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A seasoned veteran of television home-improvement and widely known as the Toolbelt Diva, Norma Vally started swinging a hammer well before any cameras were rolling. For over a decade, she honed all aspects of her hands-on approach to home repair in her family's home-improvement business. Now, Norma's media career boasts her own home improvement book series Norma Vally's Fix-ups (Wiley), four seasons as host of Discovery Home Channel's Emmy nominated series Toolbelt Diva, a radio show on Sirius Satellite by the same name, and is a sought after public speaker. This Renaissance woman has appeared on a multitude of talk shows and national news programs including The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CNN and MSNBC. Norma has also appeared in a variety of publications including Family Circle, Women's Health, People, Woman's Day, Glamour, The L.A. Times, USA Today and The New York Times. She is a columnist and contributor to various press and website outlets. Norma founded Chix Can Fix, a website and product line devoted to empowering women through do-it-yourself. A native Brooklynite, Norma now splits her time between coasts and travels regularly preaching her motto, Go Fix, YOURSELF!, internationally.

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  • Best Power Tools
    Ain’t nothing like the roar of a power tool to know that a bona fide home improvement project is underway! Saws buzzing and drills humming fill me with excitement because I know they’re the sounds of transformation, renewal, and creation. For any homeowner eager to endeavor beyond hanging pictures, owning a few basic power tools is the only way to tackle sizeable projects.

    When buying a power tool one should always consider how it will mostly be used. For example, if you know you’ll be tackling extensive hole-penetrating studs to run electric lines, you should consider a corded more powerful right angle drill as opposed to a battery powered light duty type for smaller projects.

    Something else to consider when choosing a power tool is weight and comfort. There’s no point in purchasing a power tool if it’s just too heavy or uncomfortable to work with. Whenever possible I always advise folks to give power tools a test drive before committing to one.

    Lastly, and this is the most important aspect when using power tools, read and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions. Familiarize yourself with all of the parts. You must always maintain strict safety practices when using power tools. In addition to using proper safety gear, here are a couple of safety tips I’m compelled to highlight for you. Let’s face it; nothing will take the fun out of a home improvement project more than a trip to the emergency room!

    Unplug your power tools or remove the battery when you’re adjusting a part or changing a blade.

    Don’t let loose clothing, hair, or accessories dangle anywhere near a moving part on your power tool.

    Always keep your hands, or any part body part for that matter, in safe distance from the blade.
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  • Best Essential Tools
    I always say, “With the right attitude and proper tools, you can do it yourself!” But what are the proper tools? Navigating though a tool coral can be a daunting experience. Just picking out one simple hammer can induce an agonizing mind-meld. You’ll find yourself staring at a wall garnished with what seems like a thousand hammers — different types, shapes, grips, weights, colors, brands — and as your brain is on the verge of exploding you’ll whimper to yourself, “But all I wanted to do was hang some shelves to display my tea cup collection...”

    I understand this pain — I’ve been there myself! After all, no one is born just knowing which tools and brands one should stock in their toolbox. The list I’ve comprised includes the ten most useful tools I believe anyone should own along with the companies I think are doing them right. Of course, I stand behind the excellence of my personal brand of tools — Norma Vally Tools — but the specific tools and their manufacturers’ I mention in this article are standouts that have made me stand up and say, “Bravo!”

    Here are the five Best of the Best:
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