to her blog, Trendster at
  • Best Fashionable USB
    A USB flash drive is a NAND-type flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB (universal serial bus) interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, much shorter than a floppy disk (1 to 4 inches or 2.5 to 10 cm), and weigh less than 2 ounces (60 g). Storage capacities typically range from 64 MB to 32 GB with steady improvements in size and price per gigabyte. Some allow 1 million write or erase cycles and have 10-year data retention, connected by USB 1.1 or USB 2.0. Huh? I just know it as the little stick thingee that is no bigger than my house key but carries my most personal documents and pictures in its magical little size. With a quick plug in to any computer, all of your business is at your fingertips. Typically they will run between $10 and $50, but I have found the Best of the Best that go for more. A LOT more. Great things do come in small packages.
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  • Best COS-Medics (A.K.A. Medical Bling)
    When I hear the words ‘medical’ and ‘bling’ they are not normally words I would consider in the same sentence, let alone as a fashion trend. With the emergence of rhinestone Blackberry's and Swarovski crystal encrusted, ummm... everything, the medical world has been bitten by the bling bug. Our friends at Trendhunter were the first folks to shout out the hospital haute couture, so inspired by them, I am using my 18k gold x-ray vision to scope out the sparkly. Perhaps one of the items will be just what the doctor ordered.
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  • Best Designer Tech Accessories
    Even geeks love a good accessory. Especially when it comes attached to some techie, gadget-y, and science-like type of contraption. As a girl who loves accessories and nerds, this was a fun avenue to pursue for the purpose of retail research. If it has rhinestones and a plug, I am in. There are many ways in the words that follow to combine the evolution of technology with the love of accessory. Welcome to glamour geek chic.
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  • Best Organic T-Shirts
    Everyone is going green in an effort to save our beautiful planet. The old school offerings of unattractive and ill-fitting hemp pants have given way to gorgeous couture creations. Most clothing lines are now incorporating organic fabrics and dyes and eco-friendly working environments. What is organic fabric? You already know the answer to this. Organic cotton is cotton that’s grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, which leads to less environmental damage and health risks. There are so many lovely tees available these days that both look great on and are good for the world, too! Find a fit that best suits you and wear it in eco-friendly pride.
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  • Best Belts
    It is the year of the belt! Belts are celebrated everywhere from loopholes to cinching waists. They have certainly made their way to become the current staple of American accessories. If you are not a fan of the traditional purpose of a belt to hold up your pants, there are many fun ways to wear one. If you've got a billowy tee or a trendy and loose baby doll, you can belt it with a wide belt creating the illusion of a very tiny waist. Some belts come embellished with rhinestones or studs and you can rock the rocker look or cowgirl queen with what ensemble you choose to pair it with.
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  • Best Print Fashions
    As a road-tested, mother-approved trendster, it is my community responsibility to serve you up the trends hot and fresh. Something we've seen a dash of this season but comes on stronger in the next year are prints. Bold, loud, and proud prints. On everything from dresses to shoes from floral to architecturally chic straight designs. Fall '08 boasts a sleek and mature look so pick up a print dress now as a precursor of what's to come.
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  • Best New Designers to Watch
    Everyone loves the couture houses and big names of Yves Saint Laurent or Michael Kors but how about the kid in his basement making one of a kind distressed pieces or the ultra-cool cool kids of the hipster persuasion rocking out with the trends before they hit big. Madonna is most known for taking fashion from the street and bringing it to the mainstream and as a celebrity stylist and trendsetter, it's important to keep up with what's going on in the underground to bring it to the masses.
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  • Best Sexy Heels
    From former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos (who possessed 1,200 pairs of shoes) to Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, women have long had a love affair with shoes. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the female shoe is the selfless lover. Heels, if done correctly, are a work of sexy art. They shape a women’s silhouette to lengthen the legs, lift the bum and add an air of mystery and intrigue to any look. A woman in heels is an iconic, irresistible look, so sample some of the best in foxy footwear.
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  • Best Women’s Boots
    As Nancy Sinatra sings, ‘Boots are made for walking’ and might I add, for strutting and stomping down the street or in the office with sass. Whether it’s a cowboy boot, a Ralph Lauren riding flat, or the newest thigh-high high heel numbers, boots are like a Super Hero staple in a women’s wardrobe. They can knock down tall men with a single wear. Never fear, this guide will assist you in bringing out your inner boot bitch.
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  • Best Vintage
    Fashion is not about reinventing the wheel. It's about taking history to make history. Most trendsetters can look back to centuries of style for inspiration of what can work for today. Chanel's iconic Little Black Dress was created in 1926 and has flawlessly adapted with each decade to remain our most beloved fashion piece. Vintage is a second (or third or fourth) hand garment with a lifespan of over twenty years. People enjoy vintage clothing because of the fine materials used, the snug fit of sizes past and of course, the uniqueness of the piece. Popular places to buy vintage clothing include charity-run second hand clothing shops, garage sales, flea markets, antique markets, estate sales, auctions, vintage clothing shops, and online. Rule number one for vintage couture: never alter. If you have name-brand vintage clothing, altering it automatically kills the value. Also important to preserving and maintaining pieces in good condition is storage in acid-free boxes and tissue paper. Some vintage pieces are essential for the present while some can be left to their past.
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  • Best Must-have Accessories
    When a woman puts on a little black dress, she can make it her own by choosing the right accessories to cater to her personal style. Feeling flirty? Pair your simple dress with a fuchsia plastic bangle bracelet. Want a more grown-up look? Pair with pearls. It is with this diversity that the accessory is the chameleon of the fashion world. That being said, I wonder if there are any accessories made with chameleon skin? We might be onto the next must-have accessory here. Accessories are of course subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so below I have my own take on some must-have accessories that go outside of the conventional, classic box and incorporate my personal tastes of luxury with a twist of edge.
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  • Best Chic Sunglasses
    Style isn't always functional, but when it comes to your eyes, it's best to choose a sun spec that protects your eyes while keeping your look effortlessly fabulous. Sunglasses are wonderful accessories to add to an ensemble, and the right pair can make or break a look. There are so many sizes and styles for shades but there are a few key rules to follow. Staying on trend with sunglasses is fun if you can find an inexpensive pair of white-rimmed or oversized specs at the local flea market, but if are looking to invest in a sturdy and powerful pair that say you are ready for anything and flatter your face, some retail research needs to go into your purchase. The frame you choose for sunglasses should be in proportion to your face. A smaller frame looks best on a smaller face so don't go for the oversized shades. Stick with something that's a bit more narrow in width. Keep the larger frames for a larger face. As a general sunglass style rule of thumb, the frame shape should be the opposite of the shape of your face. As for maintenance, make sure to take good care of your sunglasses by washing them in non-abrasive soap and warm-water. Dry them with a lens-cloth or cotton towel. Never use paper towels. And always store them in their case to avoid scratching and debris build-up.
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  • Best Fun Flip-Flops
    High heels are certainly a staple for evening attire and running shoes are perfect for the gym, but since it’s summer and you're ready to get footloose and fancy free, let's talk about flip-flops. Flip-flops have a style of their own, different from other types of shoes. These comfy and casual shoes were inspired by a Japanese thong sandal but came into their American own in the '50s. Today flip-flops can be paired with almost anything from a cute sundress to your best bathing suit. Sometimes embellished with buckles, jewelry, crystals, fringes, and beading, flip-flops can be made of leather, suede, patent leather, metallic finishes, fabric, and other materials. It's easy to pick up a cheapie pair at the local pharmacy that will do you right throughout the warmer months, but those with a discerning eye for fashion can oomph up their original flip-flop style in high style with some unbelievably over the top choices.
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  • Best Sundresses
    It's the summer of dresses, rather the year of the dress. We ladies love our jeans but lately, fashion houses have been designing a more lady-like look with fitted dresses fit for any occasion. What's so fun about a sundress is that can be worn as short as you’re willing to go or as long as a summer day. Where some dresses and skirts are meant to be layered and dressed up, the sundress is worn alone allowing the fun colors and patterns to shine. The sundress invokes a breezy feeling that allows women to wear their favorite styles in lightweight fabrics that are as perfect for a BBQ as it is a run to the mall. Pair your sundress with some exotic flip-flops, a high wedge heel, or a sexy slingback, and you're ready to wow ‘em. For the cooler nights, cover up with a cute denim jacket or colorful wrap.
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  • Best Swimwear
    Summertime. When the living is easy, except for those who dread getting into a swimsuit for the neighbors and friends. Even the most glamorous and fit of women shutter a bit to think of baring their all in a bathing suit, but I am happy to offer you the best of beach chic with swimwear for all shapes and sizes for your most confident self. Buying a swimsuit has a lot to do with beauty because it’s more about perceptions than it is actual good looks. The fact is, with the right attitude, nearly any woman’s swim suit will look good to men, provided there’s a woman in it. There are many sexy swimwear trends emerging this summer that will have you thinking you're on the beaches of Nice or the Serengeti starting with the wonderful African animal prints. If you're looking to channel your inner goddess, go for glamour with a one-shoulder embellished piece perfect for lounging poolside. All of these beautiful prints and styles are also made with revolutionary fabrics so fear not, the best suits will nip and tuck and lift your bum as high as the summer sun.
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