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Sandy Robins is one of the country's leading multi-media pet lifestyle experts. Her work focuses on the wonderful relationship that we have with our pets highlighting trends and innovative ideas as they happen.

As more and more dogs and cats are lucky enough to enjoy a lifestyle that that mirrors their pet parents' own lives, nothing is too good for our fur kids. Consequently, the pet industry is a 43 billion dollar business – bigger than both toys and candy. Sandy documents this industry every step of the way detailing everything from state of the art surgical procedures to improve our pets' wellbeing to the latest pet travel ideas, haute couture designs, and new home décor trends.

Her award-winning work is very visible on many of the country's leading pet platforms such as She is the lead lifestyle writer on MSN's dogcentric website and a regular contributor and columnist in multiple national and international publications such as Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Modern Dog, Fido Friendly, and Dogs in Canada.

She is a regular contributor to many of the magabooks in the Popular Dogs series such as Dachshund Puppies, Shit Tzu Puppies, Training Secrets for Toy Dogs, Pomeranians, Training Secrets for German Shepherds, Bully Breeds, and Popular Cats: Main Coons.

She also has a regular radio slot called "Pets on the Go" that airs as part of the nationally syndicated program Pet Talk with Harrison Forbes which can be heard in 50 major markets across America and of course around the world via any computer.

A published author, her latest book is Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat. It is the first health and beauty lifestyle book ever written for cats and reveals how to pamper your feline friends with a fabulous lifestyle while offering the very latest and best in care, grooming, and fitness fun.

If there's a major event in the pet world, you can count on Sandy being there. She is a regular visitor at all major pet industry expos and a regular attendee at pet-related conferences. Her fans always look forward to her offbeat coverage of the world famous Westminster Dog Show, held in New York every February. She is a member of the Cat Writers of America and the prestigious Dog Writers of America organizations. Because she often travels internationally, she knows what it hot and happening in other parts of the world too.

Sandy is an avid campaigner for no-kill animal shelters and laws that protect animals everywhere. She is a strong advocator of pet adoption. Every pet deserves a loving permanent home and she has been among the first to point out that shelter pets do benefit from the luxurious lifestyles that other pets are lucky enough to enjoy because over-indulgent pet parents are often the first to give donations and organize fund-raising events to help animals that have been abandoned and neglected.

Of course, it goes without saying that she is a besotted pet parent to a menagerie of fur kids at her home in Southern California. You can learn more her and her work at her website.
  • Best Cat Enrichment Toys
    Playtime with your cat is more than just fun and games. It’s a wonderful way to help kitty watch her weight, keep her intellectually stimulated, and allow her to hone her innate hunting skills. It also builds social confidence and most importantly, helps to strengthen the feline-human bond.

    While cats can be very inventive and turn just about anything from a crumpled piece of paper to a shopping bag into a plaything, toy manufacturers have in fact been honing their research skills and sharpening their design capabilities to come up with come really innovative ideas to pique feline curiosity and take care of various emotional, instinctual, and physical needs.

    By ensuring your cat has plenty of interactive toys and possibly her own cat tree or kitty condo play center, she is less likely to be destructive around the house, too.

    Interactive toys that will certainly enrich your cat’s life include gadgets on wands and fishing rods, laser toys, various kinds of balls, catnip toys, and even bubbles. Here are some fabulous feline toys that will definitely get kitty into play mode.
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  • Best Cat Litter Systems
    Litter box avoidance is a big problem amongst cats. As a result, many cats unnecessarily land up in shelters because they owners think they have behavioral issues. Very often, simply having the right litter box and positioning it where you cat is comfortable using it can easily fix the problem.

    Finding the right litter box system for your cat or cats, if you are lucky enough to have more than one feline, depends on a number of things:

    - The size of the pan is very important especially if you have big cats.

    - Location. Location. Location! You need to position your cat’s box in an easily accessible location.

    - Also remember that cats are very private creatures. So avoid high traffic rooms and passages. A second bathroom may be a good location. Never place a litter box right next to your cat’s food station either. If your cat enjoys privacy and you don’t have the perfect quiet location, consider putting a special litter box screen around the box.

    - Buying a special item of furniture designed to conceal a litter box such as a nightstand or an end table is another option.

    - The rule is one box per cat. This is very important as often cats refuse to use a box frequented by other felines, which may result in them going outside the box. Even if you cats will happily share, you should still have two boxes.

    - Scoop. Scoop. Scoop! Another major cause of litter box avoidance is a dirty litter box. Unless you have automated boxes that scoop automatically after they’ve been used, make it a rule to scoop at least once a day. No cat will complain if you scoop twice daily as felines are very clean creatures.

    - The type of litter used is also important and you may have to experiment especially if you have adopted an older cat from a shelter. Kittens will usually accept whatever you put down for them from the beginning.

    Always remember that litter box avoidance can also be a re-flag for a possible medical condition such as a urinary infection, kidney disease, diabetes, and mega colon problems. Act immediately and rule out such possibilities by taking your cat to the vet.
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  • Best Distraction Dog Toys
    If your pet is left home alone for lengthy periods, boredom can lead to behavioral problems, which often results in the destruction of property. The best way to counteract this situation is to ensure your dog has plenty of distraction or puzzle toys to keep him occupied for hours. Manufacturers have taken their cues from trainers and behaviorists to produce a wonderful selection. Make sure you rotate the toys in the toy box regularly to keep canine interest piqued.
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  • Best Interactive Dog Toys
    You will be your dog’s best friend if you ensure he always has access to a well-stocked toy box. Playtime is essential to keep dogs physically fit and help fight obesity. Lots of exercise also gives dogs excellent mental stimulation and helps to stave off boredom which can lead to behavioral problems such as destruction around the home.

    The doggie toy box should always contain a variety of the following three kinds of toys:

    1. Action toys designed to promote interactive play between dogs and their owners as well as with other dogs.

    2. Distraction toys are designed to keep dogs busy when they are home alone.

    3. Comfort toys such as soft cuddly animals that offer pets comfort and reassurance.

    When it comes to interactive action toys, Sir Isaac Newton must have had dogs in mind when he came up with the third law of motion; “For every action, there is a reaction.” In dog terms, that’s are all about chasing and fetching!

    Here are the best interactive toys that are guaranteed to having dogs barking with delight.
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  • Best Fab Dog Décor Trends
    Dogs are very social animals and love to be around their favorite people. But as much as you may love to have them sleeping on your bed or sharing the living room couch when you watch TV, they also need their own space in the home.

    Fortunately, there is no shortage of doggie décor accessories to blend with a variety of popular interior designs trends to ensure that your home looks fabulous and simultaneously caters to your dog’s needs. If you shop well, there are many multi-function units that are great space savers, too. With so many decorative choices to enhance your pooch’s lifestyle, it’s easy to be discerning about quality.

    If you have happy to share your personal space with your dog then pet steps are undoubtedly the best décor investment for small dogs as well as for elderly and arthritic pets of all sizes that have trouble jumping on to the bed and living room couches. There are numerous designs offering different heights. It’s important to select steps that are firm underfoot. Large dogs in particular feel insecure stepping on to on soft foam. Whatever home accents you are looking to add to your home to improve your dog’s lifestyle, look for easy to wash fabrics and wipe-down surfaces and you will be able to keep your home perennially looking picture perfect.
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  • Best Fab Feline Decor Trends
    Like every member of the household, cats need their personal space and it’s up to caring pet parents to ensure that they have somewhere to retreat from guests, exuberant children, and yappy dogs.

    By their very nature, felines like to stretch, scratch, and snooze – a lot! While restricting cats to an indoor lifestyle and, where possible, to a secure outdoor area, is the right thing to for the health and safety seasons, it’s important to compensate by giving them creative areas to stave off boredom and heighten their play drive such as climbers, condos, and fun places to hang out and do cat things.

    When it comes to decorating with cats in mind, apart from practical items of furniture that conceal unsightly litter boxes, there’s an enormous variety of things that offer cats some form of lifestyle enrichment. Designers cognizant of space restrictions in modern homes often combine features so it’s important to remember this when you’re shopping.

    Be sure to take into consideration your feline’s own habits. Some cats like to scratch vertically; others prefer to stretch and scratch horizontally. If you have a multi-cat household, cover your bases and cater for both. Natural surfaces such as wood and sisal wear well and don’t look messy.

    If you are going to allow kitty to have a couch upholstered in a fabric to match your furniture, you are going to have ensure she know what’s hers and train her accordingly. The easiest way to keep cats off certain surfaces is to put down sheets of bubble wrap or aluminum foil in specific places for a couple of weeks. Cats are smart and will quickly get the message!

    Giving felines their own purrsonal space definitely helps to keep them off areas in the home that have been declared cat-free zones.
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  • Best Pet Travel Gear
    According to the Travel Industry Association of America, more than 30 million Americans travel with their pets annually, taking them away for weekends as well as on both local and international vacations. And if you add the thousands of animals that take part in cat-and-dog shows around the country on a weekly basis, the number of pets on the go swells even bigger.

    Pet travel is big business prompting both pet boutiques and online stores to have special travel sections that contain a plethora of fabulous items as manufacturers continue to sniff out and dig up new ideas that mimic human lifestyle trends and focus on comfort and safety for our fur kids. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you shop with a purpose, not because you simply like a color….

    As with any trip, it’s a good idea to make a checklist beforehand. Whether you’re purchasing a carrier or a collar, focus on items that ensure your pet’s well being, comfort, and security. Always shop well in advance so that your fur kid has the opportunity to try out and become familiar with new gear and accessories before you’re ready to put them to their proper use. Finally, look for travel accessories that are easy to pack, carry, or install if necessary.

    Bone voyage!
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