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Margaux Lancaster: Make Up Expert

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Margaux Lancaster has a passion for life, movies, and make up.

First introduced to the craft by noted make up artist “Gandhi” Bob Arollo, make up artist on Ghostbusters and ER, Uncle Bob showed his young protégé how to create a fake burn scar on her forearm using everyday items from the kitchen. The effect was life changing and Magaux was hooked.

In 1991, she became the youngest makeup artist to join I.A.T.S.E. local 706 and has since proven herself an incomparable talent enhancing the beauty of some of Hollywood’s elite entertainers such as Hillary Duff, Helen Mirren, Rosie O’Donell, Belinda Carlisle and others. Her work has appeared in Ok magazine, Red, In Touch and the London Radio Times.

After 22 years in the film industry, Magaux still can’t wait to get out of bed and onto the set. Her artistic abilities have been applied to numerous TV and film productions such as Ugly Betty, Clueless, ER, Judging Amy, Poseidon, Man on the Moon, The Shaggy Dog, and Rock the Cradle.

Certified in California since 1990 to teach the art of make up, Margaux’s boundless energy and infectious spirit infuses her work and has made her a sought after instructor in the beauty and special effects make up industry. One of her greatest joys is volunteering on student films for Chapman College as well occasional teaching stints for Empire Academy, instilling a credo to her pupils to “Do what you love and love what you do.”

An accomplished journalist, Margaux is a contributor to Hopla magazine and has written over 25 articles as their beauty editor. Her advice to those in search of the best cosmetic applications has always been: “Feel good about what’s on the inside and give yourself the freedom to try something new. If it doesn’t work, you can always wash it off.”

An avid explorer for all items new, she continues to provide exceptional information on a variety of topics and products to her clients and anyone interested in looking their best in person and on film. It is this aspiration for excellence that has taken Margaux to the top of her field and made her an innovator in the industry.

You can contact Margaux Lancaster through her email.
  • Best Mineral Makeup
    What is mineral makeup?

    Mineral makeup is made up of finely ground minerals such as titanium, gold, zinc, and aluminum, which are finely milled to a powder and are purest in form. There is no talc, oil, wax, or fragrance in mineral makeup that can irritate sensitive skin. The skin actually benefits from using mineral makeup.

    What are the benefits of mineral makeup?

    The minerals naturally relax, refresh, and rejuvenate the skin, allowing skin to breathe while anti-oxidants comfort irritated skin. Mineral makeup does not penetrate the skin with damaging oils or chemicals which can cause breakouts. There is a natural SPF in mineral makeup and most are water proof. All skin types can use mineral makeup including mature skin. Mineral makeup does not feel heavy, does not settle in wrinkles and rarely do you need to touch it up through out the day. In addition, the light reflecting minerals in mineral foundations give skin a healthy glow while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Mineral makeup formulations include pressed powder, loose powder, and even liquid formulations.

    Best of the Best:

    These mineral foundations contain a few more ingredients such as botanical extracts, anti-oxidants, and deep-sea water to nourish, hydrate, and comfort the skin. I chose them as the Best of the Best.
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  • Best Pro Makeup Cases
    Why buy a professional case?

    Nothing is worse than opening a suitcase and finding that your foundation has exploded all over your clothing or that leaving your “bargain” type makeup case in the car for twenty minutes resulted in a meltdown of your products. There is more to consider than just keeping your cosmetics organized when buying a makeup case. My kit is worth at least $20,000 and although you may not have invested that much money in your personal cosmetics; it is still an investment not worth jeopardizing during travel. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to appreciate the benefits of a professional makeup case. When you use a professional makeup case, your products are protected by insulation, sturdy design, and latches that will not pop open.

    What style of case is best?

    There are so many cases to choose from. Some open accordion style and some open cabinet style. Do you want a soft-sided case or a hard case? I always check for a good sturdy handle, the weight distribution, and that the latches will stay closed. In-line wheels are also a plus when you are traveling or just working day to day. Lastly, insulation is an invaluable asset when it comes to possible meltdowns. Japonesque and Shu Uemura cases are insulated to protect from heat. Although I would not leave my case of makeup in a car, it has been left in a hot makeup trailer over the weekend and never melted due to the construction of the case.

    Quality cases:

    There are so many cases out there in cyber world, (most of which are knock-offs or copies of the better cases), that selecting one is almost overwhelming. My choices for best professional makeup cases are comprised of companies that have excellent reputations as far as quality control as well as choice of styles. Whether you are a professional makeup artist, a student, or the woman on the go, one of these cases is sure to fit your personal needs.

    The Best of the Best:

    These cases are larger to carry almost everything essential to the professional artist or student.
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  • Best Essential Makeup Brushes
    I think every makeup artist, including myself, loves brushes. This is because these are the tools we use to express ourselves and the options and choices are as endless as our creativity. There are 115 brushes in my kit. I inherited a few of them, bought many of them and some were gifts from cosmetic lines. Although I will never use every brush for one beauty makeup, I can tell you that there are ten that I always use. In fact, without my favorite ten, I would feel lost.

    Maybe it is the way the handle feels, the shape of the bristles or even the type of bristles that determine why I like certain brushes more than others. No matter how many brushes you accumulate, I think you also will have your favorites.Here are mine.

    Best of the Best:

    I have had these brushes for over ten years. The quality of all the materials used in manufacturing them is superb. None of the brushes shed, and the handles have no paint chips or damage after all these years.
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  • Best Personal Makeup Cases
    Personal makeup cases, also known as train cases, are the perfect way to travel in style and keep your cosmetics organized. Even if you never leave town you can still use a train case to organize jewelry, cosmetics, and hair accessories. Not only do they look stylish in any bathroom but they also keep the clutter off your counters and vanity. Gone are the ugly vanity cases from twenty years ago. Train cases come in all shapes and styles right down to some being pink or leopard print!

    Looking for the perfect gift? A train case filled with goodies for a new mom, bride, or college girl is the perfect start to a new future. This is one gift that will not be thrown in a closet.

    So many cases:

    There are cases small enough for a weekend trip and some so large you could tour the world. I am just going to stick with smaller cases that any woman can pick up and run away with.

    Best of the Best:

    These cases are the ultimate in luxury and status as well as the ultimate in excellent craftsmanship. Words of caution: if you are going to stow your train case under the plane when traveling by air be aware that locking luggage is forbidden. There are some TSA approved locks, but if the airline wants to, they will break the lock.
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