Mark Bridge
Mark Bridge: Cell Phone Expert

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Mobile phone expert Mark Bridge has always been fascinated by technology. When he was young, he didn’t want bedtime stories – instead he wanted his dad to tell him how things worked. His first job was as a telephone engineer and later he used this valuable experience to run his own telephone installation business.

When the mobile industry started in the UK, Mark was keen to become part of it. He managed a mobile phone shop for several years before joining the company’s marketing department, where his wide-ranging role saw him writing for customer magazines, testing products, and working on new services.

The 21st century has seen Mark returning to self-employment. He currently writes for a number of high-profile telecoms organizations, contributes to a weekly industry-leading podcast and occasionally appears as the ‘gadget expert’ on radio shows. And, as you’d expect, he never goes anywhere without his mobile phone.

You can read more about Mark on his website.
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