Scott Shalaway
Scott Shalaway: Bird Expert
Dr. Scott Shalaway is a certified wildlife biologist who makes his living as a nature writer. He writes a weekly newspaper column that reaches more than one million readers each week. It appears in more than 20 newspapers, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Charleston Gazette. He writes feature stories for a variety of magazines, including BirdWatcher’s Digest, Wonderful West Virginia, and Birding Business; and he has written eight books, including Building a Backyard Bird Habitat (2000, Stackpole).  Every weekend he hosts nature-themed radio shows in Wheeling, West Virginia (Saturday, 9 to 11 a.m. on 1370 WVLY, and Pittsburgh (Sunday, noon to 2 p.m. on 1360 WMNY).  He also hosts Talk of the Town, Monday through Friday at noon, on 1370 WVLY, Wheeling. And he speaks to dozens of groups every year on a variety of natural history topics. He lives on a wooded ridge top in Marshall County, WV with his wife, Linda.
  • Best Bird Feeders
    According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, tens of millions of Americans feed wild birds in their backyards. And they spend several billion dollars each year on bird food and feeders. Like most products, bird feeders vary in quality and function, and beginners often rely on ads or merchants to make buying decisions.

    Drawing on more than 30 years experience feeding backyard birds, I’ve assembled a list of the Best of the Best feeders. All are high-quality feeders with substantial guarantees. And most important, birds use them. I know because I have them all in my backyard.
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