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John Gaudiosi has spent the past 16 years covering the $50 billion videogame industry for international print, online, and television outlets. John began reviewing games for The Washington Post while an undergrad and graduate student at George Mason University, which led to full-time positions with Incite Videogames and MCV USA magazines. John also held full-time editorial positions at CNET GameCenter and Video Business before moving into full-time freelance work for outlets like the Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Wired magazine, Playboy magazine, GamePro magazine, AOL Games, Yahoo! Games,,,, Entertainment Weekly, NVISION Magazine,, and Reuters.

John travels the globe interviewing game makers, visiting sets of films based on games, and interviewing athletes involved in videogames. He also produces documentaries on videogames, including Hollywood Goes Gaming, which aired on Starz Entertainment and now is available as a Web series through his new videogame video distribution company, Interactive Broadcast Group. John also works as a consultant for the videogame industry and those looking to become part of the burgeoning business.
  • Best Gaming PC Laptops
    When it comes to gaming on the go, new technology from chip makers like Nvidia and AMD have allowed gaming laptops to become smaller, lighter, and more powerful. Most importantly, many of today’s gaming laptops also last much longer on a charge, which is a must for those long flights. The following is a rundown of some of the best gaming laptops money can buy, followed by a list of some of the best buys for your money.
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  • Best PS3 Accessories
    Sony’s PlayStation 3 is backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 games, but not with PlayStation 2 controllers. So those upgrading to Sony’s Blu-ray Drive console will need to seek out additional controllers. And there are plenty of options out there for this console, including the earlier SIXAXIS controllers that offered motion-sensor controls and the new controllers with vibration built back into them (the result of a lawsuit settlement) and tilt-functionality.

    When it comes to just how many controllers the PS3 can handle, there are many different hardware iterations (especially for such a new console). Sony’s 80GB, 60GB and 20GB PS3s have four USB ports for controllers. The streamlined 40GB PS3 only has two. But all versions support up to seven controllers, which only use the USB ports to charge the wireless controllers. The Bluetooth controllers connect wirelessly with the PS3.
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  • Best Wii Accessories
    Nintendo has revolutionized the way people play games with its Wii, which utilizes motion-sensor controllers to physically get players involved in the on-screen action. The Wii comes packaged with a five-game Wii Sports disc (tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing, and golf) and one remote controller (which looks like a TV remote) and one Nunchuck controller (which is used by some games for navigation through a game world). The Wii’s motion is captured by a sensor bar, which is placed on top of or at the bottom of the TV.

    Both Wii controllers react to movement, which means playing a lightsaber duel in LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is much like the toy battles fans have waged in parking lots. Reeling in a fish in Sega’s Bass Fishing is done much like a real rod (especially if you buy the rod accessory). This interaction has attracted new gamers young and old and introduced new ways for accessory companies to get involved in the fun.
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  • Best Xbox 360 Accessories
    When it comes to video game consoles, game manufacturers always provide gamers with just enough to get started in the box. For the most part, that means a single controller. Given that today’s console games support four players, which means additional controllers (they haven’t been called joysticks since the ‘80s) are a must.

    A cottage industry has been built around game accessories over the decades (2007 U.S. sales alone raked in $621.6 million), offering mainstream gamers the option to pilot a virtual jet with a plastic flight stick and throttle and NASCAR fans the opportunity to downshift in traffic with an authentic steering wheel, gear shift, and floor pedals.

    There are so many options out there for gamers, many of them available across multiple consoles, that there’s literally something for everyone. And the offerings go beyond NHL-themed controllers or Halo 3-themed console carrying cases. The following are just some options for Xbox 360 gamers looking to get more into the game.
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  • Best PS2 Accessories
    When it comes to videogames, Sony’s PlayStation 2 has been going for a record nine years with no slowdown. Sony has sold over 130 million consoles and gamers are still snatching up the system at a rate of about 200,000 a month. That bodes well for game accessories makers, as well as PS2 consumers because there are plenty of accessories out there and a lot of choices.

    Things should only get better once Sony drops the PS2 price down to $99 in 2008, opening up the floodgates to even more gamers late to join the bandwagon. In addition, there will be new Rock Band controllers, dance pads, and steering wheels for some time to come as new games continue to expand the PS2 library, which is already the largest of any game console in history.
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