Susan Sims
Susan Sims: Pet Expert
Susan Sims is co-founder and publisher for Fido Friendly, the travel and lifestyle magazine for you and your dog. Now in its eighth year, each bimonthly issue can be found at Borders, Barnes & Noble, Petsmart, pet boutiques and Fido-friendly hotels nationwide. She also hosts a monthly radio show on Animal Radio all about dog travel and a weekly podcast on Pet Life Radio. She also co-created Fido Friendly Travel Club. Similar to AAA, members receive discounts from over 1,000 affiliate hotels, products and services. In addition, she helped develop where people looking for pet-friendly apartments can find the perfect home for Fido. Along with her husband and two dogs, she travels extensively to sniff out Fido-friendly locations for purpose of review.
  • Best Doghouses
    Mud and brick kennels were some of the earliest recorded doghouses dating back to 4500 BC, proving that man's best friend has been receiving the royal treatment for quite some time. You may not be interested in building your furry companion a doghouse like our Egyptian friends since there are so many fabulous doghouses on the market from which to choose. A simple plastic or wood doghouse can shelter Rover from the elements, but today's fashion forward Fido deserves, and gets, the best that money can buy.

    Doghouse choices include posh indoor homes that blend in to modern decor to outside houses replicating the feel of a family farm. Let your imagination take over as you sample the list of the Best of the Best and then the Best of the Rest Doghouses.
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  • Best Dog Beds
    Where does your furry companion rest his pretty head at the end of a long day of chasing after squirrels or shopping 'til you drop? If you are like 1,262,500 pet guardians, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, APPMA, Fido sleeps with you. As the pet industry continues to soar, pet guardians have more and more choices when choosing a bed with Fido in mind. Gone are the days of throwing a blanket on the floor. Beds for Fifi and Fido run from the simple to the ornate with orthopedic beds thrown in for good measure. For the quick nap or leg-churning dreamland, here are a few beds worthy of the most spoiled canine.
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  • Best Dog Carriers
    I came upon a website showing a 1936 rendering of an exterior 'doggy sack' designed to sit comfortably on the running board of the car and attached with hooks to hang on the window. Oh my, we have come a long way baby! The ad read: "When you take your dog along for a ride, but prefer not having it inside the car, it can ride safely and comfortably in this sack, which is carried on the running board. The bottom of the sack is clamped to the running board and the top is fastened to the lower part of an open window with hooks, covered with small rubber tubing to prevent marring the car."

    Of course, none of us would consider placing our precious cargo anywhere near a running board, if we even had the option. Pets are considered part of the family and with the statistics supporting that fact; more and more pet guardians are traveling with their pets and would not think of leaving Fido home when planning a vacation or simply a day trip.

    If you are flying with Fido, always check that your pet carrier meets the airlines guidelines before making your purchase. And for all of us who like to keep four paws firmly on terra firma, the following dog carriers will certainly make all your journeys down life's highways more enjoyable. Travel safe!
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  • Best Dog Grooming Products
    Grooming your dog is just as important to his health as it is to his self-esteem. An excerpt from the 1893 book, Ashmont’s Kennel Secrets, gives us an insight to how dogs were groomed including washing and coat conditioning over a hundred years ago.

    Fast forward to present time and we not only wash and condition our dogs’ coats, we spritz them with essential oils and ease their moods with aromatherapy shampoos and candles. Aside from smelling clean, Fido must look his best when out on the town with his guardian, day or night. With so many products on the market to help keep Fido looking his best, there are many choices vying for the consumer’s dollar these days. Because pH balance is different in dogs, many of your great shampoos won’t be suitable for Fido. However, the opposite is true with most of his shampoo and conditioners, so you can help yourself to your furry companions holistic and organic products!
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