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Preston Konrad is one of the fashion and entertainment industry’s freshest and most talented style gurus and television personalities. Preston was born and raised in a humble town outside of Philadelphia and in 2002 took a leap north, moving to Boston, Massachusetts where he would later earn a degree in entertainment marketing as well as extensive training in entertainment journalism from Emerson College. After graduating amongst the top of his class at, Preston got his start in styling working behind the camera in New York City as a stylist for one of the worlds most successful and influential fashion brands, Ralph Lauren. After 2 years of styling in New York, Preston decided to trade his NYC subway pass for a convertible and make the move to sunny Los Angeles where he would make his move in front of the camera. Preston has been a stylist on the highly popular “How Do I Look?” starring Finola Hughes on Style Network. Preston was also one of the co-hosts of the late night Bravo talk show, “Joan Rivers, Straight Talk”, as well as a stylist on MTV’s “The Swap.” With so much on-air style expertise, it’d no wonder he was asked to participate in the well received styling competition show “Glam God,” for VH1. Preston currently lives and works in Los Angeles, and has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars, including Marcia Cross, Mary J. Blige, Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Berkeley and Heidi Montag.
  • Best Hats For Him
    One of the easiest things us men can to do pump up a look is to add a hat. Whether it is a baseball cap, a trucker hat, or a 1950s-inspired fedora, throwing on a hat can make any t-shirt and pair of jeans look like a really cool outfit. Celebs like Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt have been sporting hats for the paparazzi and the red carpet – making today’s man look effortlessly cool. You may not be walking a red carpet with your wife, but it’s time to look like you should be. Take a look at my picks for the best hats for men.
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  • Best Winter Coats For Chaps
    The fall is finally here. Leaves are falling, the breezes are getting colder, and before you know it, we are going to have to drudge through the slush in the streets on our way to work. Us men are finally forced to trade in our cargo shorts and t-shirts for boots and winter coats. Unfortunately, not every guy makes the right choices when gearing up for cold weather. I’m here to make it a little easier for you. Take a look at my picks for the coats you should consider buying this winter.
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  • Best Underwear
    What you wear under your jeans can make or break that big date you have, for obvious reasons. It also can make or break your day of running errands, for different reasons. Style, brand, length, color, fabrication all are important factors to consider when purchasing a great pair of underwear. The days of buying a 5-pack of Hanes is long gone and get ready to start shopping high end...for your... low end, that is.
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  • Best Shades for Men
    I live in Los Angeles, where sunglasses are almost as important to a man as his right leg. It is certainly rare to see a guy strolling down Rodeo Drive or Melrose Avenue without a pair of sunglasses glued to his face. Sunglasses have proven to serve much more of a purpose than just keeping out the UVB rays. A good pair of shades can get us men that date, that car, or just that perfect look. Here are my picks for the Best of the Best pairs of awesome sunglasses for men.
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  • Best Take Anywhere Jacket
    There are certain things that every guy should take everywhere. You know, the basics… your wallet, keys, sunglasses, blackberry… and a lightweight jacket. A jacket that whether its crumpled in the trunk of your car, shoved into your work bag, or thrown over your shoulder, is always perfect for that sudden downpour, weekend trip, or after work date. Take a peek at my picks for the Best of the Best Take Anywhere Jackets for us guys.
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  • Best Fit-to-a-T Tees
    Pretty much every retail store we shop at features a ‘custom’ fit or ‘athletic’ fit tee shirt for us men. There’s nothing custom about my biceps and pectorals and I am certainly not athletic…so what does all this jargon really mean? Fitted. Fitted shapes are the new standard in men’s t-shirts. Whether it’s a V-neck, crewneck, or tank top, us men should be wearing more fitted t-shirts and getting rid of those baggy old ones you got from your friend who ran the Boston Marathon eight years ago. Here are my picks for the Best of the Best T-shirts that fit to a “T”.
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  • Best Bling for Gents
    You don’t have to be a rapper to sport some bling on your finger, wrist, or neck. Now, I’m not saying buy a pair of diamond grills for your teeth, but a little bit of jewelry goes a long way on us men. Leather, silver, and white gold are all great options when looking to buy a piece of jewelry. Keep in mind fellas, there are certain pieces for certain occasions – dressy bracelets for a suit, or rugged necklaces to be worn with a t-shirt. Here are my picks for the best bling for gents.
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  • Best Boots For Men
    Leaves and temperatures are going to start taking a plunge in the coming months, and it’s time to start making that checklist of those things you should most likely have before you find yourself up to your knees in snow. A great pair of boots is a must when the weather is cold. Not only will a sturdy pair of boots prove to be functional in the fall, you’ll also look insanely cool with the options I’ve found for you guys. Here are my picks for the best boots to march down the street in this fall.
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  • Best Men’s Watches
    I’m a huge fan of buying stuff cheap. Let’s just say it’s in my blood. However, I truly believe there are a handful of items that every guy should own. A trench coat, a great bag, slim fitting jeans, etc. This time we’re talking watches. Now, listen up fellas… a killer watch is what separates the men from the boys, can make or break your job interview, and possibly score you the next date you go on. Here are my picks for the watches that lead the pack, and get you numbers at the bar.
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  • Best Scarves for Men
    If you guys have looked in the pages of GQ and Esquire lately, you’ve most likely noticed that despite the warm temps men have been wearing scarves just about everywhere. Lightweight and available in many colors and patterns, the scarf is this generation’s ascot for men. Just because these cool scarves are hitting the pages of the high fashion men’s magazines doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for one of them. I’ve got the ten best scarves to wear with a great leather jacket or a t-shirt.
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  • Best Stripes for Men
    Remember that Gap commercial about the ‘crazy stripes’ in the early 2000s? You know, the one will all of those hot girls and guys dancing around in striped sweaters to the tune of Love Train by the O-Jays. Oh, NOW you remember. Well, good thing to know is that stripes like that aren’t seen as so ‘crazy’ anymore. In fact, bold, bright stripes are pretty much everywhere lately. Socks, t-shirts, sweaters, even pants and vests have been striped. Get your inner rugby player on and try one of these great striped pieces on for size, or for stripe.
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  • Best Vests for Men
    A vest is one of those pieces of menswear that separates the men from the boys. You’re serious about looking your best when sporting a vest. Dressing up is cool again, and wearing a vest is one of the best ways to achieve that polished look. Think Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra – rocking the three-piece suit… it’s all about that extra piece. In its revival, the vest can be worn alone, without its sidekicks (the matching sport coat and trouser). Today’s vest looks great over a vintage t-shirt or button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Here are my picks for the Best of the Best.
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  • Best Sweaters for Men
    Fall is pretty much here, guys. Us men need to start brainstorming as to how to dress appropriately as the leaves begin to fall. Wearing an oversized canvas jacket does not cut it anymore these days, gentlemen. Although looking pulled together and tailored is once again desirable in the world of menswear, it doesn’t mean you should be wearing sport coats and button down shirts everyday. A well-fitted sweater is a great layering alternative for the fall. Go ahead, give a few of your blazers a rest and opt for one of these incredible sweaters.
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  • Best Man Bags
    Let’s face it fellas, we all have to go to work. (Ok, a few lucky ones don’t.) Just because you are lucky enough to have secured that high powered job that allows you to travel the world, make life or death business decisions, or handle a copious amount of cash on a daily basis does not mean you are free to carry everything to work in a backpack. Walk into the lobby of your fancy office building with a backpack or a re-used plastic bag in hand, and you can kiss your corner office goodbye. These days us men have more options than ever in bags to bring to work…shamefully dubbed by women everywhere an "Man Bag". For sanity’s sake, we’ll just call them bags for men. Briefcases no longer stand in a league of their own in the work place, as messenger bags and tote bags (yes! Tote bags!) have become acceptable forms of transportation for your laptop and legal pads. Here are my selections for the best bags for men, still worthy of bringing with you to the bar for beers after work.
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  • Best Ties for Guys
    When I was a little kid I used to hate dressing up. My parents would always try to get me to wear a tie and jacket and I was never the least bit cooperative. I’m not sure whether to credit my parents or just the fact that I have grown up, but ties are part of my daily wardrobe these days. Being preppy is cool again. Blue blazers with gold buttons, Ray Ban sunglasses, penny loafers, and argyle sweaters are sold at the most fashion forward stores. 1983 called and wants its fashion back. Regardless, part of dressing preppy is wearing a cool tie. Slim or wide, striped or solid, ties are an easy way take to finish off an everyday look.
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  • Best Plaids for Lads
    America’s most macho men have been sporting plaid shirts for decades. Somehow, no matter what they happened to be selling, (be it paper towels or tall tales), they always seemed to look so cool in their plaid shirts. Men, today is your lucky day... if being on the cover of a roll of paper towels isn’t quite your thing, and you don’t want to look like a lesbian or a lumberjack, rejoice… because plaid is the new denim; available everywhere in almost every form. Almost every item in menswear is available in some sort of plaid these days, be it a shoe, belt, hat, sweater, or pair of pants… plaid is cool again. Since pulling off a bold pattern like plaid can prove to be a challenge for some of you guys, I’ve listed my top five favorite plaid items. Some have only a small touch of plaid to warm you up to the idea of pattern, and others are full-on plaid for the brave souls out there. It is up to you to decide which is the perfect plaid for you.
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  • Best Cardigans
    Once a staple for boarding school teens and grandfathers alike, the cardigan sweater is back… in a big way and has become the new staple piece for today’s well-dressed man. I know, I know what you may be thinking; “A cardigan? I think Mister Rogers is the only guy who rocks the cardigan right?” Well, if you really feel that Zac Efron, Penn Badgley, and Jake Gylenhall are the new Mister Rogers, I would say you may be right. The Cardigan sweater has taken a new identity in the midst of a prep-influenced revolution in menswear.

    The overall style of the cardigan has remained the same; a v-neck sweater with buttons down the front; however there’s nothing old and frumpy about today’s cardigan. Gone are the itchy, bulky, ill-fitting sweaters your dad used to wear. The must-have cardigans of today boast vintage inspired details, slimmer fits, and the use of luxurious fabrics. Guys, ditch the pleated khakis and turtlenecks and pull out your slim dark jeans and v-neck tee shirts. The cardigan is back, and no longer is it your grandpa’s Sunday morning reading sweater.
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  • Best Leather Jackets
    One of the most vital things for every man to have in his closet is one great leather jacket. Getting your first leather jacket is like a right of passage, something that every man has to do. Selecting this coveted jacket, however, is not always so easy. Am I more of a rugged guy? A motorcycle guy? Maybe more of a tailored guy? You have to know what type of jacket you are looking for when beginning your hunt for the ultimate leather jacket. When buying a piece of clothing that is so expensive, you really want to have all of your cards laid out right in front of you and be prepared, like when buying a car. Here’s where I come in. There are ten leather jackets that I think each guy should consider. One of these types will work for you, and none of them will land you a roll in a local stage production of Grease as the next Danny Zuko, so have no fear.
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