Lori Kaplan
Lori Kaplan: Lingerie Expert

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  • Glamour
Lori is the founder and co-owner with her husband, Alan, of Bra*Tenders in NYC, a specialty shop which provides Broadway, film and television with all their undergarment needs. Lori has worked with Tony and Academy Award winning costume designers to help them create the looks that win the awards. Stylists for photo shoots and fashion week call upon Bra*Tenders's expertise to create the beautiful layouts and runway shows you see. Bra*Tenders has been featured in Glamour, Vanity Fair, and many other publications. Lori’s 30 plus years worth of experience make her one of the foremost fit experts in the world. Brides and private clients from as far away as Australia can’t wait to have Bra*Tenders's “uplifting experience”.

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  • Best Panties
    Finding the perfect pair of panties is not always an easy task. There are so many variables involved – whether you are apple or pear shaped, straight like a stick, or hourglass curvy – finding undies that are comfortable, fit perfectly and don’t show can be daunting. The perfect fit also depends on what type of clothing you are wearing – jeans, pencil skirt, skinny pants. Another factor is if you are dressing for the boardroom or the bedroom. The bottom line is: Visible Panty Lines (VPL) are a no-no. One way to prevent this is to make sure you always buy the size that fits your body. Buying something three sizes too small just because it is on sale, or because it is cute, doesn’t do it for most of us.

    If your body is model thin, you can wear any type of panty you want. Women who are lean and lanky like to wear thongs, but any type of panty will work. If you are thick in the middle, something with a little more coverage suits your body better. Hipsters or full coverage briefs are good options, but some bikini styles could work as well. Women with love handles should never wear anything that chops the silhouette into pieces. Hi cut briefs give a long, lean leg line and are great for those with shorter legs. If your stomach is bigger than your hips, a hi-waisted shaper can add definition. All this depends on your comfort level, and what you are willing to wear to look as good as you want. If your rear end is jiggly or saggy, never, ever wear thongs or g-strings. It simply isn’t flattering.

    Panties that fit well should never creep up, bunch, or dig into uncomfortable places. Unless you are wearing a g-string, or a thong, your panties should cup your buttocks, and not create bulges. They should not make rolls of flesh at your waist, either. Again, I cannot stress enough, getting the right size is critical.

    Here are some of our faves and bestsellers. After helping thousands of women over the course of 30 years, this is what they wear in their real, daily lives. Super sexy panties – or lingerie in general - has its time and place for sure. Wearing sexy lingerie makes a woman feel special and beautiful. We’ve found that eight out of ten women wear these staples for their day to day living.
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