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Teresa Morisco: Fashion Expert

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Teresa Morisco, AICI, is a nationally recognized image consultant, personal stylist, and speaker. She is the founder and Chief Stylist of Wardrobe 911, a San Francisco-based style consultancy that educates and provides wardrobe and style guidance to women and organizations nationwide.

Over the last two decades, Teresa has worked in the fashion and brand marketing world where she honed her talent in developing strong images. Teresa is a certified image consultant, a former retailer and buyer of women’s ready-to-wear fashion, and holds a BS in International Marketing with a minor in Art History. At Wardrobe 911, she brings her experience along with her formal training in personal image, color analysis, and sewing and garment construction to help thousands of individuals uncover their personal style, develop a great wardrobe, and project their best self.

Along with her individual and corporate clientele, Teresa has worked with KQED television since 2005 and has styled Jacques Pepin for his upcoming series, More Fast Food My Way and Leslie Sbrocco of the Emmy Award winning PBS series Check, Please! Bay Area. Her expertise has been featured in various media outlets including as the fashion expert on the morning Fox & Friends show, the Chicago Sun-Times, Contra Costa Times, 7x7, Paper City, Daily Candy, and the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Best Women'9;s Jeans

    Since jeans work with everything in your closet, it’s important to have a hot pair of jeans that makes you look great and feel good. Having fit hundreds of bodies (of varying ages!) in jeans, I have some recommendations about who makes the best jeans out there. Although being fashion-forward and current is important, I advise a jean that can fit with minimal alterations and make a woman feel like a million bucks. I have a handful of denim lines that I can always count on - the ones that time after time have a 95 percent success rate in the dressing room, always fit a certain body type and make a woman look absolutely great. I call them my ‘go-to jeans’ that are truly the Best of the Best.

    People come back to these brands for a reason. They are iconic. They fit most women and provide a range of styles for various body types and sizes. You may be familiar with most of these and you may be wondering why some lines didn’t make the cut. I looked at overall flattering styles where the pockets accentuated, or in some cases lifted, the butt and where the rise was sufficiently comfortable for a majority of women. The ones that last and provide superior denim and value made the cut.

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  • Best Women's Shoes
    Ah, Shoes! Compared to clothing, they are by far the one item that you can easily go over-the-top with in color and design and still look good. They don’t discriminate by age or weight and can quickly pull together an outfit to make it memorable. It’s no wonder shoe fetishes abound - we collect them like Elizabeth Taylor collects husbands.

    Heels make your legs look longer and your backside look great. There is a love-hate relationship with heels that many of us have: "comfortable stilettos" sounds like an oxymoron, but they are out there. Whether you prefer high heels, something comfortable, or a mix of the two, they’re covered here. The designers selected all have one thing in common: they all started their businesses making shoes and they each have a unique trademark that makes them well known. Whether its Jimmy Choo boots or Stuart Weitzman’s fabulous evening shoes, they each have something special that makes them the Best of the Best.
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  • Best Women's Sunglasses
    There is something that immediately transforms your look when you don a pair of sunglasses. Whether you want to come across as hip, mysterious, intellectual, sleek, or creative, it’s easy to do with the right frame. You don’t have to spend a fortune to own your favorite designer brand nor do you have to worry about fitting into your favorite sunglasses because you got a little crazy over the holidays.

    Sunglasses are one of the most versatile accessories that have defined generations and brought luxury style to the masses. With over two billion dollars in sunglasses sold last year and thousands of styles to choose from in the stores, the task of finding the perfect pair can be daunting. When selecting sunglasses, you want to take into consideration your face shape, hair color, eyebrows, and nose as well as your individual style. Choose frames that complement your own personal coloring and that balance your face shape. Working with a trained optician or eyewear stylist will help you make the right choice.

    Selected are the Best of the Best with regards to style, fit, and comfort. Because of the popularity of the following styles imitations are everywhere, so make sure you are purchasing from an authorized retailer.
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