Jim Silver
Jim Silver: Toy Expert
Jim Silver is editor-in-chief and co-publisher of Toy Wishes: The Ultimate Guide to Family Entertainment. Toy Wishes is the preeminent guide for holiday and summer toy shopping, children’s entertainment, and parenting tips. This one-of-a-kind publication previews and reviews the hottest and coolest new toys and family entertainment products throughout the year. The Toy Wishes "Hot Dozen" – the twelve toys predicted to be the most in demand – has been the most consistently cited hot toy list since the magazine’s debut in 1999.

Jim Silver is also editor-in-chief of trade publications Royaltie$: The Journal of the Licensing Industry and Toys & Family Entertainment at aNb Media.

Working within the publishing and toy industries for 25 years has enabled Silver to work with and glean knowledge from a wide array of manufacturers, retailers, licensors, and licensing agents worldwide from the most prestigious to local mom and pop establishments. Learning the ins and outs of these different businesses has helped Silver to become a leading expert on the toy, licensing, and family entertainment industries.

As a toy, licensing, and family entertainment expert, Silver has appeared on hundreds of television programs and is quoted in more than 500 print interviews a year.
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