Vic Sosikian
Vic Sosikian: Grooming Expert

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Throughout his years as a professional in various industries, Sosikian had no choice but to resort to beauty salons for his haircuts and usually ignored the rest of his grooming needs, because he could not find a place which specialized in men. This, combined with his true passion for entrepreneurship, led Sosikian to create Mark Matthew Fine Gentlemen's Grooming Club in Los Angeles - an upscale club offering men all of the services of barbershop, salon, and day spa.

An average guy himself, Sosikian knew exactly what men needed and would appreciate. He created a place where every man can go for that perfect haircut, close shave, presentable hands and feet, and healthy skin. Today, men from all over the region turn to Mark Matthew for advice and knowledge about hairstyling, shaving techniques, hand and foot maintenance, and healthy skin. Details magazine, VH1, Daily News, Fox 11, Los Angeles magazine, and Forbes magazine are some of the media outlets that have featured Mark Matthew - testifying to Sosikian's and Mark Matthew's expertise in men's grooming.

Sosikian plans to expand the Mark Matthew brand to other locations in Southern California as well as sites out of state. Sosikian earned his bachelor's degree from California State University Northridge in journalism, with an emphasis in public relations. He was born on March 23, 1980.
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